Monday, April 27, 2020

Kitchen Renovations in NYC

The German Kitchen Center offers a variety of kitchen renovation options ranging from the surprisingly affordable to high-end luxury. We offer kitchen designs from leading European kitchen designers like LEICHT, Team 7, Matteo Gennari and Stosa. Our kitchens are made to high specifications for craftsmanship, beauty and innovation so that your kitchen renovation in NYC will be a trans formative experience.

This year’s top kitchen renovation trends

Looking to renovate your kitchen? Then, it’s important to know what top experts recommend you should focus on. Here are some top tips for you:

Make a smart kitchen

Technology has been able to change the way we live. Today, everything in every room is connected, and the kitchen hasn’t been left out as well. you can now have a kitchen with technology incorporated into just about everything that concerns your kitchen, thus making it “smart.”
These days, a lot of smart kitchens are built with that objective in mind. You want your kitchen to be smart, so you put your money towards that. However, it’s also possible to throw in some gadgets into older kitchens to make them more convenient for the users.

Changing cabinet colors

Another one of the most prominent kitchen renovation trends that you should look into is changing the color of your cabinetry.

These days, most of us have white cabinets. This is fine, but many people are starting to buck against that trend. Experts believe that white will decline as a color favorite from this year, thus giving way for more wood stain colors and paints instead.

Color pops are also expected to be more in shades of green and blue. However, neutral shades are also getting more popular too. Emerald green, black, navy blue, and plum are some of the most prominent of these colors, of course.


There’s no doubt to the fact that styles like mid-century modern are still popular. However, there’s a general shift to the look of streamlined aesthetics these days. Streamlined designs and environments make for a stress-free aesthetic, which will make you feel homelier.

Essentially, the theme is to keep everything simple and plain. No excessive tones or features, and no need to make the entire kitchen look like it’s hosting a party for the entire town. Keep things simple and classy, and let your kitchen want to look more inviting.

The best way to incorporate a simple and streamlined look is to throw in some clean lines. These lines are here to stay, and we should start getting more used to them.


Quartz has been a popular trend for years now, with owners of high-end kitchens and countertops favoring the material over just about anything else.

Quartz is strong and durable, and it can last for pretty much the rest of your life. It’s also easy to maintain and won’t leave space for microorganisms to grow.

At this point, the only competitor for quartz is granite. Even that option will present a bit of a headache when it comes to maintenance. Quartz countertops have been on the market for a while, and they’re expected to stay.

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