Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Nobilia sets high kitchen standards by developing unique quality guidelines and implementing strict material and product testing. In their quality control laboratory, Nobilia requires that all materials undergo monitored heat, humidity, 24-hour submersion, and conditional testing to establish a highly-durable product. Each individual cabinet component is inspected by a team of quality assurance specialists for scratches, dents, and other imperfections. Additional inspections are performed by outside vendors to objectively monitor and maintain Nobilia’s high quality standards. Robotic testing opens each kitchen cabinet 60,000 times to further prove durability – a figure three times larger than current German requirements. Through detailed research and development, Nobilia designs products often of higher quality than high quality brands. 

Every Nobilia kitchen is unique. Every single kitchen is individually planned and made with the utmost precision. More than 70 years of experience and a high degree of automation guarantee the consistently high level of quality.

From receipt of goods to production and to delivery – Nobilia has installed a sophisticated control system for all process steps, to guarantee the high quality of the products. In addition, as many as 21 complete fitted kitchens are put through the paces of a quality audit every day. Quality, environmental protection and energy efficiency are essential elements of Nobilia’s company philosophy.

Nobilia offers the retail market a complete package kitchen from a single source: with intelligent accessories, attractive built-in sinks and a wide range of electric appliance brands from entry level price to the premium high-end segment.

Nobilia is recognized as a leader in kitchen manufacturing and design throughout Europe and is now available in the United States at competitive, flexible pricing. With Nobilia and German Kitchen Center, your modern kitchen renovation project will result in vast improvements to spacing, durability, functionality, aesthetic, and quality in your kitchen.

For more information about Nobilia kitchens in NYC, call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240.

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