Friday, July 2, 2021

Modern Kitchen Showroom Trends for 2021

Are you looking for Modern Kitchen ShowroomsGerman Kitchen Center is the ONLY national kitchen chain in the US with 18 locations across the nation including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, and Miami.


Whether you are keen to invest your money in a new kitchen showroom or want to modify the old style cupboards, modern kitchen showroom design encompasses many things. These things include the overall layout, the cabinet design, the model of worktops, and a variety of other elements. In 2020, live kitchen ideas were trending, which means that the kitchens in 2020 were more aesthetic and packed with so much technology that it made life in the kitchen a lot easier than in previous years. But what's in store for 2021? Let us have a look in detail.

Green – The official kitchen color of 2021

Everything is about green this year. Sage green is the perfect color for the kitchen this year, as it gives a more traditional touch while giving a stronger message. Apart from this, forest green is the accompanying color that is bound to enrich other classical kitchen schemes. This year, kitchen remodeling agencies are focusing more on bringing the outside inside while allowing the tenants of the house to connect more with nature, as the green color provides comfort and adds to people's mental health and wellness.

Painted kitchen – the heart and soul of the home

Painted kitchens are becoming the practical choice of every foodie. These kitchen designs are the newest trends in modern kitchen showroom ideas. These painted kitchens add to the life of the kitchens and add more modern looks to them. When modern and authentic raw materials such as concrete and marble are added to this design, it gives a more pleasant appeal to it. The most striking fact about the painted kitchen is that it can be repainted again and is a cost-friendly option.

New neutrals – a new era of modern kitchens

From white to grey and from ivory to taupe, calming neutrals are the go-to option for every kitchen remodeling enthusiast. But as the trends are changing, new neutrals are taking the place of these calming neutrals. Tactile materials, when muted and toned, such as wood, wicker, and stone, can create a warming kitchen space and add to the beauty of the kitchens. These colors create a relaxing atmosphere in the kitchen, make the kitchen more peaceful, and adds serenity to it.

Working kitchen

As the year 2020 was celebrated as the year when working kitchens were trending, but this year, the working kitchen trend is also picking up pace. As working kitchens reflect traditional kitchen designs along with modern kitchen spaces, these kitchens are gaining more popularity among kitchen enthusiasts. These kitchens encompass integrated seating arrangements, multipurpose spaces, and food preparation areas. These kitchens not only provide an area for cooking food but can also be used as workstations. Now, you can do cooking, dining, and home-office work all at the same spot.


Modern kitchen showrooms are becoming more and more popular with each passing day. Remodeling your kitchen is never a bad idea. We are the only national kitchen chain in the USA and are working as a successful business brand at 18 locations. We are popular because we put effort into everything that we do. For altering kitchen designs, or modern kitchen showroom installation, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing 100% satisfaction, and that is what we will do.

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