Thursday, May 25, 2017

Natural Wood Kitchens - The New 2017 Kitchen Trend

Natural Wood Kitchens - The New 2017 Kitchen Trend 
Natural wood is not often thought of as a practical material for anything beyond kitchen cabinets. However, there as been a new trend in 2017 of mostly, if not entirely wood kitchens. Wood kitchens provide a natural yet modern style to your kitchen. At German Kitchen Center we have many award winning wood kitchens available as well as custom wood kitchens

Many people wonder if wood counter tops and other kitchen surfaces are practical for kitchens, given the maintenance wood often requires. But wood surfaces have been treated to resist water damage, stains and more! 

Here are some issues you don't have to worry about when ordering a stylish wood kitchen.

Too much water is known to warp and damage a wood surface, which is why we tend to avoid having wood in the bathroom, basement and until recently, kitchens. But a properly treated wood countertop for example, is not only safe to prepare food on, but is water resistant. As long as excess water is cleaned up in a timely manner, your wood counter top will be fine.  

Natural Wood Kitchens - The New 2017 Kitchen Trend 
Apart from moisture, the other concern most people face is cleaning a wooden surface. Should you clean it along the grains? Can you use water? What if it scratches? These are some of the millions of questions that swim in the minds of homeowners before opting out of wooden kitchens.

Cleaning your wood surfaces is simple and if you're unsure how to clean it, just call us and we can help you!

For more information about our natural wood kitchen -- the new 2017 kitchen trend, call us at German Kitchen Center at 888-209-5240. One of our wood kitchen experts will be happy to speak to you. 

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