Monday, April 29, 2019

Modern Kitchen Lines of 2019

Are you looking for the Modern Kitchen Lines of 2019? German Kitchen Center carries 2019’s brand new Modern Kitchens featuring Leicht Kitchens and accessories that will amaze you with their appearance and please you with their kitchen functionality. At German Kitchen Center, we have unique lines of 2019’s kitchens that are personally designed to fit your individual imagination and needs. Our lines of modern kitchens have been awarded for innovative functionality and amazing style.

We are very excited to launch our display of modern kitchens lines of 2019 especially from renown German kitchen manufacture Leicht. The 2019 line of modern Leicht Kitchens and kitchen accessories are one of their most innovative and darkest themes that they have manufactured. Their kitchen designers use many dark tones such as dark slate grays ebonies, dark browns and deep brown sienna to accent this year’s line of Kitchen models.

The most interesting feature in this year’s line of modern kitchen of 2019 is the double toned kitchen island that is divided by 2 separate colors on each side of the counter. The white sink/stove section of the island is situated perfectly against a subtle light oaken grained chair and table consul. The middle partition atop the island is elevated just enough to see the rest of the stunning kitchen. As always Leicht Kitchens cabinets feature sleek facing eliminating the use of handles and knobs for a stunning, elegant look that will enhance the appearance of your home. 

Leicht Kitchens executed kitchen convenience when they designed this year’s modern kitchen line. The well manufactured sliding mechanisms on their kitchen cabinets and drawers are made of the durable steel rollers and gates. The inside drawers are very spacious and will store a full set of baking racks in just one tier. These drawers are compatible and can be adjusted to compliment all your cooking needs!

Adding amazing features such as more cabinet and drawer space while complimenting today's modern style will always keep Leicht Kitchen a front runner as a important manufacture for your kitchen remodeling project. 

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Are you looking for Modern Kitchen Cabinets? German Kitchen Center provides award-winning, brilliantly-designed Modern Kitchen Cabinets made by leading kitchen brands including LEICHT, Nobilia, Team 7, Matteo Gennari, Stosa, and more manufactures.

In today’s remodeling industry, there are many kitchen cabinet features and style to choose from than ever before. Modern kitchen cabinets are a very popular choice among kitchen renovators due to their sleek, European-style that feature clean lines and many shades of colors to choose from. Modern kitchen cabinets are very different from traditional kitchen cabinets because feature compact designs with a minimalist look rather than a bulkier design with a rustic look most traditional cabinets have. Modern kitchen cabinets are constructed with glossy and lighter natural materials to complement any colors used in today’s modern kitchens.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Style - There are many modern kitchen cabinet styles that will match your kitchen's overall d├ęcor. By selecting the right cabinet style, as well as doors and accessories will complement your kitchen’s motif as well as the kitchen floor, and the countertops. 

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Layout - You should consider your kitchen’s layout and available space when choosing a modern kitchen cabinet style because this will enhance the look of your kitchen and improve the functionality of the cabinets. For instance, if your kitchen is small, there are many styles and sizes available that will maximize the space effectively. 

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Material - Modern kitchen cabinets are made from a wide range of natural light weight and sturdy wood material that is special grown to make modem kitchen cabinetry durable yet lighter for easier usage of the cabinet’s doors and drawers.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Functionality - Beside elegance and sleek designs, modern kitchen cabinets main purpose is functionality which will improve the everyday use of your kitchen. Browse through our online catalog or visit any of our luxury kitchen showrooms to select the right modern kitchen cabinets that will suit your style and needs.

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Monday, April 22, 2019

The professional way to clean greasy kitchen cabinets

 Are you wondering what is the professional way to clean greasy kitchen cabinets?

The German Kitchen Center offers kitchen cabinets in many styles and materials. From our lacquer, natural wood, steel and glass materials we use for our kitchen cabinets, these materials tend to gather grease, dust and grime after a period of time. Many of our clients have been asking us how the professional in the cooking and cleaning industry keep their kitchen cabinet shiny and immaculately cleaned.

We all think that the highest quality kitchen cabinets are used for storing dishes, and not grease. Unfortunately, kitchen cabinets are prone to all sorts of grease, grime, and gunk from simply being in the kitchen. We asked experts from the professional cleaning services to high end restaurants what is the most effective and safest way to clean food grime, grease and stains from their kitchen cabinets.

We gathered the information, and these were the most popular results in dealing with kitchen grease:

Lather Up That Sponge!

All of our feedback stated that by using a safe and effective grease cutting dish detergent fund in stores was the most effective way to clean grease off their kitchen cabinets. Just adding a few drops of concentrated dish liquid, into a bowl of warm water and dipping a sponge and squeezing that continuously until the sponge foams, then wipe away any grease or grim that has gathered upon your kitchen cabinets. This is a sure way to clean away grease, food particles and grim on lacquer and natural wood grain kitchen cabinets.         

For some delicate or non-porous material like glass or steel, you should find an area not noticeable and test the sponge before doing a clean scrub. If the material does not stain or streak, start scrubbing back and forth with the soft side of the sponge until the soil is removed. Remember for cleaning natural kitchen cabinet made of wood, move the sponge with the grain. Since grease cutting dish detergent is made to gather and absorbs grease you can finish the rest or the surface the professional way.

For those stubborn grease stain that seem to have stuck on your kitchen cabinets, apply a few drops of the dish detergent directly to the soft side of the sponge and wipe the grease until that stain is removed.

When you are finished removing grease and other kitchen stains on your cabinets, you may need to wipe down the cabinets and remove any remaining grease and excess soap with a damp paper towel.  After this step, immediately dry the surfaces with a clean paper towel. This will prevent streaking and absorb any moisture on your cabinets. The last step is to marvel how easy, cost effective and clean your kitchen is without any harsh chemical’s odors lingering in the air.

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