Friday, September 2, 2016

Modern Kitchens in Chicago, IL

Are you looking for modern kitchens in Chicago, IL? German Kitchen Center features customizable designs from leading kitchen brands such as Nobilia, LEICHT and Team 7. Our luxury kitchen systems are assembled with quality control standards and designed regarding your unique style. When you come to German Kitchen Center's showroom, our expert kitchen designers will work with you to turn your dream kitchen into a reality.

How to Design Modern Kitchens 
When you have been living in a house for a particular duration, you will with time develop the urge to modernize certain aspects, such as the kitchen, to provide it with a modern look and feel. The need to modernize your kitchen may be caused by factors such as the need for more space, improved functionality, the need to update your appliances or a combination of all these. 

Regardless of the motivating factor, when you finally make the decision to upgrade your kitchen, contemporary and modern are two terms that you will come across during the planning process. These two terms are used to describe kitchen styles that refer to whatever is currently in style at that particular moment. 

Today, a modern kitchen is simplistic in nature, with clean and clear-cut layouts, but one that contains all the gadgets, and space needed to prepare meals with ease. As you look forward to upgrading your existing kitchen into a more modern kitchen in Chicago, IL, the following tips should come in handy.

Update Your Cooking Elements and Storage Spaces
New technology is the first thing that should come to mind during an upgrade. No one wants to be stuck with outdated cooking appliances when there have been major technological advancements in this field in the last few years. 

Among the items you require are stainless steel appliances. Appliances made from steel are not only easy to clean, but they are also strong, durable, and look fashionable when displayed in your kitchen. 

We all need space when cooking, so consider creating an island. The Island should be surrounded by easy to reach cabinets, and hidden electrical outlets to power your appliances

Choose Your Countertops Wisely
Having settled on your appliances, you will now need to focus on your countertop. With the countertops, you want something affordable, but durable. For many, granite and laminate will be the choice for countertop material. However, why settle for what everyone else is going for?

A great alternative to granite and laminate is quartz countertops. A quartz countertop will provide the same stability offered by granite, but it will not require resealing, something you have to do when you use granite or laminate. You will, therefore, have a countertop that is easy to clean, use and one that is much affordable than granite or laminate. 

Choose Simple Cabinet Styles
As a homeowner, the easiest way to pull off a contemporary kitchen design is to reface or update your existing cabinets with simpler styles. You do not have to use fancy colors with cabinet doors to make them stand out; pure colors will do just fine. 

For more information about our beautifully crafted modern kitchens in Chicago, IL, call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240.

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