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Modern Kitchen Cabinets in NYC

Welcome to German Kitchen Center, featuring award-winning innovative Modern Kitchens in NYC by LEICHT, Team 7, Matteo Gennari and Stosa - Leading luxury European kitchen brands.

One of the essential parts of the kitchen is the Cabinets. The way it is designed, structured, and positioned is what determines the total outlook of the kitchen. If you live in an old kitchen with worn-out cabinets, the thought of changing to modern kitchen cabinets can be exciting.

To makes the best decisions when getting a cabinet, you must visit a showroom. It will give you a more personal touch to choosing your cabinet. However, there are other factors you have to consider when installing a cabinet

Tips for installing Modern Kitchen cabinets.

When installing new cabinets, there are certain factors you must consider before buying the items. This will help you make productive and better choices.

Assess your Kitchen Space

The amount of space you have will determine the layout of the kitchen and the kind of cabinets you install. If you are introducing completely new cabinets, then you need to measure every dimension of the kitchen. The measurement will come in handy when visiting The German Kitchen Center Showroom. The sales rep at the showroom can use the information to help find the perfect modern kitchen cabinets to fit.

Consider functionality

If you use your kitchen for heavy-duty cooking tasks, then you need to make sure that the cabinets you buy can handle the work. It must be strong, sturdy, and durable. As much as you want it to be visually appealing, you have to consider frequency and the demographics of people in the home who use the kitchen.

Test the cabinets

Shopping online may suffice, but if you hope to test the products before installation, you need to visit the showroom. At the German Kitchen Center, we have experts available to give you all the necessary information to make a choice.

At the showroom, you can open and close the cabinets, check the hinges look for special features, etc. although you may not be able to ascertain its durability, you can get a feeling of the quality of material used in making the cabinets.

Pay attention to details

Tiny details go along in determining the entire outlook of your cabinet. Consulting a design coach will help you with information you may not remember, or have no knowledge about. By paying attention to tiny details, you can create the kitchen of your dreams using a realist framework. Small details like the Pull, knobs, handles and other embellishments have a critical role to play in the aesthetics of the cabinet

Types of Modern Kitchen Cabinets

  • 1. The shakered-Style
  • 2. The Louvered Kitchen Cabinets
  • 3. Flat-panel or slab doors
  • 4. Inset-Style Cabinets
  • 5. Distressed Cabinets and Drawers
  • 6. Beadboard Style
  • 7. Thermofoil (Medium Density Fibreboard)
  • 8. Custom Cabinets

  • After you have had the cabinets installed, remember to create a strategy for maintaining the new cabinets. This is so that you don't have to spend money replacing the recently installed modern cabinets. You can ask Our professional design coach at German Kitchen Center to give you advice on how to maintain any furniture you choose.

    For more information about our Modern Kitchens in NYC, visit our modern kitchens showroom in NYC, or call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240.

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    Monday, March 23, 2020

    Kitchen Showroom in Miami

    Kitchen Showroom Miami Are you looking for GKC Kitchen Showroom in Miami? German Kitchen Center has a GKC Kitchen Showroom in Miami for your convenience.

    If you ever found yourself at our kitchen showroom Miami, you would feel like you were lost in the wonderland of kitchen. Due to the numerous things you may find there, it may become tough to choose your kitchen.

    Why you need a showroom

    If you plan to create or remodel your kitchen, apart of researching and envisioning your dream kitchen, visiting a showroom is an excellent place to start. Although you might argue that everything is online these and you could do all your shopping online in the convenience of your pajamas, but nothing beats having that hands experience.

    The make sure you are getting exact value for your money, it necessary for you to visit the showroom so you don't just have a mental picture, but you can have a precise feel of how the kitchen, the utensils and other tools will look. Here are some reasons you need a showroom:

  • 1. To get Inspiration

  • Although you may already have an idea of what you want for your kitchen and how you want it to look, visiting a showroom like ours help you make a better choice of what is befitting for your kitchen. In a showroom, you will know what style, size, model and design is best suited for your kitchen space.

  • 2. To vet the craft

  • Pictures can be deceiving and buying these things online may not be advisable for significant investment like a kitchen. You want to make sure you are getting the best value for your money with the quality products. Here you can run your fingers over the tabletops, check the cabinet door and drawer as you evaluate its sturdiness and functionality. You can never have such experience shopping online.

  • 3. To get better prices and discounts

  • Going to the showroom allows you to get better rates and strike good deals and bargains by negotiating with the store. You can save money and even buy more things that you could not afford using the left-over cash without conceding on quality. It most times depends on your ability to negotiate the best deals. However, you must walk into the store with a reasonable budget in mind, so you don't overshoot your income or credit card.

  • 4. Hire a professional designer

  • A showroom is an excellent place to find an expert and trustworthy kitchen designer. At German Kitchen Center apart from giving you the best products, we have designers on standby that can help you bring your dream kitchen to life. So, if you don't know anything about kitchen designs, we can help you choose, design, install and set-up your kitchen to your specifications and desires. 

     At German Kitchen, we have a wide range of options from you choose from, minimalist, European kitchens, American style kitchen etc. whatever picture you have in mind we can help you make it come alive. So, if you are looking to set-up a state-of-the-art kitchen in your Miami home, walk into our showroom and be amazed.

    Monday, March 16, 2020

    Kitchen Renovation in NYC

    Kitchen Renovation in NYC The German Kitchen Center offers a variety of kitchen renovation options ranging from the surprisingly affordable to high-end luxury. We offer kitchen designs from leading European kitchen designers like LEICHT, Team 7, Matteo Gennari and Stosa. Our kitchens are made to high specifications for craftsmanship, beauty and innovation so that your kitchen renovation in NYC will be a transformation experience.

    Tired of how your kitchen looks right now and you want to pimp up the room. Well, you are in the right place. To some people, the kitchen is a very sacred place, and they pay a lot of attention to the structure, tools, arrangement and everything; it is a sanctuary that must be given top priority

    When renovating your kitchen, the first step is to access to state of your current kitchen. Renovation involves taking what you already have and then upgrading it. This means you have to consider what you need to change, the overall value of the house and the latest development in the kitchen industry.

    Tips to consider before Renovation

  • 1. Budgeting

  • Before you start the project, you must draw up a reasonable budget. Especially for those who care about the kitchen, it is easy to get caught up in the thrill of renovating the kitchen that you overspend and run into debt. When budgeting, you have to consider things like Cabinets, appliances, plumbing fixtures, painting, lighting, countertops, flooring, windows, construction cost and other service charges.

  • 2. Hiring a Kitchen Designer

  • Although you might detail-oriented, stylish and have a good eye for color, it is not the same as bringing in an expert who is trained for this. As you visit of our showroom to determine what you will is best for your kitchen, we have Kitchen designers on standby to help you with your choices and in the long run, the total design if you hire them. The fee to pay is a small price compared to making a mistake that ruins the whole renovations and makes you spend more. No matter how much home design DIY videos you watch, when you bring in the big dogs, the difference is clear.

  • 3. Consider your timeline in that house

  • Before you begin spending money to pimp up the kitchen, you mustn't be myopic. You have to consider how much time you have to live in the house before investing in the kitchen. Although this may bring up the value of the building, it might not be easy to find a buyer who sees the value in such a sophisticated kitchen compared to the whole house except of course the entire house is renovated.

  • 4. Evaluate the state of the present kitchen

  • If you are on a slim budget, the idea of expansion might be too costly. You have to evaluate what you have presently and the condition to know if a complete overhaul is necessary. If your primary problem is spacing a cheaper way would be to open the floor pan and wall connecting the kitchen to the dining room. There are many other ways to have a kitchen renovation in NYC on a budget.

    Kitchen Renovation is quite a hectic task, especially in New York City, this is why you need the right team and resources in your corner, to give you the best result. You can get the perfect kitchen renovation in NYC if you follow our advice and work with our team; we guarantee you total satisfaction.

    To speak with one of our kitchen design experts about a kitchen renovation in NYC, schedule an appointment with us at (888) 209-5240.

    German Kitchen Center – Your Source for Kitchen Renovation in NYC.

    Monday, March 9, 2020

    Kitchen Remodeling in NYC

    German Kitchen Center featuring award-winning innovative Leading European kitchen brands such as LEICHT, Team 7, Matteo Gennari and Stosa. When it comes to kitchen remodeling in NYC GKC is your go to place.

    In practice, people have defined remodeling and renovating to be the same thing; however, according to the dictionary, they are different. While renovation involves taking what is old and making it new again, remodeling consists in changing the form of a thing, i.e. a complete overhaul of the present for something new.

    If you are embarking on a remodeling project, here are a few things you need to consider before you start:

    Kitchen Layouts

    When beginning a remodeling project, the first thing you have to decide is the kitchen layout. This will play a vital role in other choices you will make in the process. Do you want the kitchen opened to a separate room or closed? If your choice is open, then you have to consider the structure of the building, the importance of walls so don't just put your sledgehammer through everything like a Wreck-it-Ralph.

    Kitchen Islands

    A Kitchen Island is like the primary kitchen work space. However, not every kind of space can have an island. Installing one requires that you have a lot of space to use. Having an island may look beautiful, but it will not be ideal if it leaves no space for free movement in the kitchen.

    Electrical Works

    The kind of appliances you intend to install determines the electrical work to be done in the kitchen. However, every kitchen should have at least two 20-amp appliance circuit, GFCI to protect countertop circuits and Outlets along the counter for tools like blenders, coffee makers etc. The electrical work need not be sophisticated but must follow regulation

    Room Ventilation

    In a room where there will be a lot of heat, a proper ventilation system is necessary. Experts usually advise that you install a range hood over the cook top although this is not compulsory. The duct should end outside the house for safety purposes. The room should be well spaced and airy with large windows.

    Lighting and flooring

    Lighting in the kitchen is vital as you must be able to see the whole environment. Having lousy lights increases chances of kitchen hazards like cutting yourself with a knife. Not having good flooring can also lead to accidents like tripping. You have to consider the demographics of people in the house, such as little children or older adults, so no one gets injured while moving around.

    Alternative kitchen setting

    While you come up with a schedule and timeline for the remodeling, you may need to create a temporary alternative kitchen. Although eating out may be an option, but it may not be a healthy choice, especially when you have children. A good time for such activities would be when the children are on holidays at their grandparents or in boarding school if you so choose.

    At the German Kitchen Center, we have the resources and personnel to help you bring your ideal kitchen into existence. Visit our showroom or contact us to learn more about what you can do to make your kitchen better. Our stand-by designers are available to help you make an excellent choice that keeps you happy in the end.

    For more information about our Kitchen Remodeling in NYC, visit a Modern Kitchens Showroom, or call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240.

    German Kitchen Center - Your Source for Kitchen Remodeling in NYC.

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    Kitchen Cabinets in Miami

    Welcome to German Kitchen Center, featuring award-winning innovative german kitchen cabinets in Miami, FL by LEICHT, Team 7 - Leading luxury European kitchen brands.

    The kitchen cabinet is a vital component of the kitchen. Apart from its aesthetic value, its functional significance is critical to having a complete kitchen. The main functions of the kitchen cabinets are the storage of food, cooking equipment, cutlery, Silverware, dishes and much more.

    Most times, home appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, cookers, dishwashers etc. and integrated with the cabinet system for the perfect setting. This is why the cabinet must be in optimal condition. If you are thinking of changing your kitchen cabinets, here are a few steps you should take to make sure you get it right.

    Measure your kitchen and cabinets

    The first to do before going shopping is to measure every part of the kitchen, especially if you are remodeling. The size of the cupboards must be adequate for the size of the kitchen for beautification and functional purposes. When renovating, getting the measurement of the cabinet is necessary, or else materials may be in excess or too little. Having precise measurements also helps you when creating a budget.

    Get inspiration online

    If you have no clue on what to do, the internet is an excellent place to draw inspiration, giving you ideas on the kind of cabinets to buy. On our website, we have different options you can explore, different styles and designs. Browsing through will help you make a choice.

    Have a budget

    The purpose of a kitchen cabinet budget is to curb overspending. At the German Kitchen Centre, a visit to our showroom may lead you to buy more than you planned for because of the beautiful products you will find here. Budgeting will also help you make the best choice.

    Utilize the hands-on approach

    The hands-on approach implies that you don't make all the choice based on what you see on the website. It requires that you go the showroom so you can touch and feel the cabinet. Doing this, you are more confident about the choices and the kind of materials used in making your cabinet.

    Request Vital Information

    Before buying a kitchen cabinet in Miami, make sure to ask the right questions from the right people. Make an informed choice before choosing any furniture. No matter how wonderful it may look; you have to be sure you are buying cabinets that are suitable for your kind of home. This is why you may need to hire a kitchen designer.

    When picking a cabinet, you have to consider specific facts before choosing such as:

  • The durability of the cabinet box materials and types
  • Choosing between Ready-To-Assemble and Ready-To-Install cabinets
  • The quality of the cabinet frames and time span
  • The quality and sturdiness of the cabinet's back panel.
  • The type of cabinet door hinges installed.

  • Using these tips, you are sure to make the right choice when getting your kitchen cabinets in Miami. Do not hesitate to contact us at German Kitchen Center if you need any help renovating or changing your cabinets. We have professionals on our team to help you shop, install and set up your kitchen correctly.

    For more information about German Kitchen Cabinets in Miami, FL, call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240.

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