Friday, May 19, 2017

Handleless Kitchens in Manhattan

Modernize your kitchen by installing handleless kitchen doors

The recent kitchen cabinetry models have increasingly shifted to handleless doors for all the storage spaces. Handleless kitchens in Manhattan are part of the new wave of minimalist kitchen designs that are taking homeowners by storm. The designs are heavily favored contemporary homeowners due to their clean design and striking finishes.

Are you looking forward to changing your kitchen doors or building a new kitchen? Below are some reasons why you should consider the minimalist handleless kitchens are your next kitchen design.

Handleless kitchens are ultra-modern kitchens

The handleless door design is an ultra-modern look. They were first touted as a minimalist only idea, but the results were so impressive that they have now made it to everyday modern kitchen designs. They also blend easily with the rest of the kitchen.   

Create seamless flow between adjacent rooms

There are several people whose home designs include a combined kitchen and dining area. Incorporating the handleless kitchen design creates open spaces that effortlessly flow into each other. Home designers usually have a problem connecting their kitchen to the dining room due to the fact that both spaces have different atmospheres.

However, handleless kitchen doors make you feel as if you are never changing atmospheres when moving from the dining room to the kitchen and back. Thus, if you are planning to combine the dining room with your kitchen, handleless kitchen doors are a way you can create the seamless design. 

Hygienic and safe

Not only are handleless kitchens in Manhattan aesthetically appealing, but they are also safe and more hygienic. Generally, the kitchen doors trap a lot of dirt and grime. Most people do not remember to clean the handles in their daily kitchen cleaning routine. Therefore, the place becomes a hiding place for undesirable micro-organisms.

Handles can also become a safety risk in the kitchen, especially where space is limited. Clothing can get caught as you brush past the doors or children can hit their heads as they run through. Handleless kitchen doors eliminate this problem. 

Handleless kitchens offer many stylistic, safety and hygiene advantages. For more information about handleless kitchens in Manhattan, or to schedule a free kitchen design consultation call the German Kitchen Center at  (888)209-5240.

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