Friday, February 24, 2017

How to Find the Right Kitchen Supplier for a Remodel

Kitchen Remodeling
Remodeling any part of your home- the kitchen in particular- is a very serious, and often permanent undertaking. Finding a kitchen supplier you trust is really a key step to getting the “wow” factor, on budget, without causing extra stress and complications.

So what are some things to consider when selecting the right company to work with? Kitchen suppliers operate in every niche, from small local companies to global brands with international vendors.

It ultimately comes down to finding a great product line which is backed by helpful and honest people.

Building Personal Relationships

The path to a great experience with home remodeling often starts with personal connections- and you really should trust your instinct here. Kitchen suppliers typically direct you to a design consultant first. This is someone who will sit down and discuss what you want to accomplish, then try to find a solution within your budget.

You should look for a free, honest estimate from a qualified design pro. This person will likely become your go-to contact throughout the design process, so building a relationship with someone you trust is important. A great kitchen designer will listen to all of your concerns and ideas, and give intelligent and creative solutions that fit your space. You should feel inspired by your meeting, and assured that you can benefit from their knowledge and experience.

Since the design consultant serves as a guide and liaison to help you navigate your purchasing, measuring, and installation tasks, you should also get a feel for how the company operates. Are the cabinets manufactured by a large factory with industrial technology, or in a small workshop? Can your designer connect you with reputable contractors who will get the job done right? Make sure that your kitchen supplier is efficient and communicates openly about these things.

Conduct Independent Research

Kitchen Remodeling
It has become so simple to learn in-depth about brands. With brochures, tech specs, and plenty of photos online, you can really get to know your options when it comes to kitchen cabinets and appliances. Read up on which materials are the best quality, the pros and cons of cabinet styles and what that would mean for your space, and the differences between appliance manufacturers.

You can also read customer reviews to make sure a company is reputable. This should always be taken with a grain of salt though- someone angry about one bad experience is probably more likely to leave a bad review, so try to find many reviews to get an accurate sense. You can also view any awards and special accomplishments that a company has won over the years.

One thing that is hard to determine just from web browsing, though, is the kitchen price. Brand websites don’t often give price estimates for kitchens and furniture directly. This is because every client’s situation is different, with variables like the square footage and your geographic location having a big impact on the total remodel cost. This brings us full circle back to your relationship with kitchen designers and other qualified staff. They are the only ones truly capable of pricing your new kitchen.

Have a Solid Idea of What You Want

Kitchen Remodeling
When you are narrowing your choices down to choose the kitchen supplier you will ultimately hire, the deciding factor may end up depending on personal taste. Who offers the designs which best match your personal style? Who do you feel truly has your best interests at heart?

You most likely have a vision in regards to the finished cabinet look. Do you like modern or traditional designs? What color pallets do you have in mind? Choose the kitchen supplier with the products that align closely with your vision. If you want a glossy, modern kitchen, then a European brand like Nobilia would likely be a good fit. If you love classic, traditional cabinetry, maybe an American brand like Wellborn has a cottage-style charm that fits in with your style.

Every kitchen supplier has its own advantages, and it is really up to you to define your budget, as well as design vision from the onset the best you can. This will really inform your decisions when you shop around for the best fit. Any limitations on your own knowledge and experience can be consulted with the guidance of an excellent kitchen designer.

Best of luck on your remodeling journey!

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