Friday, January 8, 2016

Modern Kitchen Cabinets in NYC

Crafting the perfect kitchen is not formulaic, it is more reliant upon personal taste. Because of this, sometimes the definition of modern can be hard to pin-point. Is modern the time when electricity came into our homes? Or a later date? For most designers, modern kitchens mean one thing: minimalism. This means, getting the most out of your open space and using clean design elements and angles on the cabinet as possible. Modern kitchen cabinets in NYC assist in maximizing your kitchen's space, allowing for a more open, fluid approach to your cooking space. At German Kitchen Center, we understand that your kitchen is the most important room in your home. Not only are meals prepared, but days are shared and memories are made. Inventive additions have made kitchen functionality simpler, allowing smoother flow throughout your kitchen both in style and function. 

Sleek edges and flat surfaces give you a cleaner, more functional approach to your kitchen. For designers, this distinction began around World War 1, giving homes a more geometric shape. For a cleaner, contemporary approach to your kitchen, consider modern kitchen cabinets in NYC.

When thinking of the slimmer cabinets, you may wonder about the surface materials. These cupboards are usually made from composite materials such as concrete, plastic, and metal. However, glass cabinets are rising in popularity. You can choose a frosted or semi-opaque finish for truly eye-popping appeal. If you want to spruce up the design a bit more, you can also add wood or stone finish to your modern kitchen cabinets in NYC to complement the rest of the kitchen.

With regards to colors, the change is apparent. You won’t find vague or sleepy colors. Instead, the more modern finishes tend to be bold and flashy. This includes florescent colors: red, blue, green, and yellow. In short, you have complete freedom over the final design. But for most kitchen designers, color means to move away from wood and stone emulation.

Beauty aside, the real breakthrough is the functionality of the modern kitchens. Often times kitchens are located in tight or shared locations. That said, the purpose of the modern kitchen cabinets in NYC is to maximize your available space. Apart from installing them at higher pitches, you’ll find more room for storage within the compartments themselves. Beauty is one thing, purpose is another.

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