Friday, October 22, 2021

Modern Kitchens

Welcome to German Kitchen Center, featuring award-winning innovative Modern Kitchens by LEICHT, Team 7 and Stosa - Leading luxury European kitchen brands.


Kitchens were once the part of the house that no one wanted their guests to visit. It was a small overshadowed room, just like a pantry, that most people never cared about as it was just meant for cleaning, cutting, cooking, and clean. But in these modern times, open kitchens with modern feelings are trending. Modern kitchens not only add to the appeal of the house but serve as the best place for studying, doing work, and socialize too. Additionally, modern kitchens come with some of the most beautiful designs that one cannot take their eyes away from. Here are some of the finest features to create a stylish modern kitchen for your home.

Modern appliances

It is always great to add modern appliances to your house to give a modern look and feel to your kitchen. No kitchen is complete adding modern appliances. That is why if you want to renovate your kitchen and make something brand-new, you should look for more space-efficient options and ensure that the products you are buying are durable and has a modern and fresh feeling.

Sleek cabinets

Long gone are the days when people talked about large cabinets to store their kitchen items. To add more style to your kitchen, it is recommended that you should look for more sleek options when it comes to cabinets. Keep your handles and knobs simple and avoid clutter in your modern kitchen. There are other storage options, too, other than the cabinets, such as pull-out drawers, corner units, and opening systems.

Modern countertops

If you are looking for a modern kitchen design, marble is a superior substitute for granite and adds a cooler and more minimalistic look and feel to the kitchen. Because of its sharp lines and colors, these make a huge impact below the kitchen wall tiles. Look for characteristics like durability, easy maintenance, and visual appeal while shopping for modern countertops in modern kitchen showrooms.

Kitchen wall tiles

These are often ignored but are the backbone of modern kitchen designs. These are versatile and beautiful are one of the most important and essential parts of kitchen designs. Apart from their functionality, such as protecting the walls from stains, cooking splashes, and water damage, these will help you to find more about the overall feeling of the kitchen. If you are looking for a more modern and minimalistic design, consider investing your money in kitchen wall tiles with bright and bold colors. However, these days silver and graphite-colored designs are being preferred if you want to add a more industrial feel to your kitchen.


Colors change the whole mood and theme of modern kitchen designs. You should consider switching to the colors that showcase some kind of meaning and goes well with the furniture and tiles color too. There are a variety of color options to choose from, but again according to the modern designs, bold and bright colors will add a fresher and livelier look to your kitchen. Additionally, you should focus more on recessed lighting. Consider investing your money in a modern kitchen design that makes you happy.

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Monday, October 11, 2021

Modern Kitchens in Miami

Welcome to German Kitchen Center, featuring award-winning innovative modern kitchens in Miami, FL by LEICHT, Team 7 and Stosa - Leading luxury European kitchen brands.


Kitchens are the heart of the home, and these are some of the most heavily trafficked rooms inside the house. People like to sit together in the kitchen to make and eat food, talk about their day, and grab items on the go, and sometimes complete their office work. But it wasn't like it is today. In the past, kitchens were strictly used for food preparation by the people of the house. The traditional kitchen designs are not one of the friendliest designs for the kitchens. That is why modern designs are loved so much. Modern kitchen designs have many cool features and anesthetic aspects that make it easier to do every kind of chore in kitchens. Modern kitchen designs are popular because of their functionality, technology, resale value, and efficiency.


When it comes to functionality, modern kitchen designs are the best for the average family than the traditional kitchens. One can notice that from the design to the appliances, modern kitchens make it easier for a person to hand in multiple tasks. Old kitchen designs have publication layouts, but they aren't as functional as modern kitchens. 


Modern kitchen design has customization options which means that these kitchen designs give you more power over the design that meets your family needs, and also, these designs can be changed easily when you want to refurbish your home.


Modernism is all about new technology, and it is one of the most exciting parts of a modern getting design. There are numerous features, fixtures, and appliances that allow you to live your life easily and effectively. The thing is that modern kitchen designs are getting so popular day by day because now you have the option to install chips and digital dashboards on your countertops and around kitchen cabinets to track everything inside your kitchen. Using a kitchen has never been easier in the past like it is now.

Resale value

If you are getting kicks out of the design and functional elements of the modern kitchen and you should also know that a modern kitchen design will add to the value of your house and when you are trying to sell it, you can sell it at a higher rate than before. Since most people haven't upgraded their homes to more technological designs, their resale value will be low, while potential homebuyers will gladly buy your house.


Everything in the modern world is all about efficiency and not wasting energy and resources; therefore, the new features and technology that you will implement in your house will make sure that you are not conserving energy. On top of that, switching to a more modern design will save you money on energy bills, and it will take less time for you to make your food.

Bottom line

So if you are looking for a modern kitchen design in Miami, then you don't have to worry about anything at all because we have been in the field of kitchen design for more than a decade and we will be more than happy if you visit us or gave us a call. Happy Renovation.

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Monday, October 4, 2021

Italian Kitchens

German Kitchen Center is pleased to offer Italian Kitchens in NYC by Matteo Gennari.


There are numerous kitchen design differences that we can notice if you compare a traditional kitchen design with a modern Italian kitchen design. Italian kitchen design is something that will be relatively different for different people. The most recent designs from Italy are pretty innovative, sleek, and user-friendly. These kitchen designs not only add modernity to the kitchen but will also cater to the needs of the whole family. Let's discuss traditional Italian design and modern Italian design.


Traditional Italian design

Traditional Italian design gives out rustic vibes. These kitchen designs feel warmer and cozier and are also not loved by many people. These kitchen designs also encompass some outdoor elements like terra-cotta and stone, as well as some other things. If you're considering the renovating your kitchen by incorporating the traditional Italian design, then you should avoid modern lighting at all costs whether you should consider incorporating charming scones and wrought iron chandeliers. Traditional Italian designs go well with warmer colors, but if you want to add a colder look, you can go with a light blue color.


If we talk about the floors of a traditional Italian design, the conventional design likes to incorporate the outdoor colors with the indoors. For flooring, you should consider hardwood or ceramic tiles. 4 m of an integral part of your kitchen because you want to accommodate everyone that comes inside your home. That is why its traditional Italian design comes with a large wooden table that will add more beauty to your rustic kitchen. Conventional Italian design encompasses bright antique dishes on display and herbs portrayed in clay pots for the windowsill. Traditional kitchen designs are getting outdated day by day. That is why we personally recommend that you should consider moving to words a more modern Italian design that meets your everyday needs.


Modern Italian kitchen design

While most people think that the Italian kitchen design cannot go well when it comes to modernity, but not many people know that the traditional kitchen design isn't the only one in the market. Italy has been leading from the front when it comes to modern kitchen designs. Marvin's Italian kitchen design will create a sleek and slick countertop and are more streamlined than ever when it comes to integrating modern appliances. For a modern Italian kitchen design, you don't have to break the bank as there are no unnecessary accessories or phrases attached. The design is all about style and fashion, which is entirely apposite to its traditional counterpart.  The sole reason for the popularity of this kitchen design is its openness and uniqueness.

Bottom line

Modern kitchen designs attending these days most people modern kitchen design traditional designs because of its latest features and easiness. It is a popular choice for many homes and will meet all of your needs, so if you are considering renovating your home in NYC that we personally recommend that you should incorporate an Italian kitchen design in your home. For more details, call us for an appointment with us, and we will be more than happy to help you. 

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