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Leicht Kitchen

Nearing a century of innovative, award-winning kitchen design, LEICHT continues its long tradition of accelerated production at an incredible value.

Leicht Kitchen

Do you want to transform your kitchen? Then, you need to opt for a Leicht kitchen. There is just something about Leicht kitchen designs that makes them extremely popular. Boasting an extensive history of innovation and award-winning design, the German kitchen brand has a long tradition of providing incredible value.

The Most Beautiful German Kitchen

Due to its impactful design standards, Leicht kitchen styles were given the title of being the most beautiful German kitchens in 2011. Their light cupboard system and suspending wall units make them the ultimate option. The brand has received multiple awards for design and innovation over the years.

High-Quality Products

The main reason why Leicht kitchen designs have become incredibly popular is that they are of high quality. Leicht has been crafting high-quality products since its inception and it shows in its precision. If you are looking for a premium kitchen brand, Leicht has got you covered.

Serves Different Price Groups

Leicht kitchens are in high demand as they cater to nine different price groups. This means that just about every type of customer can afford a beautiful kitchen for their home. Affordability is one of the Leicht kitchen benefits. The company aims to make functional and stunning kitchens available for everyone. This is why it has managed to become a leader in the industry. There is a lot that it has to offer.

Unlike most kitchen companies that purchase kitchen hardware, Leicht creates everything on its own. Thus, only the best interior hardware is used to produce high-quality products. The quality of the products is maintained and the signature elements are checked to ensure that they are recognizable.

Innovative Industry Leader

Leicht kitchen is an innovative industry leader that continues to upgrade and innovate its kitchens. When you check out its latest kitchen styles and designs, you will come to realize just how progressive it is as a brand. Research and development are the backbone of the company. There is a lot that you can expect from the company and it continues to deliver in every aspect. Hence, you do not need to look elsewhere. The company is not afraid to take risks and develop bold ideas that change the industry. Innovative engineering and manufacturing make it the best company to get a kitchen from.

Signature Style

The best thing about Leicht kitchens is that they have a signature style that makes them instantly recognizable. Anyone who knows about the brand can easily identify the different styles. The kitchen cabinetry, handles, lighting, and accessories will help elevate your home in no time. Moreover, Leicht kitchens feature a fully customizable design. This makes it appealing to diverse clients who require different kitchen dimensions.

Order a Leicht Kitchen

Now that you know everything about a Leicht kitchen, all you have to do is order one for your home. It will elevate the look and feel of your property in no time. The products can be shipped to just about every part of the world. Hence, you should feel free to place an order.

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Friday, January 21, 2022

The New Modern Italian Kitchens

German Kitchen Center is pleased to offer Italian Kitchens in NYC by STOSA.

The Modern Italian Kitchens

Kitchens are an integral part of every home. They are the heart and soul that bond everything together. It comes as no surprise why people are interested in transforming the way their kitchen looks. One of the most popular trends in recent times is modern Italian kitchens.

Italian Kitchen Designs

When it comes to Italian kitchen styles, they are known for being welcoming, functional, and clean. They instantly put everyone at ease and provide amazing comfort. The fact is that Italian kitchen designs are truly the best.

Italian Kitchen by Stosa

Italian Stosa kitchens are the main deal. They are the perfect addition to your home.

More Modular Structures

Italian kitchens by Stosa offer more than just quality. Their amazing use of modular structures ensures fair furniture distribution which would allow the kitchen to adapt to your requirements.

The kitchens are easier to install, take down, move, and expand. They fit just about every space and keep all nooks and crannies organized and in harmony.

Covers the Tiniest Details

Get a kitchen that covers the tiniest details with Stosa. The kitchens are designed with passion and food in mind. They incorporate a more refined space and allow you to pay attention to every detail. Thus, each cabinet and drawer of the kitchen is visually and practically appealing. Moreover, you can curate your appliances to complement one another.


What makes Italian kitchens by Stosa a great choice is the fact that they offer value for your money. The design and sophistication that they offer are on another level. The kitchens feature spectacular designs and are made to suit your preferences. They will become the centerpiece of the property as only the best materials are used to bring them to life. The materials used include melamine, porcelain, lacquers, and wood veneers.

Italian Kitchen Aesthetic and Functionality

Modern Italian kitchens offer aesthetics and functionality. Food can finally be made with perfection in mind with such an amazing kitchen in your property. Stosa offers modern Italian kitchens that improve your life, day in and day out. The designs are affordable even though they are exclusively made in Italy.

Commitment, honesty, respect, and originality are some of the values that the company believes in. The kitchen will provide a truly sustainable living space where you and your family can spend most of their time.

Innovative Designs

Italian kitchens by Stosa feature innovative designs. Experience the best things in life when you get one designed for your home. It will enable you to cook all your favorite meals at home and get everyone together.

Since the kitchen is the most important room in the house, you need to turn to Stosa to elevate how it looks and feels. There is nothing that we will not do for you. All you have to do is let us know what you are looking for. Browse through the different options to find a kitchen that will look perfect in your home. You can always ask for our advice.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Modern European Kitchen

Welcome to German Kitchen Center, featuring award-winning innovative European Kitchens in NYC by LEICHT, Team 7 and Stosa - Leading European European kitchen brands.

Modern European Kitchen

Are you considering kitchen remodeling? Then, you should consider investing in a modern European kitchen. It will transform the way your home looks and allow you to make the most of the space. When it comes to modern European kitchens, they are a combination of mid-century Nordic style and modern designs. They have become incredibly popular in recent times due to their aesthetically stunning look and efficient functioning.

Top Modern European Kitchen Designs

German Kitchen Center offers modern European kitchens from only the best brands including Leicht, Team 7, Stosa, and Charles Yorke. They are some of the finest modern European kitchen brands out there and have a lot to offer.

Why Consider Modern European Kitchen Designs?

There are various reasons why you should consider modern European kitchen styles as mentioned below.

1.      Greater Durability

One of the best things about Modern European kitchens is that they provide greater durability. When you order modern European kitchen cabinets, you can rest assured know that they will last a long time. They are made using solid plywood and do not get damaged easily. The plywood features a cross-grain pattern that offers amazing strength. The strong adhesives only make it stronger and more durable.

2.      Accessibility

A notable fact about a modern European kitchen is that it provides better accessibility. Whether you want to renovate a residential or commercial space, you simply cannot go wrong with the solid hardwood flooring that is integral to European-style kitchens. Hardwood is used to create the cabinets which makes them a much better option. The fact is that nothing compares to a quality hardwood cabinet. It tends to be stable and offers spaciousness.

3.      Increased Interior Space

If you want to make the most of the limited space, you need to consider modern European kitchen cabinets. They offer more interior storage space. You can put the extra space to good use by storing your kitchen appliances. Moreover, you also get to utilize every square inch of the kitchen and make the most out of it. Thus, you get to save time and storage space.

4.      Design

Modern European kitchens are popular as they look amazing. Many homeowners are realizing that the design and layout of the European kitchen cabinets create a colorful and unique look. Hence, it makes it possible to maintain a cheerful personality at home. You can count on the kitchen to create a cozy and welcoming space for everyone. You will find the seamless flowing design and aesthetically pleasing look to be just what you need.

5.      Smooth Surfaces

In addition to the sleek appearance of the modern European kitchen, its cabinets offer a smooth surface that has a highly elegant texture. The use of high-quality laminates, vinyl, plastics, and glass or gloss paints allows for a smooth surface to be created.

German Kitchen Center is the perfect place to find modern European kitchen cabinets. Browse through the different kitchen cabinet styles to find ones that suit you best. There is bound to be something that you will like.

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