Monday, June 20, 2016

Kitchen Islands in NYC

A great kitchen island can greatly increase the functionality of one’s kitchen. From preparation to storage, the kitchen island has become an essential part of most homes throughout the globe. German Kitchen Center has a selection of kitchen islands in NYC that would suit your style and kitchen. Add versatility and character to your kitchen by choosing a new kitchen island that fits your exact needs and vision. Here we’re going to list a couple of the benefits to picking out a new modern kitchen island.

German Kitchen Center's kitchen islands will make meal preparation so much more efficient. Having a space for all of your dishes and ingredients makes cooking a less overwhelming experience. An island will allow you to plan out and organize your meals as you go on. Many people find incredible value in this alone, and find it really improves the process.

Another great benefit that a kitchen island provides is the fantastic storage options. German Kitchen Center's kitchen islands can come equipped with drawers, cabinets, shelves and other possible extensions. There are numerous appliances that can go into creating a meal, and it’s ideal to have a quality space to store them all.

A kitchen island can also make for a superb dining space. It’s true that many modern kitchens don’t include a dedicated dining area in favor of saving space. German Kitchen Center's islands are perfect for you and your family to gather around and enjoy a fantastic meal. The perfect place to set up hor d’oeuvres, a buffet or even drinks for a make-shift bar.
Our kitchen islands are made of quality materials that seek to bring you a contemporary aesthetic while also favoring efficiency. Our professional staff will work with you to find the kitchen island in NYC that best suits your vision and the overall style of your kitchen.

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Friday, June 17, 2016

German Kitchen Cabinets in NYC

It is often said that nothing beats German engineering. This was often applied to the sciences and industrial advancements. But in the modern age, German Kitchen Center creates a new meaning for this phrase for eager homeowners. By implementing German kitchen cabinets designs, they agree that Germans have got a trademark on quality and ingenuity. For a unique look that you can’t get down the block, consider German kitchen cabinets in NYC. You’ll find yourself a special corner of design with these fantastic kitchen cabinets that are sweeping across America.

Consider how many guests you have over your home. Even if it’s not many, most of these guests will enter your kitchen at some point during their stay. Your family is constantly coming in and out. And you or your spouse stand over the stove cooking your family’s meals for the day. Wow everybody, including yourself, with a little slice of Germany in the home.

The wonderful thing about German Kitchen Center cabinets is that they are fully customizable. You can lay out your kitchen according to the ultimate vision you have in your mind, telling the contractors precisely where you want every compartment. These cabinets have another added bonus. Many of the most famous German kitchen cabinet brands come with extra storage space. Yes, you read that right. Consider that every cabinet has a James Bond-like secret compartment, and you’ll find a space to store every little kitchen item you have.

But what about the look and feel? The colors and shades are as customizable as the layout. With a unique matte finish, you’ll feel both futuristic and traditionalist in the same approach. Or select glossy and have your cabinets truly stand out. There are thousands of designs to choose from, including variant colors and sizes. And each piece can be molded to fit the exact area you wish to install the cabinet.

The Germans have brought forward breakthroughs in quite a number of fields in recent years. These German kitchen cabinets in NYC follow the tradition.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets in NYC

Your kitchen is the centerpiece for your home. It completes the look and feel of your design. More than this, it’s where you and your family spend most of your time. It is also one of the homes that guests most frequently visit. For this reason, having a stunning kitchen is quite important. More than stunning, you want functional. Contemporary kitchen cabinets in NYC are making strides in both areas. You’ll find just the right look and feel for your kitchen at German Kitchen Center, and you may even find space you didn’t know you had.

The contemporary design for kitchen cabinets aims for a minimalist approach to beauty. More than sleek, these cupboards are meant to pop out and appeal to the eyes. This is done with sharp corners, flat surfaces, and as little decoration as possible. The aim of modern designers is moving away from the overdone and posh imitation kitchens of the past. Lay off the decorative trim and welcome in the modern world of kitchen design.

This look does more than save on ornamentation. It actually opens up space. With less decoration, German Kitchen Center's professional designers have the freedom to open up more inventive ways of storing your plates, cups, and cooking products. This enables contractors to install the cabinets at higher angles, giving you more space atop your head and at eye level. You’ll wonder at the new design.

The contemporary kitchen cabinets in NYC are usually crafted out of man-made composite materials. This includes, but is not limited to, metal, glass, plastic, vinyl, and concrete. For the more decorative homeowners, one can add wood or natural stone lining to pop out the look of the kitchen. More than change in materials, you’ll also find a different hue of color on the new cabinets. German Kitchen Center's designers focus on grays, blacks, and whites, or basic shades. This can be offset with a more bold trim. In essence, contemporary design emphasizes minimalism. This does not mean minimal space, merely a cleaner design.

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