Friday, February 11, 2022

Italian Kitchen Cabinets in USA

German Kitchen Center is pleased to offer Italian Kitchen Cabinets in NYC by STOSA.

Italian Kitchen Cabinets in the USA

German Kitchen Center is known for its German products. However, we also provide some of the best Italian kitchen cabinets in the USA. As we have partnered with the leading kitchen manufacturers, you can shop for their kitchen designs on our website.

The Brands We Carry

Choose from our brands to transform your kitchen.

1. Stosa Kitchens

Stosa is known for creating kitchens that improve the lives of its customers. It understands just how important the kitchen is and makes sure that anyone who orders kitchen furniture receives only the best pieces. Stosa designs affordable quality kitchen items in Italy. For this reason, Stosa kitchen focuses on ensuring commitment, honesty, and respect. Its Italian kitchen pieces are available in 40 countries across the world and continue to grow its presence.

2. Leicht Kitchens

Leicht Kitchens has been providing innovative kitchens for close to a century. It has a long tradition of extending value through its items. There is nothing quite like its impactful design. Having received the IF Design Awards, you will find its wall units and light cupboard system to be simply perfect. It crafts only the best furniture pieces and provides them for the most flexible prices. Thus, you simply cannot expect to find a better brand even if you tried.

3. GKC Kitchens

GFC Kitchens is another amazing brand that German Kitchen Center has partnered with. Considered to be one of the best kitchen manufacturers in the world in terms of volume it builds intelligently designed kitchens. Its blend of craftsmanship and attractive designs has made it extremely popular in Europe and the United States. Shop its efficient designs to transform your kitchen.

4. Team 7 Kitchens

German Kitchen Center also offers products from Team 7 Kitchens. The company is known for its amazing cabinetry and furniture. Each item is made using 100% solid wood. You can count on it for leading stability and resilience. Its solid wood furniture is made with excellence in mind.  Known for growing its own trees on 74 acres worth of woodland, Team 7 does not use any harmful substances and provides furniture that retains anti-bacterial properties. You can order its high-quality solid wood kitchens and furniture items on our website.

Benefits of Italian Kitchen Cabinets

There are many advantages of getting Italian kitchen cabinets in the USA as mentioned below.

                      Durability: Italian kitchen cabinets are made using high-quality solid wood which ensures that they are extremely durable. You never have to worry about durability when you get an Italian kitchen cabinet.

                      Reliable: Considered to be the gold standard for cabinetry, Italian kitchen cabinets provide amazing reliability. You can rest assured that the cabinets are functional and made to last.

                      Provide Greater Interior Space: The best thing about Italian kitchen cabinets is that they are designed to provide greater interior space.

                      Gorgeous Designs: There are different types of Italian kitchen cabinets available and each one of them features a stunning design. You can browse through the options to determine which one to get.

To learn more about Italian Kitchen Cabinets in NYC by STOSA, contact German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240.

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