Friday, January 22, 2016

German Kitchen Cabinets in Manhattan

It is often said that nothing beats German engineering. This was often applied to the sciences and industrial advancements. But in the modern age, this phrase has taken on a new meaning for eager homeowners. By implementing German kitchen cabinets in Manhattan, many agree that Germans have got a trademark on quality and ingenuity. For a unique look that blends eye-catching design and highly functional performance, consider the neat German approach. German Kitchen Center is proud to bring these highly popular kitchen solutions to NYC. With German kitchen cabinets in Manhattan, you'll benefit from a renovation that adds appeal and optimal function to your cooking and dining experience. You’ll find yourself at the forefront of kitchen design with these fantastic German kitchen cabinets that are sweeping across America.

Consider how many guests you have over your home. Even if it’s not many, most of these guests will enter your kitchen at some point during their stay. Your family is constantly coming in and out. And you or your spouse stand over the stove cooking your family’s meals for the day. Wow everybody, including yourself, with a little slice of Germany in the home.

The wonderful thing about German kitchen cabinets in Manhattan is that they are fully customizable. You can lay out your kitchen according to the creative vision you have in your mind, telling us precisely where you want every compartment. For those who would like a beautiful kitchen renovation but are unsure of what they would like to install, our team of knowledgeable and friendly German kitchen designers are ready to assist you in home renovation projects. German kitchen cabinets have another added bonus. Many of the most famous German kitchen cabinet brands, including Leicht and Nobilia, come with extra storage space. Consider that every cabinet comes equipped with space to store every unique kitchen item you have.

But what about the look and feel? The colors and shades are as customizable as the layout. With a unique matte finish, you’ll feel both futuristic and traditionalist in the same approach. Or select glossy and have your cabinets truly stand out. There are thousands of German kitchen cabinets in Manhattan designs to choose from, including vibrant colors and many sizes. And each piece can be molded to fit the exact area you wish to install the cabinet.

The Germans have brought forward breakthroughs in quite a number of fields in recent years. These kitchen cabinets follow the tradition. Contact us today to find out more about the kitchen design of your dreams.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets in Miami, FL

Your kitchen is the centerpiece of your home. It completes the look and feel of your home's design. More than this, it’s where you and your family spend most of your time. It is also one of the homes that guests most frequently visit. For this reason, having a stunning kitchen is quite important. Equally important is the functionality of your cabinets. Contemporary kitchen cabinets in Miami FL appeal to those looking for smoother cooking experiences in a sleeker setting. German Kitchen Center outfits your kitchen with contemporary kitchen cabinets in Miami FL that complement your home and cooking space. With innovative features and modern design, contemporary kitchen cabinets make a beautiful addition to your kitchen and home. At German Kitchen Center, you’ll find just the right look and feel for your kitchen, and our friendly and knowledgeable design team is ready to assist in your home renovation.

The contemporary design for kitchen cabinets aims for a minimalist approach to beauty. More than sleek, these cupboards are meant to pop out and appeal to the eyes. This is done with sharp corners, flat surfaces, and as minimal decoration. The aim of modern designers is moving away from the overdone and posh imitation kitchens of the past. Lay off the decorative trim and welcome in the modern world of kitchen design.

This look does more than save on ornamentation. It actually opens up space. With less decoration, designers have the freedom to open up more inventive ways of storing your plates, cups, and cooking products. This enables contractors to install contemporary kitchen cabinets in Miami FL at higher angles, giving you more space at eye level. 

The contemporary cabinets are usually crafted out of man-made composite materials. This includes, but is not limited to, metal, glass, plastic, vinyl, and concrete. For the more decorative homeowners, one can add wood or natural stone lining to pop out the look of the kitchen. More than change in materials, you’ll also find a different hue of color on the new contemporary kitchen cabinets in Miami FL. The new designers focus on grays, blacks, and whites, or basic shades. This can be offset with a more bold trim. In essence, contemporary design emphasizes minimalism. This does not mean minimal space, merely a cleaner design.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

European Kitchen Cabinets in Brooklyn NY

Kitchens can vary a great deal from city to city, country to country. We have our American traditions, and Europe has their own. European kitchen cabinets in Brooklyn NY elevate your kitchen, giving it modern appeal and innovative functionality. Homeowners are flocking to European cabinets because of their simple, sleek approach. If you’re looking for a new approach to your kitchen, the home’s most frequently visited room, then consider a touch of Europe for some extra flavor. 

At German Kitchen Center, our kitchen specialists meet the needs of casual cooks and culinary chefs alike. In our ~20,000 square foot floor space, you'll find a spectacular array of premium European kitchen cabinets in Brooklyn NY to choose from, a beautiful addition that adds personality to your kitchen. You'll be amazed at how our selection of European kitchen cabinets will add a burst of style to your kitchen, improving functionality of your kitchen space.

European kitchen cabinets are based on one philosophy: making your cooking experience easy. With our wide variety of styles, we are sure to have European kitchen cabinets that give your cooking experience flare and easier access to the equipment you need to prepare your next delicious meal. Whether you want traditional or contemporary European kitchen cabinets in Brooklyn NY, you’ll find quality and beauty that is matched nowhere else.

You’ll find minimal ornamentation on the European style cabinets. This is because the approach is basic, making everything look clean and getting the most out of your kitchen’s available space. America tends to have homes with bigger kitchens than you’ll find overseas. For this reason, everything is meant to maximize storage space without taking up too much space of its own.

The look is mainly crafted from man-made components. You’ll find slick edges, and minor decoration. This includes flat surfaces in place of raised door panels. The materials are often made from plastics, metals, glass, and concrete. You’ll also find cabinets available with slick wood trim. This beauty is unmatched, when you look at your sleek cabinets that mix natural beauty with human ingenuity. These durable European kitchen cabinets in Brooklyn NY are created with German craftsmanship, meaning they will withstand years of cooking and cleaning, looking great for years to come.

Contact us today to see how we can fit the European style cabinets into your American home. You’ll have a kitchen that’s the talk of the town, and easy on your meal-making.

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Friday, January 8, 2016

Modern Kitchen Cabinets in NYC

Crafting the perfect kitchen is not formulaic, it is more reliant upon personal taste. Because of this, sometimes the definition of modern can be hard to pin-point. Is modern the time when electricity came into our homes? Or a later date? For most designers, modern kitchens mean one thing: minimalism. This means, getting the most out of your open space and using clean design elements and angles on the cabinet as possible. Modern kitchen cabinets in NYC assist in maximizing your kitchen's space, allowing for a more open, fluid approach to your cooking space. At German Kitchen Center, we understand that your kitchen is the most important room in your home. Not only are meals prepared, but days are shared and memories are made. Inventive additions have made kitchen functionality simpler, allowing smoother flow throughout your kitchen both in style and function. 

Sleek edges and flat surfaces give you a cleaner, more functional approach to your kitchen. For designers, this distinction began around World War 1, giving homes a more geometric shape. For a cleaner, contemporary approach to your kitchen, consider modern kitchen cabinets in NYC.

When thinking of the slimmer cabinets, you may wonder about the surface materials. These cupboards are usually made from composite materials such as concrete, plastic, and metal. However, glass cabinets are rising in popularity. You can choose a frosted or semi-opaque finish for truly eye-popping appeal. If you want to spruce up the design a bit more, you can also add wood or stone finish to your modern kitchen cabinets in NYC to complement the rest of the kitchen.

With regards to colors, the change is apparent. You won’t find vague or sleepy colors. Instead, the more modern finishes tend to be bold and flashy. This includes florescent colors: red, blue, green, and yellow. In short, you have complete freedom over the final design. But for most kitchen designers, color means to move away from wood and stone emulation.

Beauty aside, the real breakthrough is the functionality of the modern kitchens. Often times kitchens are located in tight or shared locations. That said, the purpose of the modern kitchen cabinets in NYC is to maximize your available space. Apart from installing them at higher pitches, you’ll find more room for storage within the compartments themselves. Beauty is one thing, purpose is another.

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