Friday, June 26, 2020

Kitchen Design in NYC

Kitchen Design in NYC

German Kitchen Center showroom carries modern kitchen cabinets from leading European kitchen brands GKC offers state of the art European made kitchen cabinets at affordable prices. Come visit our showroom and receive a Free professional kitchen design consultation.

How our designers will transform your dream kitchen into a reality
Your kitchen is the most visited placed in your home, simple because this is were we cook, eat, clean and go to get a drink or a fun snack through out the day. We stop by the counters to check our email, social media posts and other information our mobile device while our food is heating up. A well designed and planned out kitchen will serve as a convenient place to provide comfort without missing a beat in our everyday lives.

Benefits of a well- designed kitchen.
The most important feature of any kitchen is the space between appliances and counters for simple convenience and comfort, A well spaced kitchen is important not only for convenient cooking purposed, but for the east access to quickly get everyday kitchen items and store these in within a moments time. Our kitchen designers will help you get the most out of your kitchen to make everyday life easier for you and your family.

Plenty of kitchen counter space.
Every kitchen provides many daily functions from preparing quick food, cooking dinners and   as a base for housecleaning. Having plenty of space on your counter kitchen counter tops is important for safety reason as well as convenience. Kitchen counter tops need more free space that will allow enough room to place dishes and utensils without the risk touching a cleaning chemical or other harmful items such a crumbs or mayonnaise that might have been left on the counter top hours ago. Our kitchen designers will plan the proper space needed to prepare foods, store items and keep appliances safely away from water and properly function during the day.

Ample kitchen lighting
A well lit kitchen not only serves as a safety precaution but also as a an efficient place for your home. Obviously proper lighting will keep you and your family safe while cutting food, washing dished and placing items in cabinets safely, adding the proper amount of light will also reduce eye strain while reading ingredients on packages or just viewing everything in the kitchen easier.
Our kitchen designers have helped many clients improve their everyday kitchen tasks by placing the proper amount of lights in keys spots as well as adding windows for a natural sunlit kitchen that can also provide warmth when needed.
Proper kitchen storage space.
All the renowned chefs and elite kitchen managers throughout the world all agree that a well organized kitchen makes a better cooking workspace. Our kitchen designers have the knowledge, experience and insight to improve and free up any kitchen cabinet space that will improve your lifestyle.  By adding larger cabinets, having under counter draws underneath counter tops to installing kitchen islands,  our design expert will show you how that can transform your kitchen into a fully functional cooking and storage area.

There are more kitchen design topics and suggestions that we provide our clients on transforming their kitchens into their dream cooking and living space.

For more information about our Kitchen Design in NYC, visit our Modern Kitchens Showroom, or call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240 to schedule a free kitchen design consultation.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Free Kitchen Design in NYC

Free Kitchen Design in NYC

Are you looking for a free kitchen design consultation in NYC? Designing a kitchen can have detailed code requirements, and other limitations that our professional designers will handle for you. Our kitchen design team will seamlessly guide you through the design process, ensuring that your stylistic, functionality, and space needs are met within your budget and time frame. German Kitchen Center’s design team believes that the kitchen is the heart of your household and should look elegant, while still functional for your specific cooking and living needs. Our designers will first review all the components involved in your project and then determine what meets your needs and present you with design plans to choose from. Our kitchen cabinetry inventory has over 2,000 colors and styles that feature sleek design, innovative storage concepts, modern accent lighting techniques and easy maintenance so rest assured we’ve got something for everyone.

Modern Kitchen Design

Are you looking for modern kitchen designs? German Kitchen Center carries 2020 brand new modern kitchen design from reputable manufactures that will amaze you with their appearance and functionality. We are very excited to launch our display of modern kitchens lines of 2020 especially from renown German and Italian kitchen manufactures.

The new line of modern kitchens and kitchen accessories are one of their most innovative and darkest themes that they have manufactured yet. Their kitchen designers use many dark tones such as dark slate grey ebonies, dark browns and deep brown sienna to accent this year’s line of Kitchen models that will invigorate any household and improve the quality of their life.

German Kitchen Center features many modern kitchen designs and shape to accommodate any kitchen area space. Our kitchen designers have transformed many homes into stunning beautiful and fully functional kitchens throughout the United States. We offer a collection of designs such as the Galley design, L-shape design and many Island designs that will make your modern kitchen area exquisite and provide full functionality while preparing your favourite meals. 

Galley Modern Kitchen Design

The galley modern kitchen design has a sleek, lean and efficient appearance. The important aspect of the galley designed modern kitchen is the convenience of all your cabinets and cookware stored more efficiently which will help optimize kitchen space as well. Our Galley Modern Kitchen are available in many tones, colors and materials to compliment any living arrangement.

The L-shape modern kitchen design

When you have a corner spot and not that much room to renovate, the L-shape design is the right option for you. Our L-shaped modern kitchen designs are fully functional and posses the same beautiful features we provide in our modern kitchen renovations. The most important aspect of a L-shaped kitchen is the easier access to cabinets, cooking appliances and utensil drawers compared to other styled modern kitchen designs. Our Galley Modern Kitchen are available in many tones, colors and materials and can be designed for any cooking arrangement.

Island Modern kitchen designs

The most popular modern kitchen designs feature island for cooking, cleaning and preparing foods or used as another eating surface. Island kitchen designs provide extra storage space, can seat people comfortably, provides extra space for appliances and outlets and serves as a focal point to your modern kitchen. Island kitchen design are available in many shapes, colors and hues, sizes and are made of durable materials that will improve your modern kitchen area.

For a free kitchen design consultation in NYC, contact the German Kitchen Center today and one of our experienced kitchen designers will contact you shortly to begin bringing your kitchen dreams to life.