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European Kitchens

European Kitchens

New European Kitchens

Every home should have a kitchen even if you don't use it regularly, there is a feeling of warmth that comes when you have a kitchen you love. A lot of factors determine how any kitchen is set up but there are some tools and utensils everyone must have in a kitchen. Having an excellently designed kitchen also pimps the overall outlook of a house. If you have a taste for what is trendy then European Kitchen design will fit you perfectly.
Here are some features of a European Kitchen
  1. Minimalist Style

    The European kitchen cabinets are usually simpler than other styles of cabinets. They usually look much modern having less depth and visual appeal. The cabinets can’t accommodate a lot of things because of its size. One other feature of this minimalist style is the absence of hardware in the kitchen and this makes the kitchen look much spacious and clean. So, when you have to open drawers or doors, you have to do it from the top or bottom.
  2. Smaller Spaces

    If you own a big home a European kitchen style may not be advisable for you. It usually works better for young or retired couples, singles, townhouses etc. A lot of the homes in Europe are quite small and typically the kitchens and small too. They build the kitchen smaller because Europeans don't store food in bulk rather a lot of their food is bought weekly. Because they see cooking in front of guest as inappropriate there is no need for a lot of kitchen space for sitting.
  3. Shutters for Windows

    European Kitchens usually have shutters because it needs a lot of light and because it is small, it needs more air. However, if it does not make sense to have shutters, then you can opt for casement windows instead.
Having a European kitchen style does not mean you cannot explore with your favorite colors. With the help of experts at German Kitchen Center, we can help you pick the color palette that meets your taste and also aligns with other kitchen utensils like pots, jars, cutlery, kitchenware etc.

If you are remodeling choosing the style you want is the first step. Once you are certain about that, it is easier for our designers to take your idea and mold it into something great you would love. The designer also suggests extra European kitchen details you can add to make your kitchen much beautiful. The aim is to make sure that we stay with you every step of the was till your satisfied.

The European kitchen style is very simple and classy and some people may consider it a bore, you can add a fun element you desire to make it more personal and unique to you.

For more information about our New European Kitchen Designs, visit a European Kitchens Showroom, or call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240.

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