Thursday, December 15, 2022

European Kitchen Cabinets

German Kitchen Center, featuring award-winning innovative european kitchen cabinets in NYC by LEICHT, Team 7 and Stosa - Leading luxury European kitchen brands.

European Kitchen Cabinets

European kitchen cabinets have a sleeker, minimalistic, and stylish appearance. Unlike American cabinets, these cabinets can improve your kitchen’s overall design and make it appear spacious.

German Kitchen Center offers modern cabinets without a frame, creating a seamless and stylish look. Here is why you should choose these cabinets at German Kitchen Center.


Our team of qualified professionals at German Kitchen Center ensures all our customers get quality European cabinets. We emphasize cutting-edge technology and quality materials to make premium designs available.

German Kitchen Center continuously makes substantial efforts to meet quality standards. Our European cabinets have stylish designs and minimalistic hardware, like pulls, knobs, and handles, to perfectly match the kitchen’s interior design.


What makes the German Kitchen Center unique is its customized cabinets. Unlike other companies that sell ready-made designs, the German Kitchen Center focuses on customization, allowing customers to choose their favorite designs.

Our team of experts with extensive knowledge of European cabinets will assist you in all design phases. You can consult our team to discuss your requirements. Our team will give you insights to develop sophisticated solutions for your modern kitchen.

Sleek Appearance

Ultra-sleek, stylish, and high-end appearance are critical features of our European cabinets. Besides, we create European cabinets that perfectly match your kitchen’s aesthetics, making the space well-defined, clean, and airy. European kitchen cabinets will awe you, your family, and your guests.

Smooth Surface

Besides the sleep appearance, German Kitchen Center’s qualified professionals ensure European cabinets have a smooth surface. Similarly, we use quality materials, such as vinyl, glass, plastics, laminates, or glossy paints, to ensure a highly polished texture

Neutral Colors

German Kitchen Center offers a wide range of color options, including neutral hues. The purpose is to help you choose colors that match the interior design. Neutral colors work well with European cabinets.

We recommend grey, white, black, and taupe. However, you can also choose from bold colors like lime, red, green, orange, and yellow. Our design team will assist you by providing valuable insights.


German Kitchen Center is famous for its durable European cabinets. While most think European cabinets with a frameless structure are less stable, this is a misconception.

The reason is that the German Kitchen Center uses sturdy and industrial-grade materials to make the exterior edge. So, our frameless cabinets have thicker sides, making them more durable and long-lasting than their American counterparts. 

For more information about our european kitchen cabinets in NYC, visit our european kitchen cabinets showroom in NYC, or call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240.

German Kitchen Center - Your Source for European Kitchen Cabinets in NYC.

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