Friday, September 29, 2017

Customer Service Philosophy

German Kitchen Center is a full service European-styled kitchen company that features award winning kitchen brands Leicht, Nobilia and Team 7; Leaders in German luxury kitchen systems. Our wide range of elite European kitchen systems are on the cutting edge of German engineering and represent the latest design trends and kitchen innovations in the kitchen cabinet manufacturing industry.

We understand how important your kitchen is. This is the heart of the home for most. Whether you enjoy cooking or your children do their homework on the kitchen island - we want it to be a place of happiness and tranquility. This is why it is important to us to have a great relationship with our clients and go the extra mile to service their needs and wants for their dream kitchen.

German Kitchen Center - Team 7 
We feel that our relationship with you is a friendship for life. Of course we hope that you will purchase your next kitchens from us as well as any closets and furniture, but that’s not the reason we believe our relationship is a marriage for life. The reason is, because making a better kitchen for you and your family is the most gratifying feeling we can enjoy. You spend more time in and around the kitchen than anywhere else. Your kitchen is there when you’re cooking, entertaining, hanging out and if you think about it, you’re in the kitchen area most of the time. If we manage to make your time there more enjoyable, encourage you to cook more, live healthier, entertain more, and make the kitchen area a place where you enjoy hanging out and spending time with your family, we feel that we improved the way you live or some would call it “enhanced your quality of life”. Of course we are a business and yes we love to sell contemporary kitchens and make money, but for us it’s much deeper than that. Our true satisfaction comes from making you happy, because a better kitchen means a better life. There’s nothing better for a human being to do than to help a fellow man live a better life. We hope you feel that we are there with you every time you open a drawer, use the fridge, chop on the countertop or stand around your island.
German Kitchen Center - Team 7
Since we are always there with you, we truly see you as a friend for life and not just a customer. We hope you will feel the same and will love us every time you are using your kitchen.

If you visit our modern kitchen showroom, one of our designers will be happy to work with you to build one of the finest modern kitchens. 

To learn more about our kitchens, call the German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240.

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