Friday, September 29, 2017

Who Should I Include on My Kitchen Renovation Team?

Kitchen Remodeling usually starts online with inspiration and ideas. Bringing your reality to life is where it can get tricky. Getting too many people involved can cause unneeded stress, while too little people can lead to things being undone or further issues.

Here at German Kitchen Center, we want to make sure you have all the assistance you can get. We created a customized list of the potential people involved in your kitchen renovation process.

In addition to your essential kitchen team such as your contractor, kitchen designer and supplier, you may want to consider hiring some additional professionals such as:
•An Architect •A project manager •An interior designer •A lighting designer Hiring an architect – Sometimes you may need an “architect of record” in order to submit plans to your building and/ or the city and to pull permits. The other function of an architect would be for creating a design, but keep in mind that in regards to the kitchen design your architect would be working with your kitchen designer.
A project manager – If you can find a good project manager this is usually quite helpful for the project. Quite often homeowners end up managing their projects on their own, but if you are busy running your personal and professional life, a project manager can come in handy. 

 An interior designer – You may not need an interior designer if your architect is helping you with the interior design, but on the other hand you may not need an architect if your interior designer can handle all the planning. 

Sometimes an interior designer will also help you with all your decorating needs including fabric and furniture selection so if you really want to create a fabulous space, an interior designer is great! 

Lighting designer – Quite often this function is overlooked, but is quite essential if you want to create a truly perfect space. Your kitchen designer can probably help you with everything, but hiring more professionals if you can afford to and if they are good can take your project to the next level.

If you visit our kitchen showroom, one of our designers will be happy to work with you to build one of the finest modern kitchens. Our kitchen experts understand how to best utilize your space to elevate your kitchen's form and function to new heights.

To learn more about our Modern Kitchens, call the German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240.

Customer Service Philosophy

German Kitchen Center is a full service European-styled kitchen company that features award winning kitchen brands Leicht, Nobilia and Team 7; Leaders in German luxury kitchen systems. Our wide range of elite European kitchen systems are on the cutting edge of German engineering and represent the latest design trends and kitchen innovations in the kitchen cabinet manufacturing industry.

We understand how important your kitchen is. This is the heart of the home for most. Whether you enjoy cooking or your children do their homework on the kitchen island - we want it to be a place of happiness and tranquility. This is why it is important to us to have a great relationship with our clients and go the extra mile to service their needs and wants for their dream kitchen.

German Kitchen Center - Team 7 
We feel that our relationship with you is a friendship for life. Of course we hope that you will purchase your next kitchens from us as well as any closets and furniture, but that’s not the reason we believe our relationship is a marriage for life. The reason is, because making a better kitchen for you and your family is the most gratifying feeling we can enjoy. You spend more time in and around the kitchen than anywhere else. Your kitchen is there when you’re cooking, entertaining, hanging out and if you think about it, you’re in the kitchen area most of the time. If we manage to make your time there more enjoyable, encourage you to cook more, live healthier, entertain more, and make the kitchen area a place where you enjoy hanging out and spending time with your family, we feel that we improved the way you live or some would call it “enhanced your quality of life”. Of course we are a business and yes we love to sell contemporary kitchens and make money, but for us it’s much deeper than that. Our true satisfaction comes from making you happy, because a better kitchen means a better life. There’s nothing better for a human being to do than to help a fellow man live a better life. We hope you feel that we are there with you every time you open a drawer, use the fridge, chop on the countertop or stand around your island.
German Kitchen Center - Team 7
Since we are always there with you, we truly see you as a friend for life and not just a customer. We hope you will feel the same and will love us every time you are using your kitchen.

If you visit our modern kitchen showroom, one of our designers will be happy to work with you to build one of the finest modern kitchens. 

To learn more about our kitchens, call the German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Modern Kitchens in Washington DC

Washington DC and its metropolitan area are both growing rapidly. The DC Area is one of the best places to live in the country with its high quality real estate options, its world-class food scene and its unparalleled cultural offerings. Washington DC is a true international city, attracting the interests of artists, politicians thinkers and, yes, chefs and kitchen designers, from around the world.  In short, DC is in.

Living in Washington DC or one of its many suburbs is to be in elite company, among the most 
Modern Kitchens in Washington DC - Kitchen By Leicht
exciting, dynamic communities in the country. Wouldn't it be appropriate to have a modern kitchen in Washington DC that suited this vibrant place to live?  Come visit the German Kitchen Center showroom in Washington DC to see the latest and most eye-catching kitchen designs from several of the world's most acclaimed kitchen designers. 

Whether you are planning to stay for the long-term or are looking to take advantage of the busy real estate market, getting a modern European Kitchen from a leading European kitchen manufacturer would greatly elevate the quality of your home. The German Kitchen Center features exceptional kitchens from world-renowned kitchen manufacturers like Leicht, Nobilia, Team 7, DOCA and Matteo Gennari. A showcase kitchen by one of these manufacturers will create a magnificent space in your house that will change the way your cook, entertain or even have a family meal forever.

Kitchen By DOCA
German Kitchen Center has brought many of the world's most amazing kitchens to this truly international city. Because of their high standards of manufacturing and artistry, European Kitchens are the standard setters for the world's kitchen market. Countless innovations in both kitchen aesthetics and functionality found their genesis in countries like Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain.

If you visit our showroom, one of our designers will be happy to work with you to build one of the finest modern kitchens in Washington DC. Our kitchen experts understand how to best utilize your space to elevate your kitchen's form and function to new heights.

To learn more about Modern Kitchens in Washington DC, call the German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240.

Monday, September 25, 2017

6 Ways to Prepare For a New Kitchen Installation

European kitchens add a great deal of value and utility to your home. Their advanced functions and stunning designs can have a transformative effect on your home and lifestyle.

However, having your new kitchen installed with a minimum of disruption to your life requires careful preparation. Here at German Kitchen Center, we want our clients to have a smooth installation so that they can enjoy their new kitchen as quickly as possible.

It’s very important to have your kitchen only delivered and installed when the space is completely ready to receive your kitchen cabinets. Keep in mind that kitchen cabinets are like furniture. The mechanisms are quite delicate, so it’s best to avoid any construction dust at all. This means that when the cabinets are delivered all your construction should be 100% complete, no tradespeople are in the space at all and the space is completely clean.

Team 7 Kitchen Cabinets

We've came up with an easy check-list of tasks that should be completed before your kitchen cabinet installation:

1. Floors complete, ideally as straight and level as possible. This will ensure your cabinets are installed perpendicular to the floors.
2. Proper blocking for supporting the cabinets once they're in place
3. Correct wiring for any cabinet lighting and electric cabinets are in place. Any lighting which you would like to control by a light switch should have a switched outlet in the serviceable location where the transformers will be plugged in.
4. Any outlets required for the appliances are in the correct location and are prepared with the required load. Your electrician should check the appliance specifications beforehand to confirm. 5. Any necessary closing or painting of the walls should be completed before installation.
When the base cabinets have been installed and are secured, the countertop template will be scheduled. It’s important to have your sink, faucet and your built in cooktop on site prior to the template.
6. Lastly, Plumbing and gas connections must be in the correct location and working properly Once the space is ready and the cabinets have been delivered, the cabinet installation will begin. Installation generally takes 3-6 days. Countertops will be fabricated and installed. Fabrication generally takes 1-2 weeks.
Your kitchen cabinets installation team will return at this point if any final adjustments are required.
Now your contractor can return in order to connect the appliances, sink, faucet, install the backsplash and any final touch ups and trim work.

We want your kitchen installation to run smoothly and efficiently.

Leicht Kitchen Cabinets
We invite you to visit one of German Kitchen Center’s kitchen showrooms to experience first-hand the state-of-the-art quality and precision engineering of a German kitchen and meet with one of our kitchen designers

To learn more about our kitchens or schedule a free design consultation, call the German Kitchen Center at (888)209-5240.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

How to Choose a Kitchen Designer

If you are tired of the current look of your kitchen and you are open to a remodeling, you'll discover that hiring a professional is the best way to go. If you are going for an exceptional kitchen designer, you should understand what exactly you are looking for.

For remodeling of your kitchen, you will be need the services of a skilled and creative designer. Ideally, they will understand the type of design and d├ęcor that best suits you, and can also make certain your final kitchen translate your vision to reality.

kitchen designer
If you already have plans, you can approach showrooms or independent kitchen designers and ask them to design and/ or price the kitchen you want according to your plans. If you don’t have plans you can either take measurements yourself or ask a kitchen designer to come to measure.

One of the first things you will need to consider is the price. You call in a few designers that charge a fair price for their services. However, keep in mind that opting for the cheapest kitchen designer may get you less than what you wanted. If price is a factor, then you should consider your budget for the remodeling. Factor in the cost of the designer along with the cost of materials so you definitively know what you can afford.
Once you have a proposal from a designer and you like the proposed design and pricing, you should retain your designer. If you are not satisfied you can either ask the designer to provide you with additional options and/ or seek proposals from other kitchen designers.

It is important to bring forth any ideas you have as to the design you want your kitchen to have. Most designers have a great design concept, however, your input should be entertained and somewhat incorporated into the design. After all, the kitchen is yours. When you start working with a designer and realize your personality conflicts, and maybe you experienced difficulty in expressing your opinions and perspective, then you consider hiring another designer. 
You should work with a kitchen designer that you feel is listening to your needs and is capable of designing a good looking and well functioning kitchen.

Meet with the designer so you can share a thought regarding the remodeling. Nowadays, designers can draw up a digital form of your intended kitchen design for you to see how your kitchen will look before the actual remodeling begins. This makes choosing your ideal design much easier.
virtual kitchen design

If the designer is also the kitchen supplier and you feel the price is attractive, the quality of the product is good, and you like the design then you should retain the designer. Or, if the price is too high you can ask the designer if there are ways to revise the design in order to accommodate your budget or you can seek proposals from other kitchens designers who can also supply the kitchen.

We invite you to visit one of German Kitchen Center’s kitchen showrooms to experience first-hand the state-of-the-art quality and precision engineering of a German kitchen and meet with one of our kitchen designers

To learn more about our kitchens or schedule a free design consultation, call the German Kitchen Center at (888)209-5240.

Friday, September 15, 2017

How To Get Your Dream Kitchen Within Your Budget

The German Kitchen Center allows you to find the absolute best kitchen value by fitting the best manufacturer in each product category to your project style and budget. The GKC partner network covers the full options of any cabinet type, style, category and price point which allows builder to create the very best of all worlds. All you need to do is define your style and price point and we will fit the correct product to your project.
Kitchen by Team 7
1. Value category – Our US partner- manufacturer can supply a higher quality cabinet made in the US at prices which compete with the Asian imports. 2. Premium value European brand – Nobilia, the largest kitchen manufacturer in the world produces high quality German kitchens at the affordable prices. Nobilia kitchens are engineered with exceptional quality and craftsmanship to be both eye-catching and durable. 3. Premium European brand – Leicht is the premium German kitchen brand. Leicht kitchens feature state-of-the-art technology and an enormous array of available colors and finishes, providing enormous cutomizability in addition to high quality manufacturing. 4. Solid wood kitchens and furniture – Team7 is the undisputed world leading manufacturer of real solid wood kitchens and furniture. The wood used in Team 7 kitchens is grown in a privately owned forest and is renowned around the world for its strength and beauty. 5.Custom European kitchens – Doca is the # 1 European custom kitchen manufacturer. If you can dream it, they can create it. 6. Highest end European kitchen brand – If you need to show off with a top European brand, Val Cucine is considered the highest end Italian brand, positioned higher end than Boffi and Bulthaup. 7. European wardrobes and closets – Hulsta, the # 1 German brand and Pianca, the leading Italian brand can supply you with any style and price point. 8. American custom kitchens – Tedwood, our Pennsylvania partner, can produce any American style high-end cabinetry you may need. 9. Matteo Gennari – The highest end cabinetry and complete interior manufacturer in the world can design, supply and install a complete interior space in case you are working on a super luxury project and need to create a space like no other.
Please email us your plans for pricing. We will create an initial budget based on takeoffs and once you retain our services we will create detailed designs with precise pricing for your project.
Kitchen by Matteo Gennari

We invite you to visit one of German Kitchen Center’s kitchen showrooms to experience first-hand the state-of-the-art quality and precision engineering of a German kitchen.

To speak with a kitchen designer about our kitchens, call the German Kitchen Center at (888)209-5240.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Modern Kitchens in Chicago, IL

Chicago is a city famous for its revolutionary food scene.  From Jibarito sandwiches that use plantains as a bun to the Greektown flaming cheese creation known as Saganaki, Chicago is a city that offers exciting and unique experiences for the adventurous palate. If there is a city in America that can be described as paradise for the foodie in search of the next great innovation, it’s Chicago. A city with a modern food scene as endlessly innovative and surprising as Chicago deserves kitchens that are just as innovative and surprising, and the place to go to find such kitchens is the German Kitchen Center.

German Kitchen Center is the home of innovative, gorgeous and durable modern kitchens in Chicago that are worthy of the culinary whirlwind that is the Windy City. Pioneering chefs who use their kitchens to invent will find ample options to suit their creativity, from advanced cabinet opening and closing mechanisms that don’t require the use of their hands to creative kitchen tool storage solutions that allow them to increase the size of their work surfaces without giving up any tools in their food preparation arsenal, European Kitchens expand cooking possibilities in ways both subtle and obvious.

Modern Kitchens in Chicago
For those who are looking for a showpiece kitchen to entertain, European kitchens offer some of the most eye catching designs around from the pristine, seamless minimalism of handle less kitchens to the celebrated natural wood surfaces of Team 7’s kitchen furniture, to Leicht’s 5,000 available custom colors, you will be able to create a kitchen that is as creative, memorable, unique and surprising as Chicago’s culinary scene.

German Kitchen Center’s kitchen designers will work with you to create a modern kitchen in Chicago that meets the unique needs of your home and space. Whether you are looking to create a chef’s nirvana or a place for the family to gather over dinner, German Kitchen Center offers expertly manufactured kitchens that offer cutting-edge functionality.

To learn more about our modern kitchens in Chicago, call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240.

Friday, September 8, 2017

6 Reasons to Purchase a German Kitchen

If you weren’t convinced immediately to buy a German kitchen just by visiting one our kitchen showrooms and seeing their sleek and modern design, then this list will further convince you by giving you most insight about our industry behind the scenes. We pride ourselves in quality control and efficient engineering along with our innovative craftsmanship.

1. Our market has high standards 

German Kitchen manufacturers must satisfy the needs of their domestic market, which is the most developed and competitive market in the world. German consumers realized that purchasing a kitchen from an established factory is the safest way to buy a kitchen.

2. Your favorite cars are German

Many of the leading, most-renowned car brands in the world are from German manufacturers. Consumers would usually not risk purchasing a car from a factory which is not one of the known brands – same for your kitchen. The German kitchen manufacturing industry created a standard which forces the top German kitchen brands to conduct themselves at a level of professionalism comparable to the German car manufacturers. That means a high level of factory precision down to the tiniest and seemingly most insignificant details, details lesser manufacturers are likely to miss.

3. We are constantly improving

Leicht Kitchen Cabinets
Large industrial manufacturers can afford to innovate, because they are large enough to maintain a research and development department. They adhere to the proper processes associated with a commitment to innovate and always improve product quality and performance.

     4. Design That Never Stops Improving 

German kitchen manufacturers introduce the next year’s model officially at their Open 
House show in September. The next year’s 
most cutting-edge design, hardware, organization, finishes, electronics and any technology would be introduced at the show, making each brand’s product offering better and better every year.

     5. Our Manufacturers Have Been in the Industry for More Than 50 Years

There are less than 20 established German kitchen manufacturers, all considered known brands, which are part of this small industry and can maintain this commitment to excellence. Each of these manufacturers has been in business for 50 years or more and has made a significant investment in machinery and research. 

     6. Quality Control + New Technology = Innovation

Team 7 Kitchen Cabinets
Since quality control is a symbol of industrialized German manufacturers, maintaining an effective testing process that screens out any potential defects is another difference between the larger factories and smaller shops. In addition to quality control, there are specific technologies and products which can only be engineered and produced in larger more industrialized factories.

All together it is not only safer to purchase from one of the established German kitchen brands, but also you can be sure that the quality of product, consistency and overall leading-edge design will guarantee a better kitchen cabinet.

We invite you to visit one of German Kitchen Center’s kitchen showrooms to experience first-hand the state-of-the-art quality and precision engineering of a German kitchen. Speak with one our kitchen designers to learn how you can efficiently improve your kitchen’s capabilities and enjoy your kitchen for years to come.

To speak with a kitchen designer, call the German Kitchen Center at (888)209-5240.

Three Ways To Efficiently Design Your Kitchen

At German Kitchen Center, our kitchen designers work extensively to help you create a kitchen that is not only luxurious but suits you and your entire family’s needs. Whether you are a parent, expert culinarian or both, it is essential to have a kitchen that not only functions well but looks great.

Tip Number 1: Start with a layout that makes sense to you.

Any work station, whether an oven or a kitchen work area—should be set up to accommodate the specific details of the work to be performed.

Every kitchen needs a sink, a refrigerator and a cooktop. Creating the traditional “working triangle” is a more conventional approach, which says it’s best to spread out the three main appliances as much as possible to allow for optimal cooking room. This is ideal for a family that needs room for the multiple activities going on in the kitchen – such as homework & meal prep.

Kitchen Designers in NYC
On the other hand, if you are a master chef or just have a passion for cooking it is more practical to have a tighter working station which includes having a tighter configuration so that all of your appliances are closely within reach. Less walking back and forth makes food preparation both convenient and fast. When you are working more efficiently, it only makes sense to make the working triangle closer to the cook so everything can be accessed easily.  Our kitchen designers will help you realize which design will fit your needs.

Tip Number 2: Decide whether you want a separate sitting area or a counter area with stools.

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home. Many kitchens today are a central open space which includes a bar area with stools. This can be beneficial if you want your kitchen to be the central hub of your home. Whether you have a large family or enjoy entertaining in the kitchen this can be a great asset. Having bar stools at your countertop can make it easier to communicate with friends and family while being conveniently in your kitchen cooking and prepping meals.

While many prefer bar stools, others opt for the separate dining room area for their home. If you are an avid cook, it may be easier to have friends and family away from the kitchen but still close enough to communicate. We all love having friends and family over, but some people prefer not to have others in their cooking space. In that case, having a separate dining area would be the best choice for you. Our kitchen designers can build you a custom table that accents your kitchen to perfection.

Tip Number 3: You need to love how your kitchen looks and feels.

The aesthetic approach to kitchens today is that they should blend seamlessly into the home and should look just as nice as, or nicer than, any other furniture piece. With the array of colors and styles our kitchen designers can help you choose from, it is not hard to find the right combination of pieces to blend into your home.

Modern kitchen design is integrated and hides the appliances so that they would blend into the kitchen cabinetry. Paneled dishwashers and refrigerators cannot be seen and even ovens can be tucked away behind sliding door mechanisms. Regardless what innovative technology you use in your kitchen, remember it needs to be practical for you and your home.

If you love how your kitchen looks and you feel that the kitchen is inviting you to cook, entertain and hang out – that means the kitchen was designed successfully to fit your needs.

We invite you to visit one of German Kitchen Center’s kitchen showrooms to experience first-hand the state-of-the-art quality and precision engineering of a German kitchen. Speak with one our kitchen designers to learn how you can efficiently improve your kitchen’s capabilities and enjoy your kitchen for years to come.

To speak with a kitchen designer, call the German Kitchen Center at (888)209-5240.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Kitchens in NYC

New York City. The name alone is evocative. It is a city that inspires artists, musicians, and, perhaps above all, architects and interior designers. New York is, and always has been, a designer’s dream. To live in New York City is to live in a vital, breathing, work of art.

There is no reason why the spirit of the city, of the classic and the modern, the innovative and the aesthetic, shouldn’t make the journey into your home. And just as the Statue of Liberty made its journey across the Atlantic to become an iconic resident of this great city, you can import a kitchen from Europe that makes a profound statement in your own home.

Combining innovative function, impeccable design and durable construction, Modern European Kitchens in NYC can elevate the quality of any home. As the USA’s leading kitchen showroom, German Kitchen Center offers New Yorkers the opportunity to create transformative spaces within their homes.

Kitchens in NYC
Whether you favor a traditional, contemporary or transitional kitchen, German Kitchen Center’s kitchen designers can help you create a showpiece kitchen that will impress your visitors while enhancing your ability to cook and entertain.

Just as there is no such thing as an “ordinary day” in New York City, there is no such thing as an ordinary meal in one of our modern European Kitchens. With one of our Kitchens in NYC, every dinner party become an event, every food preparation becomes performance art and every routine family meal gains the feeling of a special occasion.

We invite you to visit one of German Kitchen Center’s kitchen showrooms to experience first-hand the state-of-the-art quality and precision engineering of a German kitchen. Speak with one our kitchen designers to learn how our kitchen remodeling in NYC can improve your kitchen’s capabilities and increase the value of your home if you decide to sell.

To speak with a kitchen designer about our kitchens in NYC, call the German Kitchen Center at (888)209-5240.