Monday, March 14, 2016

European Kitchens in Miami FL

Europe and North America share many similar traits and lifestyle choices. But there are also big differences. Consider the size. One country within Europe may be smaller than one of America's mid-sized states. And with such an importance placed on saving space, Europeans have created designs meant to make the most of what they have. These styles have grown in popularity, resulting in European kitchens in Miami FL

German Kitchen Center is proud to feature award-winning kitchen concepts by European manufacturers recognized for their durability, aesthetic, and function. The recent boom in popularity is no coincidence - European kitchen manufacturers have been studying kitchen design for decades. This knowledge has allowed for incredible advancements within the industry, from innovative cabinet spacing to open-flow design. With European kitchens in Miami FL, your home will benefit from masterful engineering methods that have found roots in millions of homes throughout Europe.

So what makes this kitchen design superior? Read and find out.

Save Space!

As mentioned, homes in Europe tend to be smaller than their American counterparts. As such, every inch (or should we say centimeter) is of the utmost importance. The European style kitchens are famous for making use of the available space in unique ways. This includes putting storage drawers along any possible wall, often times within one another. Even in a large American style kitchen, space saving is quite a welcome feature, indeed. Likewise, custom built cabinetry is available for alternative dimensions and contemporary structures. European kitchens in Miami FL appeal to a diverse group of property owners in both customization and pricing.

Color Options!

The elegance of European design often makes the best use of colors pleasant to the eye. This means a lack of bright tones and a balance of contrast between the hues selected. Although European kitchens in Miami FL often utilize white, black, brown, gray, and silver tones, it's possible to use other, dry based colors in this European tour de force design.

Be Efficient Every Way You Can

It's quite trendy to be environmentally aware in today's world. These trends started popping up in Europe first. And they are easily seen in the energy efficient appliances found within European kitchens. Besides saving you money and saving the planet's resources, these devices also look great. That is, if you're into elegant design and futuristic appeal.

As you can see, we have a lot to learn from our European neighbors. The West is often a sharing ground where ideas pop up in one location and spread throughout the others. Let us abide by these design choices in our quest to make American kitchens more European.

For more information about our European kitchens in Miami FL, call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240.

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