Friday, February 23, 2018

Italian Kitchens

The Best Italian Kitchens for You

Italy has long been renowned for its proficiency in arts and design. Along with its great painters and sculptors, Italy has also produced some of the world’s most famous kitchen designs. Italians have a history of innovation in the world of food and combined with their ability in the world of arts, allows them to craft some brilliant kitchen designs. Italian kitchens are well sought after in the culinary world as well as in personal households.

The modern Italian kitchen has been described as defined by minimal forms, clean surfaces, bold shapes and strong colors. There is a mixture of beautiful aesthetics with sturdy structure. Modern Italian kitchens are not just designed with a single texture, instead they are blended by using several different materials and structures. Contemporary Italian kitchens continue the age-old traditions of their predecessors, while upgrading and modernizing other aspects. In fact, many Italian companies now offer their own kitchen styles for consumers to look at. Two of the best brands in this field are Matteo Gennari and Valcucine, who consistently offer the greatest designs. Let’s look at both.

Matteo Gennari

Matteo Gennari stepped into the world of interior design back in 1991. His brand boasts a mixture of top of the line materials with detailed and thorough craftsmanship. Although, this company offers services in many interior design areas, their Italian kitchen designs are most notable. Boasting the strong traditions of Italian kitchens and designing them with the latest fashion trends and materials, Gennari’s kitchens are a sight to behold. They offer 4 different styles for you to choose from, with each having their own aesthetic. As is always the case with Matteo Gennari, you can rest assured they have the highest quality standards.  


Valcucine is a very big name in the world of kitchen designing. Having started 35 years ago in this industry, it has established itself as a pioneer in Italian kitchen designs. Since they specialize in this area of design, Valcucine offers a huge variety of kitchen layouts. Basing their designs around 4 different styles, they divide their huge catalogue into these sections to assist their customers’ needs. Their designs differ from the very simple, to the very luxurious, but the one thing they have in common is that they are all Italian kitchen designs.
Italian kitchens are a great way to remodel and make your house shine. Their unique blend of contemporary designs mixed with traditional ones, adds a great spin to your kitchen. Both Matteo Gennari and Valcucine use top quality products for the best performance. A kitchen designer can help you with design consultations for both brands. A professional kitchen designer can also help you decide the look and feel of your new Italian kitchen, which designs and appliances you should use, and find the right fit for your home.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Contemporary Kitchens in Chicago

Contemporary kitchens in Chicago are the result of a stunning combination of modern and transitional styles. Not only are these kitchens beautiful, but their high level of functionality is what makes them so popular. Kitchen designers will work with the homeowner to create their dream kitchen while still utilizing the maximum amount of space available.

Can a Contemporary Kitchen add value to your home?

Yes! A contemporary kitchen can certainly add value to your home financially, as well as for the people using it. New, contemporary kitchens should be perfectly functional, while never being dull or boring. That is what contemporary style is all about.
Contemporary, modern kitchens often have a unique look and feel from traditional kitchens. They can feature a minimalistic, simple design where often ‘less is more’. There are a limitless number of options for colors, floor plans, materials and features in contemporary kitchens. The only thing that may limit you, is your imagination – that is where a professional kitchen designer could be helpful!
Contemporary kitchens are often based on certain design principles. They can be unique, while still maintaining specific, common design elements. With a skilled, creative designer, you are able to personalize a design to fit your needs, and ‘break the rules’ when it best suits you for a fabulous look and feel.    

The Kitchen Cabinets

A design mark of contemporary kitchens in Chicago is often the frameless construction of the cabinets. These cabinets have a clean, straightforward look that is very attractive. They are less detailed and intricate than older traditional cabinets.
Cabinet doors are usually very large, to make sure they are functional and accommodate the client’s needs. They are often painted in bright colors and given a high-gloss finish that can be bold or subtle. It is important that these cabinets are useful, as well as stylish.
A kitchen designer will regularly use natural woods and sometimes different veneers when designing contemporary kitchens. The cabinets should have a smooth and elegant look to them. The design may be very simple; you do not usually see the complex patterns and shapes used in a more traditional kitchen cabinet design.

The Worktop or Countertop

Many contemporary kitchens have a worktop or countertop made from granite or marble. Surfaces made from these stones are very smooth, with a clean and simple look. In many contemporary kitchens, the look of the worktops and cabinets and pair together for a cohesive and consistent style. From more expensive natural stones, to less expensive synthetic materials – there are many different countertops you can select, to personalize your design and make your kitchen your own.

The Kitchen Island

Most contemporary kitchens have an island that can be used in many ways and has several unique features. A creative designer can integrate the right size and shape island into your contemporary kitchen plans. A kitchen island is a great spot to let guests pull up a stool or to have a family discussion, even while you’re cooking a meal or brewing coffee. It allows your kitchen to become more social and interactive for the whole family and guests as well.

Hiring the Right Designer for Your Contemporary Kitchens

A well-designed kitchen is not only stunning to look at but is extremely functional for all your family’s needs. A kitchen designer will make sure you will enjoy spending time in this new room cooking, socializing, and using it in a whole new way! A designer will create a more pleasing design, and add features and appliances to make your space the best it can be.
Even if you think of yourself as an amateur designer, a contemporary kitchen in Chicago is not the place to ‘do-it-yourself’. Contemporary kitchen designers are the experts; they know the colors, styles, and looks to make it your dream kitchen!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Modern Kitchens in Denver, CO

Why are Modern Kitchens So Hot Right Now?

Currently, people have a lot of interest in having a new, modern kitchen in their living space. A big reason for that, is modern kitchens in Denver, CO are now more about functionality, in addition to looking great! These new kitchens are designed to make your life easier by conveniently including technologically advanced appliances and equipment to fit any of your needs. There are a vast array of new designs and products, that can easily give your kitchen an updated, professional look!

Modern kitchens are the perfect addition to any sized home, apartment or condo. People spend a lot of time in their kitchen – cooking, eating, even chatting with family and friends. Modern kitchens can maximize the space that you already have, making it much more efficient for you. You can change colors, fixtures, appliances, anything you like, to make your kitchen more modern and pleasing for you and your family.

Modern Kitchens Are Functional

Modern kitchens are more functional and efficient than traditional kitchens of the past. Designers can fit various, cutting edge kitchen appliances or equipment into them, with smart planning and designs. Whatever size kitchen you may have, it can be re-figured to create a more effective layout, utilizing more space, so you can accommodate new or additional appliances.  
Modern kitchens also ensure that you have sufficient storage space for all your gadgets and items. Kitchen designers give a lot of thought into what each client needs in their space. A coffee bar for your daily brew? Large counter space for all your baking fun? Tons of electrical outlets for your kitchen appliances? A modern kitchen will make sure that you have all the special elements you need to make your new space perfect for you!

 Modern Kitchens are Easier to Clean

People often hate cooking in their current kitchen because they are too crowded and afterwards there is usually a big mess left behind. In modern kitchens in Denver, CO, you will have more space to quickly prepare your meals, as you can easily move about the area when you do. The updated, more advanced appliances, can assist you not only with cooking, but with the clean up as well! A new dishwasher can save time rather than doing all those pots and pans by hand. New materials for countertops can make them easier to clean, saving you time and maybe even germs. Appliances that do more than one task, can cut your effort of using various things and will give you less to clean up.

Modern Kitchens are Spacious

Who wants to cook alone these days? Modern kitchens allow for more people to be in your kitchen space at one time. Their fresh redesigns allow you to cook dinner with your partner, have fun making cookies with your children, or even have Grandma show the family an old, secret recipe. Having extra counter space, gives people more room to work on their own creations, and not get in each other’s way. It makes your time in your modern kitchen less stressful, more creative, and fun! Since most people gather in the kitchen while you are entertaining, a modern kitchen’s look and design allows you to enjoy your company without the tension of an out of date, cramped space.

Modern Kitchens have a Great Design

Modern kitchens in Denver. CO are all about great design. Maximizing the space that you have and making it as efficient and beautiful as possible. It has a smooth, consistent plan, with clean lines and an uncluttered look. There is an elegance and symmetry to the design of a modern kitchen that can have a very calming effect on people. You can feel very peaceful and at ease tackling all types of activities in your new modern kitchen and you will enjoy it for many years to come.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

European Kitchen Showrooms in New York City

A European Kitchen Showroom in New York City

New York City remains one of the world’s melting pots of cultures, diversity and creativity. It’s no wonder that if you have something to show to the world, NYC is one of the best places on Earth to do so! Let’s explore why you should feature a European kitchen showroom in New York City.

Foot Traffic

There aren’t many places in NYC where you won’t get a lot of foot traffic. The city is teeming with activity at all hours of the day. Featuring a European kitchen showroom in New York City will garner attention, interest and create awareness for your brand and design styles. 
In New York people are curious, open to change and diversity as they are often from varied cultures and backgrounds. This means they are more likely to be interested in things different from their everyday lives. European kitchen designs are no exception! They may be varied and innovative from what you’d normally find in an American household but can still retain customers’ interest.


Kitchen showrooms allow people to see and interact with the various products and styles. It lets potential clients access brilliant, enticing designs right in front of them. They can make decisions on the products they want to purchase - in real time.
A kitchen showroom means you will have a defined place to access potential clients. This functionality allows salespeople to discuss needs and concerns with the customers immediately and help them directly with any questions or issues they may have.  Clients can receive an inspiring presentation that will excite them with new designs and ideas for their own kitchens.

Step it Up with Technology

Most European kitchen showrooms in NYC feature varied presentational options. They can have salespeople present live information, but they can also use video tours in the showroom. Video tours can have 360 virtual tours for customers to view actual designs and kitchen layouts. Panoramic pictures can also be used to show people completed European kitchens and designs. This information can be available in the showroom and also for view on the web, so that potential clients all over the world can have access to it.

The most important thing to consider with a showroom is the client! Having a European kitchen showroom allows clients interested in your designs and products to actually walk through their future kitchen’s design, discuss what changes they are looking to make and see designs that inspire them. Salespeople can offer guidance and experience to the clients about all elements of their kitchen design. This hands-on approach will hopefully turn even a passing visitor, into a client.

European Kitchens in Atlanta


Do you want to renovate your kitchen? Are you planning a modern, European kitchen?

Your kitchen is where you cook every day! It should be well laid out, so you can work efficiently in the available space while also giving you ample storage space. It also needs to be aesthetically pleasing, so that you will enjoy viewing, and being in this room.
Today’s European kitchens in Atlanta come in various, elegant designs of your choosing! You can select different cabinets, closets, appliances, flooring and wall designs – that are already made, or you can have them customized to fit your needs. Customization may be necessary for a certain area or shape in your kitchen space. Installation will be easy and completed in a minimal amount of time, so your kitchen can be more functional as well as stunning!
European Kitchens in Atlanta offers precise technology that can give you just what you are dreaming of. They can create more room in your kitchen with layouts that maximize the utilization of your current space. Have a small kitchen? Don’t worry! European Kitchens can redesign it to seem bigger and become more efficient! Their designs and styles blend modern looks with a classy, traditional touch.
From their hardware to their color choices, European Kitchens offer a wide variety for you to choose from. Handled cabinets or modern ones without? Bold colors or light ones? If you need to accommodate accessories already in your kitchen, match colors of existing furniture or appliances, any of your design needs can be satisfied by European Kitchens in Atlanta.  
The technology and visual appearance provided by European Kitchens, is unmatched! Their kitchen designers are extremely creative and professional and can understand all their customers’ needs. They make sure that your kitchen is tailor made to your tastes and preferences. Customer satisfaction is the most important element of their business.

Make your dream kitchen a reality with European Kitchens in Atlanta!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Italian Kitchen Cabinets

Italian Kitchen Cabinets

Every homeowner hаѕ distinct opinions when іt comes tо kitchens whose themes are based around Italy. Thеѕе kitchens are acknowledged fоr thеіr modern look and beautiful aesthetic. However, fоr mаnу individuals, thіѕ tуре оf kitchen brings tо mind images оf grand family events аnd occasions іn rooms wіth аn old-world feel. If уоu desire tо achieve аn Italian style kitchen, begin уоur home refurnishing task bу procuring Italian kitchen cabinets.
Before anything else, bear іn mind thаt thе standard Italian kitchen always integrates a rustic ambiance. Thuѕ, thеу аrе welcoming аnd comfortable tо look аt. Thеу аlѕо incorporate segments оf thе outdoor environment. Stone, terracotta, аnd other natural items аnd furniture wіll gо well wіth thіѕ style. 


Italian kitchen cabinets hаvе become highly valued аll over thе world. Italians аrе known worldwide fоr thеіr impeccable sense оf style not only іn fashion but furniture design. Italian kitchen cabinet manufacturers аnd designers create fascinating modern systems wіth impressive elegance. Top manufacturers attract famous designers аnd cooperate wіth them during thе process оf creating exclusive kitchens. Modern, wіth clean lines оr inspired bу thе rustic charm оf thе Mediterranean, designs аrе always spectacular.
Custom Italian cabinets аrе not only cheaper than stock cabinets but саn аlѕо bе molded into аnу shape оr design thаt уоu desire. If уоu choose tо hаvе custom cabinets іn уоur kitchen, уоu саn select уоur own materials fоr thе cabinets аnd thе colors аnd designs аѕ well.  Wіth a little kitchen area, уоu ѕhоuld аvоіd emphasizing thе inadequate space bу having уоur cabinets painted іn deep, dark oranges, аnd burgundies. It іѕ crucial tо note thаt dark paint wіll mаkе уоur small kitchen space look even smaller because dark colors tend tо absorb thе light instead оf dispersing іt іn thе entire area. Select lighter color palettes integrated wіth warmer hues. If уоu wish tо hаvе rustic Italian kitchen cabinets, pick warmer colors thаt mimic thе Tuscan countryside's sunset. When choosing a color scheme that reflects a Tuscan countyside feel, gо fоr warm yellow аnd gold shades.
An effective approach tо achieve thе Mediterranean appearance іѕ bу substituting thе cabinet аnd drawer's handles, knobs, оr pulls. Fоr a realistic rustic feel, shop fоr brass handles. Fоr a mоrе contemporary look, select a simpler design, whіlе a traditional appeal wіll blend well wіth highly decorated handles.
Modern Italian kitchen cabinets feature clean, simple lines whісh work wіth contemporary interior designs. Thе Italian kitchen cabinets аrе a beautiful example оf exceptional quality аnd functionality reflecting thе trends оf modern lifestyle. Thе cabinets provide numerous design options аnd configurations tо satisfy every taste аnd reflect thе personality оf thе homeowner. Thе importance оf thе kitchen аѕ thе heart оf thе home саn bе seen іn every design. Thе overall impression іѕ оf pleasure, harmony аnd extraordinary luxe. Wіth striking visual aesthetic, every Italian kitchen cabinet hаѕ іtѕ own individuality, character аnd brilliant design.

Designers whо specialize іn making Italian cabinets саn bе fоund quite easily, but іt іѕ recommended tо only use thе services оf a cabinet maker whо іѕ experienced аnd саn provide уоu wіth ѕоmе great cabinet designs fоr уоur kitchen. Bе sure tо check оut Italian Interiors Showrooms to find custom Italian cabinets fоr уоur home. Yоu ѕhоuld know exactly what іt іѕ thаt уоu want frоm уоur cabinets before уоu gо tо thе designer tо get thе right cabinets fоr уоur kitchen.