Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Contemporary Kitchens in Miami FL

Consider that your kitchen is the most active room in your home. You prepare your meals there, the family often eats there, and most, if not all, of your guests will enter your kitchen at some point. This means the look and feel of this space is highly important. It may even be considered the standard bearer by which your entire home is measured. Contemporary kitchens in Miami FL feature many attributes to streamline your kitchen and integrate with your lifestyle. From all electric cabinetry to intelligent lighting and optimal flow, German engineered kitchens are making waves because of innovative design, durability, and performance.

German Kitchen Center features ~20,000 square feet of eye-catching contemporary kitchen designs and solutions. We showcase contemporary kitchens in Miami FL developed by Nobilia and Leicht, two of the most acclaimed contemporary kitchen brands in the world. Featuring more finishes, door styles, cabinet hardware, and lighting options than any other European contemporary kitchen manufacturer, as well as valuable energy-saving and eco-friendly attributes. At German Kitchen Center, we offer price flexibility for many different budgets - providing competitive prices quite often less than lesser quality products.

So what do contemporary kitchens in Miami FL entail? There are many components of this room, and almost all of them are privy for an upgrade. This includes your sink, backsplash, cabinets, counters, and of course, the appliances. Many homeowners also include an island in their design. This is up to you, but the other components are nearly universal.

For starters, a contemporary kitchen has two things in mind: a clean look and maximum use of available space. The first is done by using minimal design elements, such as lack of decoration, raised panels, and the materials of your cabinets and counters. Most often, these kitchens are crafted using man-made materials such as metal, concrete, and plastic. Glass is an option for certain locations. Also, the cabinets will be set up in such a way that they appear taller, and have more space inside for the important storage.

Colors are also an important quality to contemporary kitchens in Miami FL. No bright or alluring colors are present so that the kitchen takes on an appealing tone. Most kitchens use a mixture of whites, grays, blacks, and other solid tones. This is up to your final design choice, of course, but the patterns and color schemes are as important as the layout.

In terms of laying out your appliances and counters, a more ergonomic approach is also considered. This means you'll have freedom to move around the kitchen without feeling cramped or anxious.

We will help you create a kitchen space that defines your home and complements your personality. Our contemporary kitchen designers are available throughout Miami-Dade county, including:

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets in Miami FL

Construction and design are two facets of human ingenuity that continually grow as civilization expands. There are many places to see this development within the home. The kitchen, however, has seen the biggest growth in what's possible and how it's made. Innovative design and storage options available in our contemporary kitchen cabinets in Miami FL invigorate your kitchen space with sleek, clean design and acclaimed features. 

German Kitchen Center is your premier source for contemporary kitchen cabinets in Miami FL. Within our ~20,000 square feet contemporary kitchen cabinet showroom, we feature vibrant palettes and accents for your kitchen renovation project or to rejuvenate existing space. Our contemporary kitchen interior designers have researched leading German engineers and innovation, proudly offering highly durable materials, spacious storage, and appealing designs to your kitchen space. Below, we've provided some information and features of contemporary kitchen cabinets.

To start, the term contemporary means different things to different people. But for the purpose of kitchen cabinets, we use the term to specify a new type of design. This is minimalist in nature, sleek, and made from flat surfaces. In this case, simplicity is key, and it does not mean less quality or features. Quite the opposite, in fact.

The previous style of cabinets, which we call modern design, was also clean and lacking of decoration. This not only made the cabinets stand-out, but also made improvements in the spacial capacity of these shelves. But contemporary kitchen cabinets in Miami FL expanded on this trend even more.

The new style means longer design. This taller cabinet gives you much more internal space. And the lack of decoration makes enough statement on its own with a clean, elegant look. There's no crown molding or panels that stick out from the surface. This not only gives you the feel of more space, but actually benefits your storage a great deal.

So what are these cabinets made from? Most of the contemporary cabinets are made from man-made materials instead of natural stone or wood. This includes metals, plastic, concrete, or even glass. It's possible to spruce up the design with wood or stone, of course, to give you a hybrid design.

We will expertly assist and install your contemporary kitchen cabinets in Miami FL, and we serve all areas, including:

In short, keeping up with the latest kitchen design is more than a trend. It's a way to improve your kitchen's feel and overall space.

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Modern Kitchen Cabinets in Miami FL

Being that your kitchen is highly important to defining your home's appeal, it also stands to reason that your cabinets are critical within that kitchen. It's one of the most noticeable items in the room itself, regardless of the overall design. And there are constant advancements being made in the field, with the intention of maximizing your movable and storage space. So how can modern kitchen cabinets in Miami FL benefit you and what materials are they made from?

At German Kitchen Center, you'll experience kitchen solutions to elevate your existing space and enhance your lifestyle. Our selection of modern kitchen cabinets in Miami FL feature soft-close doors, adjustable shelving, sliding tables, plentiful storage space, and other integrated advantages, resulting in an ergonomic space with simple access to your appliances. We will achieve the look and function you want within your existing space or by installing a new modern kitchen in your home. Below, we've provided some reasons why many are choosing modern kitchen cabinets for their home.

First off, the benefit is added space. The modern design is minimalist in nature. This means everything in your kitchen serves its purpose, and nothing exists without reason. Space is optimized by including the items you need close at hand. Modern kitchen cabinets in Miami FL are longer, and taller. The lack of decoration opens up extra storage possibilities. Longer shapes that go deeper with easier access are the name of the game.

So what about the materials? In order to understand this, you must understand the modern kitchen take on color. Bright colors are avoided, in place of solid tones such as white, brown, black, or gray. Silver is also available, as many modern kitchens are created from a man-made metal, such as stainless steel. Wood is available as well, in the veneer trend. It's highly popular, and for good reason. It looks great, and combines the modern elements with a natural brush.

Plastic and glass are also available. But again, color is minimized first and foremost. In order to add more design to the kitchen, it's possible to add a trim or contrast the colors with a bright floor option. Again, you want your kitchen to look clean, appealing, and have the best usage of its space. This is the benefit of modern kitchen cabinets in Miami FL.

Our modern kitchen cabinets showroom is accessible to residents throughout Miami Florida, including the following areas:

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Modern Kitchens in Miami FL

Your kitchen completes your home. This is not an over-exaggeration, but only a mere fact. It's the most populated room throughout your home on any given day. And it's also a great example to guests of your home's overall feel and environment. That is why renovating this room to incorporate all the modern advancements is highly important. And modern kitchens in Miami FL have much more to offer than something new. They give you a fresh take on what a kitchen can actually be.

German Kitchen Center features beautiful kitchen solutions to breathe new life into your home. In our modern kitchens showroom, you'll find spacious settings that upgrade your lifestyle. Our modern kitchens interior designers are experts in our German engineered selection of modern kitchens in Miami FL, bringing you product details, specifications, and advantages to make informed decisions and truly create the kitchen of your dreams. 

Modern kitchen design combines elegance with functionality. It gives you an increased usage of your kitchen's space while highlighting all of the room's best qualities. This is done by keeping the design minimalist and the features slim. No high decoration, no bright colors, and nothing without a purpose. This is how you take advantage of this highly important room.

Before we begin, take a look at your current kitchen space. Are there any components that you can do without? Is any item taking up more space than you want it to? This is how you begin bringing your kitchen to the modern world. By understanding your unique usage regarding kitchen space, you will craft a modern kitchen tailor-made for your needs. Modern kitchens in Miami FL means more than minimalist colors and sleek design, it also means designing a modern kitchen that functions how you need it to.

The main design elements remain your kitchen cabinets and countertops. Our vast selection features highly durable materials and expert fabrication. We're not looking at granite and marble. Rather, stainless steel and limestone. There are ways to add color, with decorative trims or a high contrast floor. Either way, you'll want to keep colors at a minimum, and materials that have a gloss rather than mosaic.

Consider now all of the energy of your kitchen. The kids running in to grab their snack. You or your spouse standing at the counter making a big meal. A guest coming into your home for coffee. All of these are reasons to take your kitchen design to the next level with modern kitchens in Miami FL.

We proudly showcase and install modern kitchens in Miami FL to all areas, including:

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