Monday, April 10, 2017

Enhance Your Kitchen, Enhance Your Life

Kitchen by Nobilia
Your kitchen can be the most important room in your house. No other room sees so much use or is used for so much. Your Kitchen is where your family shares the start of the day. It’s where you bond with your friends over crudités and glasses of wine. It’s where you sneak in a pint of ice cream at night when no one else is looking. In short, the kitchen is where you go to find the textures and flavors that add sweetness to your life, but it’s crucial for a kitchen to be properly designed in order to do all it can for you.

Kitchen Drawers by Leicht
The frustration with a conventional kitchen is that the more you try to do with it, the more difficult it becomes to get anything done.  Every new knife, blender, whisk or spice you bring into your kitchen, takes up space on your counter top and in your cabinets, eventually creating unmanageable chaos. Instead of attempting that new recipe you’ve been aching to try, you are wasting your time shuffling everything on and off your counter just to clear enough space to work. Trying to solve the problem with cheap-looking plastic containers and organizers simply adds more clutter and distracts from the shape and beauty of the room. Is there a way to do more with your kitchen in a way that actually makes your life easier?

The answer to that question is “yes.” 

The German Kitchen Center’s kitchen designers can help you do more with your kitchen, whether you are using it for cooking, entertaining or simply relaxing. You will be better able to add more tools to your culinary toolbox while using less space. 

Kitchen Drawers by Team 7
Think about what usually clutters your counter top. Plastic and aluminum wrapping containers in cheap cardboard boxes?  In perfectly engineered Modern Kitchen Cabinets, there are now dedicated spools for them in your drawers, removed from sight. Is that wooden knife block occupying too much space? A wood block drawer can safely tuck your knives away while still protecting their edges. Your countertop, now free of clutter and distractions, can become a pure space for you to enjoy the art of cooking.

German Kitchen Center’s kitchen designers in NYC are there to allow you to do more with your kitchen, adding more usable space while greatly enhancing its visual appeal. Whether you have a tight cooking space or a large open expanse, German kitchen engineers have found cutting-edge solutions to shelving and storage that are sleekly designed to be both beautiful and practical, replacing the usual chaos of the kitchen with an atmosphere of balance and harmony. Your busiest room has become a sanctuary, one of life’s daily struggles has become a source of joy and release. 

To learn more about how German Kitchen Center’s kitchen designers can help you build a kitchen that gives you the freedom to do more, schedule a free kitchen design consultation at (888) 209-5240.

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