Friday, August 19, 2016

2016 Modern Kitchen Designs in New York

Are you looking for 2016 modern kitchen designs in New York? At German Kitchen Center, we feature award winning kitchen designs from luxury European kitchen brands Nobilia, LEICHT and Team 7. We believe that your kitchen needs to be functional while complimenting your personal style. Our expert interior designs will work with you to make your dream kitchen become a reality!

Kitchens are no longer treated as a separate part of the house. The same effort which is put into the designing and styling of all the other rooms is put in for kitchen as well.This is what the whole modern kitchen is about. Saying good-bye to the old rustic kitchens to welcome the sleek look of the modern kitchens.

An overview
Grays, whites, and soft colors are in fashion nowadays. If you choose to get cabinets, painting them with these shades will give your kitchen a more spacious feel. You can even go on to add in some sort of furniture in your kitchen; a center table or a side sofa maybe. It would help to give it a more homey feeling. When you are using soft colors for your kitchen, you are allowed to use earthy tones for your sinks to bring in some color contrast.

Integrated kitchen living spaces 
If you have a lack of space, you can go for an integrated kitchen where it opens up into the lounge. For homes with a lot of kids, this is a good design to have for the kitchens since it allows the adult it keep an eye on them. However, with these kitchens, you need to be very careful about the color tones you use, the design and the décor of your kitchen because the kitchen then opens up in your house. You need to have it blend in rather. 

Kitchen in the home’s style
Usually, when we design our homes, we have a look in our mind that we try to follow with. Try to keep the look same for your kitchen as well. This way the kitchen won’t feel like a different part of the home. The paint, décor, cabinets and even the ornaments should blend in. 

Compact kitchens
If you think you do not have enough space to go for the spaciously designed kitchens then worry no more. With the modern designs, you can give it a compact shape with cabinets and loads of drawer to make up for the storage space. Here the style of the cabinets actually decides the tone of your kitchen. So be very careful about what color and design you go for. These kitchens are ideal for small homes which do not have much are allotted to their kitchens.

The above mentioned are just some of the ways through which you can make your kitchen a part of your home and give it that modern look. We provide all kinds of services that are needed to give your kitchen the stylish modern look you have been searching for.

For more information about our 2016 modern kitchen designs in New York, call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240.

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