Monday, December 23, 2019

Free Kitchen Design Software

Designing your kitchen can be fun, but what if it doesn’t turn out the way that you want it to. Fortunately, Kitchen Design Software will come to your rescue in this situation. The kitchen design software available today allow you to easily plan and design your new kitchen.

When planning out your kitchen there are a number of things that you need to consider, a user-friendly kitchen design software can help you run through the steps easily and quickly. Your kitchen is probably one of the most central locations of your home, probably second only to the living room. Thus, you want to ensure that it is designed properly to reflect your personal character and design choices while still looking trendy and beautiful.

This is where a kitchen design software comes in. With the incredible software that is available today, especially those that have 3D versions, you can visualize your kitchen in various depth and detail, and see in real-time what your kitchen would look like, even before you spend a dime on designing. What's more, if you see kitchen designs elsewhere that you love, you can import it into many of the applications available and see how it will look on your home.

Kitchen Design software also helps if you are working with a professional kitchen designer, a kitchen builder or a cabinet maker. You can easily communicate what you have in mind to your kitchen designer and both of you can provide input and see the results of the input immediately. This would mean that the personal designer’s job becomes easier and that you enjoy peace of mind because you are aware of what results you are going to be getting at the end of the kitchen design process. There are many kitchen design software available, some are free while others need to be paid for, some types of kitchen design software can also be downloaded, While some others can only be accessed and used online.

One such kitchen design software is the one released by the German Kitchen Center in New Jersey. It is really easy to use and in five simple steps, you can have your kitchen design ready to go.

  • Step 1 - Pick a kitchen style from the German Kitchen Center Catalog. You can pick a style ranging from traditional to modern, glass to glossy or matte.
  • Step 2- Just put the dimensions of your kitchen, then drag and drop your selected design, Then add doors, windows, walls, and other technical details. Once you are done click continue, and the visual designers would take it up from there.
  • Step 3 - Once we're done the plan, you can customize it, save it, and even print it. you can even customize and interact with the kitchen. you can move the on-screen Avatar to zoom in and out, add appliances and cabinets and decorate the kitchen how you want it. Once you are satisfied, save the project and use the project and use the project snapshot button to save a detailed floor plan, create a 3D-rendering and export a list of materials that will be needed.

  • You can contact qualified designers from German Kitchen Center to bring your designed kitchen to life.

    For more information about our Free Kitchen Design Software, or call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240.

    Friday, December 20, 2019

    Kitchen Renovation

    Are you looking for a kitchen renovation in NYC? The German Kitchen Center has been providing kitchen renovation in NYC with innovative designs, durable kitchen cabinets and beautiful kitchen style.

    The kitchen is that part of your house where the decorative sleight of the hand is most pronounced. Here is where the actual talent and art lies. Why is that you wonder? Well, it is because the kitchen cabinets come in standard sizes with standardized doors. In easy words, it can be put as, because kitchens are traditionally built boring and there is conventionally very less that can make them distinguishable and stand apart.

    So, if you are tired and bored of seeing your un-artistic and simple kitchen, then let’s renovate it to make it more interesting and fascinating! Sounds good, no?

    What to consider when renovating a kitchen?

    Need some tips, here you go!

  • The kitchen layout

  • The layout of the kitchen should be considered primarily. The work triangle that is the distance between the sink, refrigerator and stove should be equal. Also, the refrigerator should be as close to the kitchen entrance as possible because that is usually the common destination of a kitchen goer. 

  • The back splash

  • It is yet another important part of the kitchen. This is the place where you can invest your money as it is what will pronounce the style and personality of your kitchen space. Also, these places are small enough and hence usually don’t require hefty sums to be spent. 

  • Hardware

  • Selecting hardware is like grooming up your kitchen. Just like you cannot look good without wearing a certainly good dress, similarly, your kitchen cannot look pretty without good hardware. Now while selecting the right hardware try to go for something that adds elegance to your kitchen. 

  • Light it up

  • Lighting adds the final touch to your kitchen. So pay attention to what you choose and make sure to get some stunning lighting fixtures over the islands, the sink, and the breakfast nook. 

  • Floor-it

  • Flooring just like every other part of the house is important in the kitchen as well. So what do you have in mind, wooden floors that look similar to the rest of the house or the 12-inch ceramic tiles? Whatever you decide upon just make sure that they blend well with the whole outlook of your kitchen space. 

    So, these are some important tips that will do you good to remember when you are renovating your kitchen. And in case of any further details or assistance, you can contact us!
    For more information about our Kitchens, visit a Kitchen Showroom or call (888) 209-5240 to schedule a free kitchen design consultation.

    Tuesday, December 3, 2019

    Glass Kitchen

    Welcome to German Kitchen Center, featuring award-winning innovative glass kitchens in NYC by LEICHT, Team 7, Matteo Gennari and Stosa - Leading luxury European kitchen brands.

    Your dream home should look perfect, just the way you want it to. That being said, your kitchen is an essential part of your home, and you want to get the design perfectly. One of the most common elements of your kitchen that you can customize and change to affect the overall design of the kitchen is the kitchen cabinet. There are various styles and types of kitchen cabinets that you can choose when designing and setting up your kitchen. Among these types are Glass kitchen cabinets.

    Glass Kitchen cabinets are surprisingly popular, considering the fact that glass furniture is not really popular any more This is majorly because glass itself never really ceases to be popular. Kitchen cabinets with glass shelves or fronts are popular for their transparency, because it helps you find items easily, it also puts your glassware on display, without unnecessarily exposing them. Even if you’re not a fan of having transparent glass in your kitchen décor, there are many other choices of glass that you can go with. You can have glass cabinets that are completely opaque to others will varying levels of tint. There is a style to match every taste that you have.

    A transparent glass kitchen cabinet design can be a pro or con, depending on what you think about it. Of course, with a transparent glass kitchen cabinet, you’ll be showing off everything that you have in your cabinet, so you need to decide if this is something that you want. Transparent glass kitchen cabinet doors are perfect for minimalist interior designs and is a nice fit for small kitchens.

    Another option for glass kitchen cabinets is to use frosted glass. In case you are not totally comfortable with transparent glass cabinet doors, frosted glass is a good compromise. It blurs the details of anything behind the glass, but leaves you able to make out shapes, silhouettes and colors through it. Frosted glass for your glass cabinet doors looks great with a modern kitchen design. You can also use textured glass, especially a simple or classic texture, which is not likely to be outdated or go out fashion in a hurry.

    Choosing the kind of glass kitchen cabinet to use should be made in conjunction with your kitchen or interior designer. The job of an interior or kitchen designer is to use their experience and expertise to ensure that you get a beautiful kitchen design. Your designer’s job will be made easier when you are
    communicate your wants and desires in a clear format. You can do these by providing some visual examples of the elements that you want your kitchen to exhibit. This will help your designer make informed professional decisions based on your desires.

    At German Kitchen Center, we provide expert kitchen design expertise via our kitchen designers. We also supply various quality kitchen equipment including glass kitchen cabinet. Consider reaching out to any one of our professional designers for their expertise in kitchen design today and you won’t be disappointed

    For more information about our Glass Kitchens in NYC, visit our Glass Kitchens showroom in NYC, or call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240.

    Friday, November 29, 2019

    Kitchen Cabinets

    Are you looking for kitchen cabinets in NYC? German Kitchen Center carries Kitchen cabinets that will amaze you with the look and functionality. We have unique lines of semi-custom modern Kitchen cabinets personally designed to fit your individual imagination and needs. Our Kitchen cabinet lines have been awarded for innovative functionality and as far as the style. Look at our kitchen cabinets photo galleries and feel the ambiance it can bring to your home.

    Your kitchen is at the heart of your home. It is where you create special memories. From cooking special delicacies for special occasions to having lovely conversations while nibbling on a snack, how your kitchen is designed and styled plays a great role in how your home looks. Perhaps the most important component of in your kitchen is your kitchen cabinet. But what is it and why is it so important?

    What is a Kitchen Cabinet?

    A kitchen cabinet is a cupboard or chest of drawers that is built into the kitchen for storing kitchen items such as dishes and silverware. It helps you keep the many objects that your kitchen undoubtedly needs without taking up so much space. Much more than its functionality though, the kind of kitchen cabinet that you choose impacts the design, aesthetics and feel of your kitchen quite heavily. So, if you want your kitchen to have a particular look or design, then it is imperative that you select your kitchen cabinet carefully.

    Kitchen Cabinet and Design

    As we’ve stated, your choice of kitchen cabinet influences the design of your kitchen, and as such you need to consider a number of factors before you purchase a kitchen cabinet. You should consider the fact that a kitchen cabinet is quite an investment as you are expected to use one for a period of 10 years or more. This means that even if you want to change the design of your home in the future, you might still have to maintain the kitchen cabinet. Quality is also an important factor to consider when selecting kitchen cabinets as well as who to buy it from. You want to ensure that you are purchasing top quality kitchen cabinets. Generally speaking, handmade cabinets tend to be extremely durable, although they are quite pricey.

    This is why you should employ the services of an expert designer in selecting your kitchen cabinet. There are many styles and types of cabinets to choose from, from kitchen cabinets that hang on the wall to those that can double as a table at the center of the table, there are endless choices.

    A kitchen designer would take a look at the rest of your house as well talk to you to determine your personal preferences to ensure that the choice of kitchen design complements your home and meets your needs and expectations. If you have any specific ideas that you would wish to share with a designer, try to create a mood board from pictures on Pinterest or other kitchen design websites.

    At the German Kitchen Center, we specialize in supplying quality kitchen cabinets in addition to every other your kitchen needs. We have qualified and experienced kitchen designers on hand who will work with you to ensure that your kitchen is perfect and looks exactly the way you want it too.

    Although we specialize in German kitchen designs and kitchen cabinets, we also Italian, Spanish and even American made kitchen cabinets, ensuring that any design that you fancy is available to you.

    For more information about our kitchen cabinets in NYC, call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240 and schedule a visit to our one of our kitchen cabinets showrooms.

    Sunday, November 10, 2019

    European Kitchens

    European Kitchens

    New European Kitchens

    Every home should have a kitchen even if you don't use it regularly, there is a feeling of warmth that comes when you have a kitchen you love. A lot of factors determine how any kitchen is set up but there are some tools and utensils everyone must have in a kitchen. Having an excellently designed kitchen also pimps the overall outlook of a house. If you have a taste for what is trendy then European Kitchen design will fit you perfectly.
    Here are some features of a European Kitchen
    1. Minimalist Style

      The European kitchen cabinets are usually simpler than other styles of cabinets. They usually look much modern having less depth and visual appeal. The cabinets can’t accommodate a lot of things because of its size. One other feature of this minimalist style is the absence of hardware in the kitchen and this makes the kitchen look much spacious and clean. So, when you have to open drawers or doors, you have to do it from the top or bottom.
    2. Smaller Spaces

      If you own a big home a European kitchen style may not be advisable for you. It usually works better for young or retired couples, singles, townhouses etc. A lot of the homes in Europe are quite small and typically the kitchens and small too. They build the kitchen smaller because Europeans don't store food in bulk rather a lot of their food is bought weekly. Because they see cooking in front of guest as inappropriate there is no need for a lot of kitchen space for sitting.
    3. Shutters for Windows

      European Kitchens usually have shutters because it needs a lot of light and because it is small, it needs more air. However, if it does not make sense to have shutters, then you can opt for casement windows instead.
    Having a European kitchen style does not mean you cannot explore with your favorite colors. With the help of experts at German Kitchen Center, we can help you pick the color palette that meets your taste and also aligns with other kitchen utensils like pots, jars, cutlery, kitchenware etc.

    If you are remodeling choosing the style you want is the first step. Once you are certain about that, it is easier for our designers to take your idea and mold it into something great you would love. The designer also suggests extra European kitchen details you can add to make your kitchen much beautiful. The aim is to make sure that we stay with you every step of the was till your satisfied.

    The European kitchen style is very simple and classy and some people may consider it a bore, you can add a fun element you desire to make it more personal and unique to you.

    For more information about our New European Kitchen Designs, visit a European Kitchens Showroom, or call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240.

    Tuesday, November 5, 2019

    Custom Kitchens

    Custom Kitchens

    German Kitchen Center, featuring award-winning innovative custom kitchens in NYC from leading luxury European kitchen brands. Our vast array of German kitchens feature customizable design solutions that offer roughly 2,000 color options, and a wide variety of finishes to choose from. 

    For some people, the kitchen is a very personal space. this is where you are most creative and comfortable and that is why you want to take extra care to make sure that your kitchen is well designed. If you are looking for help in this regard, German kitchen center houses awesome products from the biggest kitchen brands worldwide. So, no matter your taste we got you covered.
    For some people, the kitchen is a workplace where serious business is conducted, but they still want to make it as reflective of their personality as possible. A lot of factors are at play when designing a custom Kitchen. The first step is to have our expert designer look at the room you intend to make your kitchen.
    During the inspection, the designer can figure out what sizes and shapes will fit perfectly in your kitchen still recognizing your thoughts. We consider how you want your dream kitchen to look and suggest the best materials within your budget to make this dream come alive.

    You are probably wondering, why would you need a custom kitchen, but nothing beats having your kitchen customized to your preference by professionals at German Kitchen Center. For your custom kitchen cabinet, it is advisable to go for one that works for your environment considering factors like
    countertops, cabinets, light fixtures and many others. When creating custom cabinet you have to consider the wood type, the hardware used, finishing and style.
    Here are the types of custom kitchen layout you can consider before contacting us at German Kitchen Center.
    1. One wall: This typically used for a small place where all the cabinets and appliances are fixed to one side of the wall. It is used for studio and lofts spaces.

    2. L- shaped: As the name implies the kitchen cabinet and other appliances are fixed in an L-shape giving the medium-sized kitchen more space

    3. Island: This is one of the most popular kinds of cabinet layout but it works better when using bigger kitchen space. The island has a top layer that gives more room for working and eating. You also use stools so it more comfortable

    4. This kind of layout s most times used for apartments. It is sometimes called a walk-through kitchen having two countertops parallel to each other

    5. Horseshoe: The Horseshoe is shaped like a U with 3 walls of cabinet and kitchen appliances. For you to successfully create this shape, you need a big kitchen space

    6. Peninsula: This is a simple and smaller form of an island cabinet giving more kitchen room.

    Getting a custom Kitchen is like an investment, the materials used last longer because they are tailored specifically to your vision. You are allowed to choose how you want parts of the kitchen to look and function e.g. the kind of floors, cabinet, light fixtures, countertops and much more.
    For more information about our custom kitchens, visit a kitchen showroom, or call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240.

    Friday, November 1, 2019

    Kitchen Cabinets

    Modern Kitchen Cabinets

    One of the most important components of the kitchen design is the cabinet. It is the biggest and most visible part of the kitchen structure. In some kitchen designs, the cabinet is the only thing visible in the kitchen. The size and structure of the kitchen cabinet are determined by the size of your kitchen space and your design preference.

    There are mainly three kinds of basic cabinets.
    1. Base Cabinets: They are installed on the floor and serve as support for the kitchen islands
    2. Wall Cabinets: As the name implies, it is a cabinet installed on the wall and the designs are flexible. It can be stacked as tall as the roof to accommodate kitchen items not used frequently
    3. Tall cabinets: This is also called a pantry or utility cabinet, it is bigger than the wall cabinet having the space to accommodate appliances like ovens and microwaves.

    Sometimes, cabinet designs are formed from just a single kind of design while other time, it is a combination of two or more classifications. When basic cabinets are combined uniquely, it becomes a custom design. Another important part of the cabinet design is the finishing. We have cabinet finishes like painted finishes, stained finishes, white cabinets, black cabinets, maple cabinets, mission oak etc. The finish you choose is determined by your budget and what you think is best suited to your needs.

    After installing the cabinet, you need to know the basics of maintaining the cabinet so it last longer. We don't want a situation where you have to remodel every 6 months because the cabinets keep getting damaged, it damages our reputation as your designer. So, here are a few maintenance steps :
    1. Immediately after installation, clean the cabinets with a soft damp cloth and dry with another cloth. Using a high-quality polish, wipe in the direction of the wood grain.
    2. Try to avoid building up grime and grease on the cabinets, this can be done by cleaning the cabinets regularly using a soft damp cloth every week. The frequency of basic cleaning is determined by how much you use the kitchen but a wipe down must be done at least once a week
    3. For tougher stains, you can use the dishwasher soap to help get rid of the stains or mix baking soda with water. For sticky stains, mixing water with vinegar will help a lot.
    4. When there is spillage, do not let it linger before wiping it off
    5. Try to stop substance like Solvents, nail polish remover, ammonia, bleach and much more from touching any part of the cabinet
    6. Do not use harsh cleaning agents and always dry with a cloth to avoid moisture

    The kitchen cabinet is important not just for its aesthetic value but also because it is quite functional. Your choice cabinet must be sturdy enough to handle any dishware, kitchenware, or cookware you use at home. You need to install a kitchen cabinet that is the perfect balance between functions and outlook and this might be quite difficult to achieve without having expert designers at German Kitchen Center in your corner.

    For more information about our Modern Kitchen Cabinets in NYC, visit our modern kitchen cabinets showroom in NYC, or call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240.

    Monday, October 28, 2019

    Kitchen Renovation

    Kitchen Renovation

    Are you looking for a kitchen renovation in NYC? The German Kitchen Center has been providing kitchen renovation in NYC with innovative designs, durable kitchen cabinets and beautiful kitchen style. If you are looking to improve your kitchen, your life style and raise the value of your home, German Kitchen Center has all the answers and solutions for you. With experienced kitchen designer on staff, leading imported European kitchen hardware and excellent customer care.
    After a long tiresome day, you walk into your kitchen and a look of disgust rises on your face. Or your parents left you a house but you can't seem to stand the kitchen, well, this is a clear indicator that you need to have your kitchen renovated. Renovating may not just be about getting rid of old and damaged parts of the kitchen. Sometimes, you just want a new look and a different feel when you walk into the kitchen.
    At German Kitchen Center we help you renovate your kitchen to satisfaction using the biggest market brands in the kitchen business. A kitchen renovation may involve tearing down the whole thing i.e. changing up the cabinets, style, color, design, arrangement etc. other times, you may just change one or two of these.
    After envisioning your design, you have to first consider your kitchen space so you know what fits. Afterwards, you have to draw up an estimated budget so you can know which style your budget can sustain. Whether you want something reasonably priced or a high-end luxury kitchen, we have highly skilled professionals to transform your kitchen into something beautiful and innovative.
    Here are things you may want to change during a renovation:
    1. The tiles: you may want a much modern and unique design as opposed to what you have currently.
    2. Smart appliances: With the digital age we live in, nothing is better than having a smart kitchen e.g. purchasing smart cookers and refrigerators
    3. Making it comfortable: If you have space and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, having more comfortable furniture in the kitchen will encourage you to spend more time there.
    When it concerns kitchen design styles, there is a wide range of the from American, to European to Tuscany and many others. But recently, people prefer to go for the minimalist style because they are simple and classy. During the Renovation, you could also decide to change the kitchen layout to any of the following types:
    • L-Shaped Kitchen
    • G-shaped kitchen or Peninsula
    • One-wall kitchen
    • Galley Kitchen
    • Island Kitchen
    • U-shaped Kitchen or Horseshoe
    Before starting any renovation project, always make sure that you get the necessary permits that support the reconstruction. Depending on the city you live in and the kind of building, you have to be prepared in case problems arises. If the house is owned, you only need certain government agencies approval to start remodeling. If not, you also need the permission or approval of the building owner.
    Renovating your kitchen in New York City can be very expensive without the right advice and help. With leading kitchen designers like Team 7, Stosa, LEICHT, Pianca etc. on your team, you are going to have one of the best experiences of your life. If you are looking to renovate the kitchen just to raise the market value of your home, then you have come to the right place.

    Tuesday, October 22, 2019

    Beautiful Modern Kitchens

    German Kitchen Center, featuring award-winning innovative modern kitchens by LEICHT, Team 7, Matteo Gennari and Stosa - Leading luxury European kitchen brands. Our vast array of German kitchens feature customizable design solutions that offer roughly 2,000 color options, and a wide variety of finishes to choose from. German Kitchen Center’s luxury kitchen systems are brilliantly developed, manufactured, and constructed through industry leading quality control standards, and to your unique specifications.

    At German Kitchen Center, you will be welcomed into our remarkable modern kitchen showroom by our highly trained and experienced kitchen design staff professionals. Our expert kitchen designers have years of experience helping home owners across the nation, match personal style and taste, with kitchen elements, that bring dream kitchens to reality with stunningly beautiful results. From inception to completion, our kitchen designers will guide you through every step of the kitchen design process, ensuring the final result to be your own personal masterpiece.
    For more information about our Modern Kitchens, visit our Modern Kitchens showroom in NYC, or call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240.
    German Kitchen Center - Your Source for Modern Kitchens.

    Tuesday, September 17, 2019

    Kitchen Remodeling in NYC

    German Kitchen Center featuring award-winning innovative Leading European kitchen brands such as Nobilia, LEICHT, Team 7, Matteo Gennari and Stosa. When it comes to kitchen remodeling in NYC, GKC is your go to place. German Kitchen Center feature vast array of customizable kitchen design solutions with many color options, and a wide variety of finishes to choose from. German Kitchen Center’s modern kitchen systems are brilliantly developed, manufactured, and constructed through industry leading quality control standards, and to your unique specifications.

    Our kitchen designers are the face of the company and our client’s first point of contact. Our consultants use their expert kitchen design knowledge to assist you through the kitchen remodeling process. First, a digital sketch is composed based on the material and color preferences, amount of cabinetry and useful kitchen accessories needed, and of course the projects budget. We then take accurate measurements of the interior space and review everything together with our client to see if any kitchen components or accessory options need to be revised.

    For more information about our Kitchen Remodeling in NYC, visit our Luxury Kitchens showroom in NYC, or call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240.

    German Kitchen Center - Your Source for Kitchen Remodeling in NYC.

    Monday, August 12, 2019

    Exclusive Kitchens

    German Kitchen Center featuring award-winning innovative exclusive kitchens in NYC by Leading luxury European kitchen brands. At German Kitchen Center, you will be welcomed into our remarkable modern kitchen showroom by our highly trained and experienced kitchen design staff professionals. 

    German Kitchen Center introduces brilliantly designed and award winning manufactured luxurious kitchen systems to American households across the nation. German Kitchen Center’s leading European kitchens feature vast improvements to spacing, durability, functionality, lighting, and design, providing you with nothing less than a world class kitchen.

    For more information about our Exclusive Kitchens in NYC, visit our exclusive kitchen showroom in NYC, or call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240.

    German Kitchen Center - Your Source for Exclusive Kitchens in NYC.

    Wednesday, July 17, 2019

    Free Kitchen Design Consultation

    If you’re looking to breathe life into your home with a visual update, a kitchen renovation is the way to go. Kitchen renovations often offer higher returns on investment, making these types of home improvements lucrative investments that will pay off in more ways than one. Upgrading your kitchen with new, energy efficient appliances will reduce the amount of energy your kitchen is utilizing, lowering your energy costs. Updating your kitchen appliances will not only make your kitchen area more eco-friendly, but it will also create a more sustainable environment for you and your family. German Kitchen Center provides free kitchen design consultation to help you in the process of remodeling or renovating your kitchen or creating a brand new one. 

    The overall goal with a kitchen redesign is to breathe life into your kitchen layout. Our kitchen designers will give your kitchen a new enhanced look while improving functionality and creating an overall relaxed living space for you and your family to enjoy. Our kitchen design consultants will guide you through the kitchen design process seamlessly, discussing your ideas, needs, and personal customization for your kitchen space. Our vast selection of kitchen designs is available in a variety of colors and finishes for you to choose from.

    When it comes to redesigning a kitchen, there are specific code requirements and other limitations that must be considered and abides by. At German Kitchen Center, our professional designers will handle those stipulations for you. We will take measurements and present you with an accurate portrait of your kitchen remodel with a digital sketch using our 3D design software. Upon completion, our design consultants will review your personalized kitchen design and address any final touches before we begin to coordinate the process of installation. 

    When you start to feel like you’re stuck in a time warp looking at your outdated kitchen, contact the professional kitchen design consultants at German Kitchen Center to schedule your free kitchen design consultation. We pride ourselves on our one on one service, ensuring that our clients are 100% satisfied with their customized kitchen designs from inception to completion. Let the design experts at German Kitchen Center help you bring your dream kitchen to life. 

    To schedule a free kitchen design consultation, contact the German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240

    German Kitchen Center - Your Trusted Source for Free Kitchen Design Consultation. 

    Wednesday, June 19, 2019

    Modern Kitchen Showrooms

    German Kitchen Center features an array of modern kitchen showrooms across the nation featuring award winning designs by leading European kitchen brands such as Nobilia, LEICHT, Team 7, Matteo Gennari, and Stosa. Our modern kitchen design systems are developed, manufactured, and installed to your individual specifications. Our selection of modern kitchens features customizable design solutions in an array of colors and a wide variety of finishes for you to choose from.

    German Kitchen Center is now featuring these innovative kitchen designs at our wide selection of modern kitchen showrooms across the country. We have 8 modern kitchen showrooms located in NYC and the New York area as well as showrooms located in Connecticut, Washington DC, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Upon visiting any of our remarkable modern kitchen showroom locations, you will be welcomed by our experienced kitchen design staff and offered a free professional kitchen design consultation. Our expert kitchen designers will guide you through every step of the kitchen design process from inception to completion.

    We offer an extensive selection of modern kitchen cabinets, handles, and accessories to compliment your modern kitchen. These accompaniments will offer durability, functionality, cutting edge hardware, and striking design to your modern kitchen design concept. Our professional kitchen designers have years of experience assisting in modern kitchen renovation projects. They are passionate about assisting clients in maximizing their kitchen space with a stunningly beautiful modern kitchen. Visit one of our many modern kitchen showrooms today to get started on your journey to finding the modern kitchen of your dreams.

    For more information about our Modern Kitchen Showrooms call us at: (888) 209-5240.

    German Kitchen Center – Your trusted source for Modern Kitchen Showrooms

    Monday, June 17, 2019

    Kitchen Cabinets

    Kitchen cabinets can make a world of difference in the functionality of your kitchen space. Kitchen cabinetry is one of the most useful and integral accompaniments to any home. At German Kitchen Center, we offer a variety of semi-custom and an assortment of slab kitchen cabinets for you to choose from. 

    Our semi-custom cabinets are featured in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. We work with leading brands that manufacture kitchen cabinets to fit your individual needs. Our cabinet lines have been hailed worldwide for their innovative functionality and unique style. Our expert kitchen cabinet designers ensure that each cabinet exceeds industry standards and are built, delivered, and installed precisely to your specifications.

    Along with semi-custom kitchen cabinet styles and materials, we also offer custom kitchen cabinet colors to fit your personal color design scheme. We offer a wide array of colors. We also offer back lacquered glass in an array of colors.

    Another kitchen cabinet option we offer are slab kitchen cabinets. We carry slab kitchen cabinets by the world’s leading luxury European brands. Our slab kitchen cabinets feature approximately 2,000 color options along with customizable design solutions to fit your custom kitchen. Our cutting-edge slab kitchen cabinets feature a variety of mechanical and electronic opening systems that make opening cabinets seemingly effortless.

    If you are looking to match your personal style and taste with kitchen elements that produce stunningly beautiful results, German Kitchen Center features the kitchen cabinet designs you desire. Our kitchen cabinets will turn your kitchen into a masterpiece with ingenious engineering, impeccable design, durable material, unique styles, and vibrant color schemes. The kitchen cabinets of your dreams are awaiting at German Kitchen Center.

    For more information about our kitchen cabinets, call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240 and schedule a visit to our one of our kitchen cabinets showrooms.

    German Kitchen Center – Your trusted source for kitchen cabinets.

    Thursday, May 30, 2019

    Kitchen Trends 2019

    Are you looking for Modern Kitchens? German Kitchen Center carries a wide variety of Modern Kitchens with Incredible space utilization and breathtaking styles.

    If you are looking to renovate and rejuvenate your kitchen with a fresh look, then you will want to keep an eye on the top kitchen trends 2019. The latest in top kitchen trends 2019 will help give your kitchen space a brand new look and feel that is perfect for the new year. Let's take a closer look at the top kitchen trends to keep an eye out for in 2019.

    Concealed storage
    Kitchens are leaning heavily towards concealment and integration in 2019, and storage is no exception. Concealed storage that maximizes the storage space in your kitchen while hiding unsightly cupboards and shelves in favor of a seamless look is one trend that is definitely going strong in 2019.

    Integrated appliances
    Storage and cabinets aren’t the only area of the kitchen that is trending towards concealment in 2019. Integrated appliances are also looming large on the kitchen trend front, thanks to an increasing popularity in hiding appliances from public view. Integrated appliances can be pricey, but the luxurious vibe that a “concealed” kitchen adds can definitely be worth it to the right homeowner.

    Pewter and Gunmetal Fixtures
    The striking matte black fixtures of yesteryear are giving way to more subtle fixtures made from gunmetal and pewter in 2019. These fixtures provide a more subtle amount of depth and texture to the kitchen space when compared to more ornate brass and gold fixtures.

    Texture contrasts
    Textures are one of the more notable top kitchen trends 2019, and a combination of different textures is something that can truly transform any kitchen space. Mixing and matching textures such as polished mirror back splashes with rough marble work tops or matte cupboard fronts with wooden fixture accents will provide a distinct look to any kitchen space.

    If you’re ready to transform your kitchen this year, keep the above top kitchen trends 2019 in mind when choosing your renovations and refurbishments.

    For more information about our Modern Kitchens visit one of our  showrooms or call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240. 

    German Kitchen Center – Your trusted source for Modern Kitchens

    Monday, April 29, 2019

    Modern Kitchen Lines of 2019

    Are you looking for the Modern Kitchen Lines of 2019? German Kitchen Center carries 2019’s brand new Modern Kitchens featuring Leicht Kitchens and accessories that will amaze you with their appearance and please you with their kitchen functionality. At German Kitchen Center, we have unique lines of 2019’s kitchens that are personally designed to fit your individual imagination and needs. Our lines of modern kitchens have been awarded for innovative functionality and amazing style.

    We are very excited to launch our display of modern kitchens lines of 2019 especially from renown German kitchen manufacture Leicht. The 2019 line of modern Leicht Kitchens and kitchen accessories are one of their most innovative and darkest themes that they have manufactured. Their kitchen designers use many dark tones such as dark slate grays ebonies, dark browns and deep brown sienna to accent this year’s line of Kitchen models.

    The most interesting feature in this year’s line of modern kitchen of 2019 is the double toned kitchen island that is divided by 2 separate colors on each side of the counter. The white sink/stove section of the island is situated perfectly against a subtle light oaken grained chair and table consul. The middle partition atop the island is elevated just enough to see the rest of the stunning kitchen. As always Leicht Kitchens cabinets feature sleek facing eliminating the use of handles and knobs for a stunning, elegant look that will enhance the appearance of your home. 

    Leicht Kitchens executed kitchen convenience when they designed this year’s modern kitchen line. The well manufactured sliding mechanisms on their kitchen cabinets and drawers are made of the durable steel rollers and gates. The inside drawers are very spacious and will store a full set of baking racks in just one tier. These drawers are compatible and can be adjusted to compliment all your cooking needs!

    Adding amazing features such as more cabinet and drawer space while complimenting today's modern style will always keep Leicht Kitchen a front runner as a important manufacture for your kitchen remodeling project. 

    For more information about our modern kitchen lines of 2019, call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240 and schedule a visit to our one of our kitchen showrooms.

    German Kitchen Center – Your trusted source to Modern Kitchen Lines of 2019.

    Wednesday, April 24, 2019

    Modern Kitchen Cabinets

    Are you looking for Modern Kitchen Cabinets? German Kitchen Center provides award-winning, brilliantly-designed Modern Kitchen Cabinets made by leading kitchen brands including LEICHT, Nobilia, Team 7, Matteo Gennari, Stosa, and more manufactures.

    In today’s remodeling industry, there are many kitchen cabinet features and style to choose from than ever before. Modern kitchen cabinets are a very popular choice among kitchen renovators due to their sleek, European-style that feature clean lines and many shades of colors to choose from. Modern kitchen cabinets are very different from traditional kitchen cabinets because feature compact designs with a minimalist look rather than a bulkier design with a rustic look most traditional cabinets have. Modern kitchen cabinets are constructed with glossy and lighter natural materials to complement any colors used in today’s modern kitchens.

    Modern Kitchen Cabinet Style - There are many modern kitchen cabinet styles that will match your kitchen's overall décor. By selecting the right cabinet style, as well as doors and accessories will complement your kitchen’s motif as well as the kitchen floor, and the countertops. 

    Modern Kitchen Cabinet Layout - You should consider your kitchen’s layout and available space when choosing a modern kitchen cabinet style because this will enhance the look of your kitchen and improve the functionality of the cabinets. For instance, if your kitchen is small, there are many styles and sizes available that will maximize the space effectively. 

    Modern Kitchen Cabinet Material - Modern kitchen cabinets are made from a wide range of natural light weight and sturdy wood material that is special grown to make modem kitchen cabinetry durable yet lighter for easier usage of the cabinet’s doors and drawers.

    Modern Kitchen Cabinet Functionality - Beside elegance and sleek designs, modern kitchen cabinets main purpose is functionality which will improve the everyday use of your kitchen. Browse through our online catalog or visit any of our luxury kitchen showrooms to select the right modern kitchen cabinets that will suit your style and needs.

    For more information about our Modern Kitchen Cabinets  visit our modern kitchen cabinets showroom in NYC, or call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240.

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    Monday, April 22, 2019

    The professional way to clean greasy kitchen cabinets

     Are you wondering what is the professional way to clean greasy kitchen cabinets?

    The German Kitchen Center offers kitchen cabinets in many styles and materials. From our lacquer, natural wood, steel and glass materials we use for our kitchen cabinets, these materials tend to gather grease, dust and grime after a period of time. Many of our clients have been asking us how the professional in the cooking and cleaning industry keep their kitchen cabinet shiny and immaculately cleaned.

    We all think that the highest quality kitchen cabinets are used for storing dishes, and not grease. Unfortunately, kitchen cabinets are prone to all sorts of grease, grime, and gunk from simply being in the kitchen. We asked experts from the professional cleaning services to high end restaurants what is the most effective and safest way to clean food grime, grease and stains from their kitchen cabinets.

    We gathered the information, and these were the most popular results in dealing with kitchen grease:

    Lather Up That Sponge!

    All of our feedback stated that by using a safe and effective grease cutting dish detergent fund in stores was the most effective way to clean grease off their kitchen cabinets. Just adding a few drops of concentrated dish liquid, into a bowl of warm water and dipping a sponge and squeezing that continuously until the sponge foams, then wipe away any grease or grim that has gathered upon your kitchen cabinets. This is a sure way to clean away grease, food particles and grim on lacquer and natural wood grain kitchen cabinets.         

    For some delicate or non-porous material like glass or steel, you should find an area not noticeable and test the sponge before doing a clean scrub. If the material does not stain or streak, start scrubbing back and forth with the soft side of the sponge until the soil is removed. Remember for cleaning natural kitchen cabinet made of wood, move the sponge with the grain. Since grease cutting dish detergent is made to gather and absorbs grease you can finish the rest or the surface the professional way.

    For those stubborn grease stain that seem to have stuck on your kitchen cabinets, apply a few drops of the dish detergent directly to the soft side of the sponge and wipe the grease until that stain is removed.

    When you are finished removing grease and other kitchen stains on your cabinets, you may need to wipe down the cabinets and remove any remaining grease and excess soap with a damp paper towel.  After this step, immediately dry the surfaces with a clean paper towel. This will prevent streaking and absorb any moisture on your cabinets. The last step is to marvel how easy, cost effective and clean your kitchen is without any harsh chemical’s odors lingering in the air.

    For more information about our tips and advice to maintain your kitchen cabinets, call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240 or stop by one of our nearby kitchen cabinets showrooms.

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    Friday, March 29, 2019

    Kitchen Cabinet Makers in NYC

    Are you looking for kitchen cabinet makers in NYC? German Kitchen Center brings award winning kitchen cabinet brands that have been considered as leading kitchen cabinet makers in Europe for many years. Our kitchens showrooms offer  wide variety of leading kitchen cabinet maker’s products that are displayed with style, design and quality that enhance your kitchen.

    Kitchen remodeling has many advantages now than in the past with easier access to cabinet manufactures throughout the world. Many remodelers are selecting the latest styles of kitchen cabinetry that features sleek and innovative designs for their home improvement projects. The advantage of selecting kitchen cabinet makers for your remodeling project is the craftsmanship, selection of bold color palettes, and elegant accents that are custom made to enhance your home remodeling project.

    At German Kitchen Center our leading kitchen brands manufacture excellent kitchen cabinets that are being applied for many kitchen renovation projects across Europe and the United States. These kitchen cabinets are made to enhance and improve the quality, personality, function and ambiance of many homes. Our kitchen cabinet makers are experts with implying remodeling techniques that will maximize the efficiency and functionality of your kitchen within your space.

    German Kitchen Center showrooms proudly represent world known kitchen cabinet makers. When you visit our nearest showroom, you can see these stunning kitchen designs and experience firsthand how the functionality of your new kitchen that will improve your lifestyle.

    For more information about our kitchen cabinet makers in NYC, call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240.

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