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Contemporary Kitchens

German Kitchen Center, features award-winning innovative contemporary kitchens in NYC by LEICHT, Team 7 and Stosa - Leading luxury European kitchen brands.

Contemporary Kitchens

Today, almost every household uses the contemporary kitchen. Unlike the traditional kitchen used in earlier years, contemporary kitchens are designed to save space. Whether you have a spacious or small room, a contemporary kitchen can fit almost any space. Even with its space-saving quality, this kind of kitchen is probably the best choice for any house because it stays clean at all times, is stylish and organized. However, it is not enough to know just the qualities of a contemporary kitchen. Before opting for a contemporary kitchen, you also need to understand what constitutes its internal structure.

Constituents of A Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary kitchens get their beauty from their shiny clean lines and geometric shapes. In designing a contemporary kitchen, most professionals rely on natural rudiments such as stones and wood. Manufactured materials like glass and stainless steel are used to fashion a contemporary-style kitchen. If you want a contemporary design for your kitchen, it is best to know the various things you will find in it. Well, let’s look at some of the elements that make up this kitchen.

·         Cabinets

One major part of a contemporary-styled kitchen is the cabinets, which fully connect. In this type of cabinet, the door frames are not visible, giving it a one-piece outlook. However, there are two major door styles used in a contemporary design: the shaker-style and slab front, and they both have a simple, clean line on them.

·         Straight Lines

Contemporary kitchen designs all have straight lines on their surface. However, these lines are most common on shaker-styled cabinets. You can see horizontal likes on the floors, the kitchen counters and cabinets, and most especially the tiles.

·         Geometric Shapes

Almost all parts of the contemporary kitchen, such as the counters, windows, furnishings, wall d├ęcor, and lighting fixtures have various shapes.

·         Hardware

The contemporary kitchen uses bar-shaped hardware in its design. This shape gives it a glossy and simple look instead of being ornate.

·         Natural Elements

If you see a typical contemporary kitchen, one thing peculiar to them is their use of natural elements such as glass, stone, and wood. You will most likely see a wood flooring and cabinet finishing or travertine tile on the wall.  

Additionally, a contemporary styled kitchen sticks to colors like black, brown, white, and grey, all of which add to its simplistic and artistic look. Hence, they are aesthetically minimal. Once you decide you want to go for a contemporary-styled kitchen, you want to look out for its elements and clean, simple, and sleek architectural style.

Get an Expert Team

Are you looking for a professional team to create that simple but bold look in your kitchen? German Kitchen Center offers you up-to-date facilities that will make your kitchen look beautiful even from a far distance. With German Kitchen Center, your contemporary design can never go wrong.

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