Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Contemporary Kitchens in NYC

Contemporary Kitchens in NYC
Elements of Contemporary kitchen
Sometimes when choosing a contemporary kitchen, you might be surprised by an image of a kitchen that inspires you. You think you will know what you want when you see the picture, but you find it’s more than what you expected. Contemporary kitchens can be sleek but are often more playful in form and finishes, including its elements of styles and creation. German Kitchen Center has helped people with getting the contemporary kitchens in NYC they’ve been dreaming of since our arrival in the US. What are our favorite elements of contemporary kitchens?

The cutting-edge appliances
We are looking to better our performance, use lighter and durable materials and advanced features in our contemporary kitchens. Ours is all about stylish, sleek, high functioning electronics in the word appliances in high-performance hoods, built-in coffee makers, inductions cook tops and more. Our appliances aren’t getting high functionality only, but they are getting sleeker as well.

Extensive options for backsplashes
Contemporary Kitchens in NYC
In contemporary kitchens, we often use a lot of patterns than in modern kitchens. Glass tiles, mosaic and ceramic are popular. Contemporary kitchens often let homeowners exude their personality and express themselves through the use of various materials and the backlash is the best place to do so. Whether you prefer we run the tiles vertically or horizontally, rectangular, square or round, we always have patterns and tiles for every personality.

A mixture of materials and shapes
One of our biggest telltale signs of contemporary kitchens is the use of different materials of different texture and patterns. Modern kitchens tend to lack ornamentation and look more restrained, but of a contemporary kitchen, we use various types of stones and woods, round lights to contrast rectilinear elements, shifting planes for counter tops and even some patterns on counter tops and chairs.

Decorative lighting
Modern kitchen can be adorned with more patterns and texture, it goes contemporary. Concrete counter tops, glass tiles, bar stools, whimsical lighting and other layers can make it warm and magical. Contemporary can be electric, earthy and soft. The whimsical lights in the foreground can contrast with the different materials and patterns used on the backlash and mounted counter tops.

Updated accessories and accents
Contemporary Kitchens in NYC
From hidden outlets and aluminum appliances to new options in cabinet under-lighting and glass-front doors, the contemporary kitchen takes advantage of new gadgets and products available for a sleek look. They have new and improved storage solutions, dramatic and functional decorating lighting solutions. Our contemporary kitchen design and elements at German Kitchen Center are known to push boundaries of what people know about kitchens. Visit our website for more elements and designs.

To learn more about our contemporary kitchens in NYC, please call us today at (888) 209-5240. 

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