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Contemporary kitchens

 Are you looking for contemporary kitchensGerman Kitchen Center, features award-winning innovative contemporary kitchens in NYC by LEICHT, Team 7 and Stosa - Leading luxury European kitchen brands.

Contemporary kitchen

Contemporary kitchens have unique designs that are quite different from the conventional kitchens used in the earlier years. They give your home that sleek look and can be the centerpiece of your home due to their sophisticated cabinetry and color schemes. Before opting for a contemporary kitchen, you need to know the features of a modern kitchen. Let's find out.

Futuristic Designs

Once you decide that you want your kitchen to have that contemporary look or appearance, you should understand that modern kitchens do not have one pattern. They have so many designs that set your kitchen apart from others and make it attractive. With a contemporary kitchen, you are deviating from the norms of traditional or conventional techniques.

Contemporary kitchen comes with various cutting-edge designs. These designs comprise black cabinetry or dark wood cabinets, fresh white countertop, eye-popping colors and patterns, slab door cabinets, glossy features, and smooth stainless-steel appliances. These unique designs make your contemporary kitchen have an artistic appearance.

Create Innovative Solutions for Your Kitchen Appliances

Technically, when you have a traditional kitchen in your home, you fill-up space with kitchen utensils that take up space. But one thing that makes a contemporary kitchen unique and sophisticated is that it provides you with creative solutions for storing your kitchen utensils. In essence, you do not waste space. Even a small contemporary kitchen can house an entire family's cooking equipment without needing to compromise. The exciting part is that a little modern kitchen gives the illusion that it is primarily because of its design, even from a distance.

Agrees with 21st Century Lifestyle

It may sound too good to be accurate, but it is not. The 21st century we live in makes it difficult and challenging to create time for household chores. But a contemporary kitchen respects this. Once you determine to go for a modern kitchen, you would have unknowingly made work at home more manageable for you. You should know that with a contemporary kitchen, you do not have to spend time cleaning. The integrated and seamless design of a modern kitchen comes with means that there will be no cracks in the kitchen where food will fall or space where you can dump things. This way, your kitchen keeps looking tidy and clean even when you do not clean it up.

Go for German Kitchen Center

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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Contemporary Bathrooms

Are you looking for Contemporary Bathrooms in NYC? At German Kitchen Center, we offer award-winning innovative Contemporary Bathrooms in NYC by leading luxury, domestic, and European bathroom brands.

Contemporary Bathroom Designs 2021

Bathrooms are an integral part of our homes. They are our personal spaces where we spend plenty of our time. Therefore, it only makes sense that we should design them in such a manner that they look gorgeous while being comfy at the same time.

Now, the contemporary bathroom designs are taking care of both these agendas. These designs have sleek bathtubs, modern toilet designs, cool vanity units, with accessories like chic dispensers and storage facilities to ensure both comfort and happening vibes. The lighting in the bathroom spaces is yet another thing that is getting focus.

So, if you need some inspiration and useful tips to remodel your bathrooms, we have listed some stunning ideas. Have a look?

·         Open concept

For a very long time, bathrooms have been designed as small closed spaces that are only useful extensions of your rooms and nothing more. But in the last few decades, this concept has registered many changes. The contemporary bathroom designs are being modeled as bright and airy spaces that allow for lots of sunlight. These spaces are being accessorized with glass-walled showers and a waterfall vanity to offer you a pleasant experience.

·         Serene and simple

Some people have a taste for classic and simple styles. The serene and simple contemporary bathroom designs are specially designed to win the heart of such people. Think of a unique grand bathtub situated deep inside the bathroom, directly in front of a large bay window. To add more charm to this simple design, how about a vintage Murano pendant hanging gracefully right above the bathtub.


     Smart and modern

If simple and serene is not really your style, then how about something bold and modern. Now, tell me, can you imagine a grand contemporary bathroom design that has a super lux fabricated bench positioned right in the center of the marbled walls. What do you think about picking some dark cabinets to work as your storage spaces in this place to add more colors and contrast to your bathroom space?

·         Space with a view

Some people don’t love modern accessories as much as they care for charming and beautiful views. So, if you are one of those people, and you have got yourself a bathroom that offers an amazing view, then how about setting up your bathtub before a grand window that opens up to that view? You can use wall-mounted handles for your sleek bathtub to complete the splendid look of your contemporary bathroom design.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

The Latest Modern Kitchen Trends

Welcome to German Kitchen Center, featuring award-winning innovative Modern Kitchens in NYC by LEICHT, Team 7 and Stosa - Leading luxury European kitchen brands.

What Are The Latest Model Kitchen Trends For The Year 2021?

Interior decoration has come a long way in the past few decades. Earlier, people preferred simple homes that would have just enough space to shelter their family members, a small garden at the back of their house, and a little space dedicated to their kitchen where they would cook meals for their family.

But with time, just like everything, the concept of interior designing has changed a lot. Today, people spend millions and millions of dollars in designing their places. The kitchen that was earlier a neglected space in the house, today, stands as the focal point of a home, a place that brings everyone together.

So, here are some latest model kitchen trends for 2021, in case you are interested!

Latest model kitchen trends, 2021

·         Dark accents

Unlike old times, when dark tones were associated with gloom and negativity, today, these shades are representative of livable, inviting, and classy vibes. Dark accents are now symbolic of grandeur and they are a favorite of interior designers. So, if you also deliberating about playing with dark themes in your kitchen, then how about dark walls, black cabinetry, inky and white work surfaces and textured wooden furniture? It will give your home a rustic charm.

·         Double islands

With the concept of open kitchen working as the central point of your entire home, the kitchen island has turned into something which is more like a necessity. A pair of islands in your kitchen space is the latest kitchen trend, an expansive addition in those spaces where space is no object.


  Color pops

If dark shades don’t evoke in you pleasant vibes, then how about using some vibrant hues in your kitchen space. Now, there is no rule book that can tell you how to go about it, instead, if this is how you are going to play ball, then rely on your judgement and instincts, and select colors that you think can make you happy for at least next 5 years. Just remember, your kitchen is rife with opportunities from work surfaces, walls, appliances, flooring, cabinets, and window spaces, and all you need to do is to think creatively.

·         Handless designs

The handless kitchen cabinets are one of the most popular and latest model kitchen trends. They give your kitchen a distinctive style, and a multi-tasking, free flowing design that comes with a paired-back look. With technological advances, you can easily get rid of the handles and use push open and close doors to make your kitchen more interesting.

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