Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Living Kitchen 2017

Kitchens have become so much more than places to prepare food to gather. They’ve created an industry employing and capturing the interest of thousands of people around the world. With such interest and relevance, there have been many national and even global events centered around kitchen design. Today at German Kitchen Center we’d like to discuss the recent event that was Living Kitchen.
Living Kitchen 2017 
Living Kitchen is an event that has established itself as the central meeting point of kitchens
worldwide. It is a trade fair where you can get everything related to kitchens starting with kitchen accessories, furniture, and appliances all under one event. The international Living Kitchen show in Cologne, Germany is used to unite the national and international kitchen companies, visitors and customers at one place. The aim of the event is to lend momentum to initiate and open up new sales channels for exhibiting companies.

Available services at Living Kitchen
The event holds many activities, from entertainment event, corporate hospitality at businesses, public sports to a customized program that requires an individual’s budget and audience. Living Kitchen takes pride in providing new experiences have never been experienced in the kitchen industry as well as improving the experiences that were already widely available. Whether its trade show, theme event, trade fair and exhibition, workshop and seminars you can find everything you need at Living Kitchen trade fair in Cologne, Germany.

Living Kitchen show 2017
2017 starts with a different tone. It starts with an internal kitchen event that is in a class of its own. The Living Kitchen event is the first event kitchen event worldwide in the trade fair calendar making it an ideal place for anybody to get solutions for their kitchen appliances and other needs, it presents you with new quality products and new solutions for your kitchen that you might not find anywhere else.

When you visit or attend the event you will be part of an international meeting place for kitchen furniture worldwide.
Living Kitchen 2017 

You’ll see:
  • The central trade fair for kitchen appliances and furniture
  • Europeans’ most modern kitchen furnishings
  • Over a hundred thousand visitors that have similar interests regarding kitchens
  • There are many benefits associated with the event. Some of them include: Plenty of room for your ideas: at the exhibition, you can present anything you have. Whatever the idea that you have there are organizations that have dynamic associates who can help you with the ideas.
Meeting place for the industry
Living Kitchen exhibition offers you the opportunity to make direct contact with big existing companies and even new ones. You get the chance to exchange ideas on products, services and the latest development in the industry. The Living Kitchen event spirit and the German spirit make the event a vibrant fair and Cologne an international business center.

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Transitional Style Kitchen and Home

Transitional kitchens blend modern and traditional styles, making them ideal for someone who wants to take the best aspects of both. Read our recent Transitional Kitchens article to learn more details.

We’d like to explore transitional styles in the home, and how your kitchen can inspire such styles in the living room and beyond.

Transitional kitchens are somewhat contemporary without being too hard-edged. If you want this effect throughout the home, you can install storage cabinetry in a similar style throughout your  home. For the living room, your furniture can act as a liaison between the kitchen and other areas of the home. If you are remodeling the bedroom, consider a dresser and possibly a wardrobe or walk in closet with details that are complimentary to the kitchen and living room cabinets also.

Cabinets are super practical for storage, and functionality is a feature of modern kitchens. To balance modern with traditional designs, your cabinetry should use clean lines and not too much ornamentation. Stick with a simple metal bar or knob handle and maybe a subtle shaker-style  cabinet detail. This adds just the right amount of country style, while the overall look is still grounded and current.

Nobilia shaker style transitional kitchenAs for the rest of your furniture, such as tables and beds, this rule also applies. You can use a neutral color palette of browns and whites and and accent with a more bold color if desired. Transitional homes usually feature a mix of different materials for balance. This cottage style Nobilia kitchen is a great example. Its shaker style cabinets are finished in white, with a deep textured wood for the counter top. The nook in the back with hangers for the apron and tote bags works perfectly as a transition to the entry way or living room.

In the living room, your transitional cabinetry is typically used for sideboards and the entertainment center. Find a look that compliments your kitchen design. You can choose to go  with handles or without, but make sure that if your cabinets lean toward modern, they are paired with a rustic finish like exposed brick or wood texture. The same rules go for the dining or coffee table, which should be fairly geometric and simple in design. You can really fine tune the details to what you like here - dress it up with something showy like a chandelier, or keep it contemporary with slim sofas and chairs.

Hulsta transitional furnitureFor the bedroom, your closet and dressers should also have modern style, but with traditional details worked in. Pairing wood with lacquer has a very nice calming effect, as seen in this studio apartment with Hulsta furniture in the sleep area. Because this is a one room studio, we can see the consistency of transitional details in  this space. The bed and night stand also have clean geometric shape to them, mixing oak wood and white lacquer. The rounded knob handles are very minimal. This home’s overall effect is contemporary, yet warm, thanks to the homeyness of the oak and the exposed brick wall.

A transitional home gives so much design freedom, so this concept is perfect for a decorator with the desire to stay current with trends, but wants to add their own spin to their interior design. It takes guts to break through tried and true design themes that are accepted as the status quo. To speak with one of our designers about pulling off a transitional look throughout your home, consider a free consultation.

Hulsta transitional bedroom

Friday, February 24, 2017

How to Find the Right Kitchen Supplier for a Remodel

Kitchen Remodeling
Remodeling any part of your home- the kitchen in particular- is a very serious, and often permanent undertaking. Finding a kitchen supplier you trust is really a key step to getting the “wow” factor, on budget, without causing extra stress and complications.

So what are some things to consider when selecting the right company to work with? Kitchen suppliers operate in every niche, from small local companies to global brands with international vendors.

It ultimately comes down to finding a great product line which is backed by helpful and honest people.

Building Personal Relationships

The path to a great experience with home remodeling often starts with personal connections- and you really should trust your instinct here. Kitchen suppliers typically direct you to a design consultant first. This is someone who will sit down and discuss what you want to accomplish, then try to find a solution within your budget.

You should look for a free, honest estimate from a qualified design pro. This person will likely become your go-to contact throughout the design process, so building a relationship with someone you trust is important. A great kitchen designer will listen to all of your concerns and ideas, and give intelligent and creative solutions that fit your space. You should feel inspired by your meeting, and assured that you can benefit from their knowledge and experience.

Since the design consultant serves as a guide and liaison to help you navigate your purchasing, measuring, and installation tasks, you should also get a feel for how the company operates. Are the cabinets manufactured by a large factory with industrial technology, or in a small workshop? Can your designer connect you with reputable contractors who will get the job done right? Make sure that your kitchen supplier is efficient and communicates openly about these things.

Conduct Independent Research

Kitchen Remodeling
It has become so simple to learn in-depth about brands. With brochures, tech specs, and plenty of photos online, you can really get to know your options when it comes to kitchen cabinets and appliances. Read up on which materials are the best quality, the pros and cons of cabinet styles and what that would mean for your space, and the differences between appliance manufacturers.

You can also read customer reviews to make sure a company is reputable. This should always be taken with a grain of salt though- someone angry about one bad experience is probably more likely to leave a bad review, so try to find many reviews to get an accurate sense. You can also view any awards and special accomplishments that a company has won over the years.

One thing that is hard to determine just from web browsing, though, is the kitchen price. Brand websites don’t often give price estimates for kitchens and furniture directly. This is because every client’s situation is different, with variables like the square footage and your geographic location having a big impact on the total remodel cost. This brings us full circle back to your relationship with kitchen designers and other qualified staff. They are the only ones truly capable of pricing your new kitchen.

Have a Solid Idea of What You Want

Kitchen Remodeling
When you are narrowing your choices down to choose the kitchen supplier you will ultimately hire, the deciding factor may end up depending on personal taste. Who offers the designs which best match your personal style? Who do you feel truly has your best interests at heart?

You most likely have a vision in regards to the finished cabinet look. Do you like modern or traditional designs? What color pallets do you have in mind? Choose the kitchen supplier with the products that align closely with your vision. If you want a glossy, modern kitchen, then a European brand like Nobilia would likely be a good fit. If you love classic, traditional cabinetry, maybe an American brand like Wellborn has a cottage-style charm that fits in with your style.

Every kitchen supplier has its own advantages, and it is really up to you to define your budget, as well as design vision from the onset the best you can. This will really inform your decisions when you shop around for the best fit. Any limitations on your own knowledge and experience can be consulted with the guidance of an excellent kitchen designer.

Best of luck on your remodeling journey!

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Monday, February 20, 2017

What Are Transitional Kitchens? 5 Traits

Transitional kitchens are essentially the common ground between modern and traditional designs.

But this has been a little tricky to define outside of design circles. Many refer to transitional kitchens as “elegant and efficient". A Houzz contributor describes “the warmth and welcome of traditional design and the clean, simple lines of contemporary style.”

Ultimately though, transitional kitchens are extremely flexible- and are a great way to create a unique style that takes your favorite elements from modern and traditional kitchens. Here are a few hallmarks of transitional kitchens:

#1: Modular Custom Design

Transitional kitchens tend to use a modular concept - a feature of modern kitchens - to give freedom in how to arrange your cabinets. Traditional cabinets are often limited in this aspect, with preset frameworks that offer little flexibility.

But transitional kitchens let you change door style to suit your kitchen taste, which could be modern slab doors or traditional shaker or framed fronts. The cabinet face is ultimately what reflects the kitchen style, so it could be as modern or traditional as you like.

#2: Clean Lines

Paul Van de Kooi
Transitional Kitchens

Where a traditional kitchen is very ornate, a transitional kitchen tends to lack the extra fussiness. Cabinets are often finished in a simple style, with a subtle panel on the front as opposed to a more layered, decorated door.

The cabinets are usually frameless too, meaning the doors are laid fully over the front. This grants better access to the inside (hence the commonly used term “full-access cabinetry”). This applies clean lines for the kitchen tiles as well, which tend to be aligned grid-style as opposed to staggered.

#3: Blend of Material

Team 7 transitional kitchen

By combining natural and man-made materials, transitional kitchens really create a harmonious balance. They tend to feature surfaces like granite, soapstone, or even solid wood for counter areas and cabinets. This adds texture to the crisp lines that make up the kitchen design, which really stand out by adding a playful element and keep the appearance from looking too rigid.

#4: Simple Embellishments

Leicht Traditional Kitchen NYC
Transitional Kitchens
Accents in a transitional kitchen are usually stripped down to basics. Handles come in a variety of styles, but tend to favor simple knobs and bar style grips.

But one thing that separates transitional kitchens from modern designs is that they don’t shy away from creative details. This includes moldings, millwork, windowpanes and handles in general - since modern cabinets are often handleless altogether. These homey touches don’t overwhelm the design, but serve to soften it and add a little fun to the space.

#5: Neutral Color Palette

Transitional kitchens tend to favor earth tones, with an occasional splash of color here and there. These neutral browns, creams, grays, and white and black shades are great for achieving a balance between contrasting modern and traditional styles.

This is where the element of texture comes in. To add some character to these calming tones, we often see finishes like exposed brick, rustic wood grain, or natural stone look for accent areas. These creates a sense of depth on areas like the backsplash, counter top and toe kick.
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Friday, February 17, 2017

6 Fresh Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Looking for some creative ideas ways to install a really original kitchen cabinets? We have so many options these days to transform your run of the mill pantry, between storage enhancements and unique designs.

Here are some fresh takes on the kitchen cabinets that are unlike what you remember from Grandma’s kitchen.

Leicht New York modern open cabinets

Modern Kitchen Cabinets
Hybrid Open and Closed Shelving

This modern take on kitchen shelves really adds dimension to the cabinets, breaking up that solid look of your cabinets. By pairing open shelving with traditional cabinet doors, you are able to choose what you want to show and what you don’t. For instance, those wine glasses and cook books have their own little stage, but your kids’ sippy cups can stay out of sight. This look is especially striking when the open shelving is finished in a contrasting color to the rest of the cabinet.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Flap Doors

We’ve all hit our heads on sharp corners before - ouch! Special rising flap cabinet doors help prevent this by giving extra clearance. Traditional hinged doors can prove inconvenient at times, crashing into one another when opened. Seen here on a cabinet which is mounted high up, this design by Nobilia features a frosted panel on the front. Just make sure the flap is still at a reachable height since the door rises to open.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Pantry Hutch

A pantry hutch is basically a cabinet-worktop hybrid. Here, a special cutout is placed at counter height with a worktop surface, integrated with tall cabinets. This not only looks super neat and organized, but keeps your kitchen safe too. The sliding door over top keeps appliances tucked away when needed. This design from Team 7 is like a work station for baking, breakfast shake ingredients, or even charging smart devices.

Nobilia New York pantry pullouts

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Inner Pullouts

Of course supply drawers are nothing new, but this concept might surprise you - drawers inside the pantry. These inner pullouts from Nobilia are particularly unique in their placement, with drawers running the whole height of the tall pantry. This a clever take on cabinet shelves, since it makes reaching items at the back simple and convenient. The overall effect is very clean with the cabinet door closed since all you see is a continuous tall door.

Cleaning Supply Closet

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Speaking of organization, this layout is really great for keeping all your supplies in one place where you need them. Instead of a hall or entryway cleaning closet, this pantry lets you integrate the supply cabinet with your other kitchen cabinets. Inside you will find special hooks for the vacuum cleaner, as well as racks for cleaning solutions, dish cloths, brushes and buckets. Since our kitchen is usually where the mess happens, it makes sense to keep your cleaning supplies here. It will likely save space in your home overall too - make that old supply cabinet into a coat closet instead!

Window-Style Glass Front Cabinets

Modern Kitchen Cabinets
Now this is one you and Grandma could probably agree on! Give your kitchen a real nostalgic charm with a window-style kitchen cabinet front. These framed glass cabinet fronts from Leicht create an open feel in your kitchen space, making them less constricted and more elegant than a contained pantry. Warm cabinet lighting really turns on the charm here, creating a spotlight for your favorite dishes.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Luxury Kitchens in Dallas

The kitchen can be considered the heart of the house because a family that eats together stays together. You use your kitchen more than you think, so don’t omit the kitchen out of your house when you are showing it around to the guests or when you have somebody over. After all, all your friends tend to hang out wherever there is most room for the kitchen. Your kitchen is where all the socializing happens. Today we at German Kitchen Center would like to give you a few reasons as to why a luxury kitchen in Dallas is a great investment.

The spacious, the better
One of the most significant benefits of having a luxury kitchen is that it creates an illusion of space. Even if you don’t have a huge apartment, a luxury kitchen is designed in such a way that it looks much more spacious than it really is. Having a luxury kitchen means maximum utilization in the least possible space. You can store all your utilities in a very compact manner and also make room for some additional items. We have a variety of designs at German Kitchen Center; you simply have to choose one and leave the rest to us.
Luxury Kitchens in Dallas 

You will find things right where you kept them
You won’t have to worry about constantly looking for things in the kitchen. Nor will you be bothered about all the necessary stuff in the kitchen. A luxury kitchen makes use of efficiently designed cabinets with lots of shelves in such a way that you can see everything, even if it is kept at the very end. Since everything is so properly organized in a luxury kitchen, you will never wonder where you kept some particular thing. Usually, the kitchens are all messy because you just dump everything into one big cabinet and later you cannot find what you need. When you switch to a luxury kitchen, you’ll be really happy when you save all that time.

It will add a vibrant look to the indoors
A luxury kitchen is an open kitchen with interesting color combinations that no longer makes your house look dull and makes it a lot more energizing. You will feel like hanging out in the kitchen with your family more often. You will want to invite your friends over or throw a party. It will surely change your life for the better and keep you in a cheerful mood. Nothing relieves tiredness after work like having good food somewhere that has a great ambiance and it is the next best thing if that somewhere is your own house. Along with colors, good lighting is also a key factor. Match the two and give your kitchen a makeover with us.

Now that you know why you need a luxury kitchen, also know what you need in it. You want the 
kitchen to be as spacious as it can get. You need the perfect combination of color and lighting and you need extremely compact cabinets that allow you to accommodate all of your stuff in a neat and organized manner. We will be happy to provide you with exactly what you want at German Kitchen Center.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Modern Kitchen Cabinets in Chicago

There are two things the people are struggling with at their homes- space and time. We all want to use all the space we can get and at the same time, we want our kitchens to look as spacious as possible. Also, we don’t have a lot of time to locate groceries in the morning because we do not want to be late for work, and we have to admit normal kitchen cabinets are a mess! And don’t worry, switching to modern cabinets isn’t hard. German Kitchen Center can help you by providing modern kitchen cabinets in Chicago.

Maximum storage
Modern Kitchen Cabinets in Chicago 
Whether it is your groceries, your utensils or your appliances, you need to store them all as efficiently as possible. And that is what modern cabinets are for. They will store all your groceries and utensils in half the space they used to take earlier making room for all the appliances that could not be fit into the kitchen. Modern kitchen cabinets are aimed at storing the maximum amount of things possible as compactly as they can and our company will assist you to make as much space as you can in your kitchen, you will get exactly what you asked for.

Organize like never before
While designing modern kitchen cabinets, we design them in such a way that you have enough of them to separate different things into different categories. This is an extremely efficient way to avoid the mess and save time. You will have the same kind of things at one place and you will remember exactly where to look next time while you are working or fixing up a meal in your kitchen. And because the kitchen is more organized, you’ll spend less time prepping for meals, since everything can be found more readily.

It keeps your kitchen neat and healthy
It is not a secret that your kitchen has to be the most hygienic place in your house. You cook and eat there and what you eat has a direct effect on your health. Modern kitchen cabinets are much more organized and hence cleaner, healthier and safer. Bacteria are attracted to mess and you definitely do not want them in your kitchen. Older cabinets have the tendency to break down making the surface vulnerable to dirt and you prone to diseases. The modern cabinets prevent such diseases as the cabinet materials resist dirt because they comprise of materials that repel bacteria among other microorganisms. Health is the last thing anybody would want to compromise. So if you have not already switched to modern cabinets make your move now and stay healthy.

The look of your home affects your mood
Once you reach a point where you’re not constantly in a hurry, you have more free time than before, you’ll feel more relaxed and notice an elevated mood overall. Apart from these basic changes in your routine, the way your cabinet is designed also affects your mood. A vibrant and well-lit kitchen relieves your stress as it’s a part of a wonderful home to come back to. At German Kitchen Center we would be delighted to help you select modern kitchen cabinets that can brighten your kitchen and improve it.

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Kitchen Remodeling in NYC

Planning kitchen renovation? Homeowners are spending lots of money on kitchen remodeling than they do in other home improvement projects. They do this because kitchens are a source of pride and the hub of home life. Kitchen remodeling doesn’t have to be too expensive or too cheap, all you need to consider is your current budget and how you are going to recover your remodeling cost by the value the project adds to your home. Today we at German Kitchen Center wish to bring to your attention, four major areas you should consider when getting started on kitchen remodeling in NYC.

Here are some steps that will help you maximize your return on investments and keep your budget low.

You should take your quality time when planning your kitchen remodeling. If you have a good plan, the actual construction time will decrease. The amount of time that you might be inconvenienced by constructing mayhem will be reduced. Start by studying your existing kitchen, the door, cabinets, and fridge. This will help you avoid taking measurements that will require changing if something doesn’t fit the space.

Get real about appliances
A luxury fridge or commercial grade-range six-burner can easily get you carried away when planning your new kitchen. These appliances may be eye-catching, but they may not fit your kitchen and lifestyle. Kitchen remodeling is not only about tools, but also about designs and functionality. Unless you need these things, concentrate on appliances that will add value and serve you long-term like cabinets and flooring.

Be quality conscious
Kitchen Remodeling in NYC
Durability and functionality should be given the top priorities when doing your kitchen remodeling. Choose products that have longer warranty periods and of low maintenance, resist low-quality bargains. For instance, choosing a solid-surface countertop will cost you a little more, but they look great for a long time. At German Kitchen Center we have plenty of durable, high quality fixtures for your kitchen. All they need is proper care.

Lighting can change your kitchen. It can make it look larger and brighter helping you work safely and efficiently. You should consider having two types of lighting in your kitchen. Ambient lighting controls intensity and moods in your kitchen and the task lighting helps you work safely. Since you are remodeling your home, you might consider installing different types of lights. Plan to fix lights on different areas to eliminate shadows.

When remodeling your kitchen, communicate clearly with your remodelers. Establish a good rapport with them. We will help you choose the right appliances, stick to your budget and to keep the sweetness in your projects. Establish communication, set rules but be kind.

To learn more about kitchen remodeling in NYC or about us at German Kitchen Center please call 888-209-5240. One of our experts will be happy to speak with you.