Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Modern Kitchens in Chicago

10 Design Tips for a Modern Kitchen

The kitchen is the soul of the house, it’s where you cook, and eat and you cannot start your day without a meal, can you? What you’re looking for in a modern kitchen is space, accessibility, and color. Here at German Kitchen Center we’d like to offer some tips on how to achieve a functional and beautiful modern kitchen in Chicago.

Modern Kitchens in Chicago 
Bring color to your kitchen
The modern kitchen embraces color, as shades of beige or cream have faded out of style. You should try and keep the kitchen vibrant. Go for soothing colors or a good contrast combo, whatever suits you. Keep in mind that a light colored kitchen is difficult to maintain as it is prone to getting dirty. While choosing a contrast, it is recommended to keep the areas of the kitchen that are used the most, dark in color.

Build lots of shelves
Instead of few and wider shelves, consider building more number of shelves in the same given area. Most people feel that there is not enough space to keep their food or cooking utensils in their kitchen even after renovation. Where has all that space gone? If you’ll notice in place of the one wide shelf that leaves most of the area unused, there is a place for two shelves that will solve your problem.

Don’t stuff up your kitchen
Most people tend to bring additional stands and small cupboards in their kitchen when they feel there is not enough space for all the things to keep. This makes the kitchen look real cluttered instead of sleek and organized. One advantage to using lots of shelves in the already existing cupboards is that you won’t run out of space to keep your spices, cups, plates, pots pans, etc.

Accommodating appliances
Your modular kitchen should be able to accommodate all your appliances well. Don’t fill up the countertop with appliances; make a separate built in space for microwave, oven, toaster, coffee maker and other appliances where suitable in the kitchen.

Open kitchen
The biggest advantage of having an open kitchen is that it saves space; you don’t need a separate room for kitchen and dining. The dining and kitchen can be attached in a very compact manner.

The lighting
Modern Kitchens in Chicago 
Great lighting is highly essential for the kitchen. The kitchen is supposed to be the most hygienic place of all and without proper lighting, there is no way to find out what is hiding in your kitchen. Besides lights in the kitchen, you might also want to have lights in the cabinet. It’s perfect if there is provision for natural light to enter the kitchen.

Exterior space
It’s the dream really, to have your kitchen door open out into the backyard. Then you can extend the functionality and style of your kitchen to the outdoors for barbecues and dinners for when it’s nice out.

Use quality material
You should use the right material for different qualities of your kitchen and never compromise with the quality. You should be clear with what kind of shelves you want; what kind of cabinets you want. Depending upon various parts of the kitchen there are a lot of materials to choose from like wood, glass, tiles marble or granite (which includes the floor, cabinets, and shelves).

How high should the cabinets be?
It basically depends on how many things you have to keep in them. Some people prefer cabinets as high as the ceiling. You can design it accordingly, keep the things you might not need so much in the topmost cabinets and the things you’ll need regularly in cabinets right in front of you.

At German Kitchen Center we have dozens upon dozens of design solutions that can encompass your personality and wishes for a functional and wonderful kitchen. To learn more about out modern kitchens in Chicago, please contact us at (888) 209-5240. 

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