Monday, August 7, 2017

Contemporary Kitchens in Chicago, IL

Have you visited the German Kitchen Center?

German kitchens are world renowned for their high quality design and craftsmanship, but what is it that truly makes contemporary German kitchens better?

First, contemporary German kitchen manufacturers, must satisfy the needs of their domestic market which is the most developed and competitive market in the world. German consumers realized over 50 years ago that purchasing a kitchen from an established factory is the safest way to buy a kitchen. Smaller manufacturers can never provide the same level of product. A good comparison is the car industry. Consumers would usually not risk purchasing a car from a factory which is not one of the known brands.

The German kitchen manufacturing industry created a standard which forces the top contemporary German kitchen brands to conduct themselves at a level of professionalism comparable to the German car manufacturers.

Large industrial manufacturers can afford to innovate, because they are large enough to maintain a research and development department and adhere to the proper processes associated with a commitment to innovate and always improve the product quality and performance.

Just like car manufacturers, the contemporary German kitchen manufacturers introduce the next year’s model officially at their Open House show in September. The next year’s most innovative design, hardware, organization, finishes, electronics and any technology would be introduced at the show, making each brand’s product offering better and better every year.
There are less than 20 established contemporary kitchen manufacturers in Germany all considered known brands, which are part of this small industry and are capable of maintaining this commitment to excellence. Each of these manufacturers has been in business for 50 years or more and has made a significant investment in machinery and innovation. Each of these established factories is committed to supporting a research and development department which continues to innovate and improve the product. 

Contemporary Kitchens in Chicago IL
Since quality control is a symbol of industrialized manufacturers, maintaining a real quality control process which tests the product for any potential defects is another difference between the larger factories and smaller shops.

In addition to quality control, there are specific technologies and products which can only be engineered and produced in larger more industrialized factories.

All together it is not only safer to purchase from one of the established German kitchen brands but also you can be sure that the quality of product, consistency and overall innovation will guarantee a better kitchen cabinet.

The German Kitchen Center is proud to showcase these brands at showrooms across the country and provide these quality contemporary kitchens in Chicago IL.

Be sure to visit our showroom in to see some of these contemporary kitchens in Chicago, IL or give us a call to schedule your free kitchen design consultation at 888-209-5240

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