Monday, September 25, 2017

6 Ways to Prepare For a New Kitchen Installation

European kitchens add a great deal of value and utility to your home. Their advanced functions and stunning designs can have a transformative effect on your home and lifestyle.

However, having your new kitchen installed with a minimum of disruption to your life requires careful preparation. Here at German Kitchen Center, we want our clients to have a smooth installation so that they can enjoy their new kitchen as quickly as possible.

It’s very important to have your kitchen only delivered and installed when the space is completely ready to receive your kitchen cabinets. Keep in mind that kitchen cabinets are like furniture. The mechanisms are quite delicate, so it’s best to avoid any construction dust at all. This means that when the cabinets are delivered all your construction should be 100% complete, no tradespeople are in the space at all and the space is completely clean.

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We've came up with an easy check-list of tasks that should be completed before your kitchen cabinet installation:

1. Floors complete, ideally as straight and level as possible. This will ensure your cabinets are installed perpendicular to the floors.
2. Proper blocking for supporting the cabinets once they're in place
3. Correct wiring for any cabinet lighting and electric cabinets are in place. Any lighting which you would like to control by a light switch should have a switched outlet in the serviceable location where the transformers will be plugged in.
4. Any outlets required for the appliances are in the correct location and are prepared with the required load. Your electrician should check the appliance specifications beforehand to confirm. 5. Any necessary closing or painting of the walls should be completed before installation.
When the base cabinets have been installed and are secured, the countertop template will be scheduled. It’s important to have your sink, faucet and your built in cooktop on site prior to the template.
6. Lastly, Plumbing and gas connections must be in the correct location and working properly Once the space is ready and the cabinets have been delivered, the cabinet installation will begin. Installation generally takes 3-6 days. Countertops will be fabricated and installed. Fabrication generally takes 1-2 weeks.
Your kitchen cabinets installation team will return at this point if any final adjustments are required.
Now your contractor can return in order to connect the appliances, sink, faucet, install the backsplash and any final touch ups and trim work.

We want your kitchen installation to run smoothly and efficiently.

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