Thursday, October 19, 2017

Key Elements of a Kitchen in Brooklyn, NY

When deciding to remodel a kitchen, there are so many choices that must be made. It is important that you work with a design expert that can bring all your kitchen dreams to reality. German Kitchen Center is a full-service European-styled kitchen company that features award winning kitchen brands.  Leaders in German luxury kitchen systems, their wide range of elite European kitchen systems are on the cutting edge of German engineering and represent the latest design trends and kitchen innovations in the kitchen cabinet manufacturing industry.

There are key elements of a kitchen in Brooklyn, NY. As a consumer, you want a kitchen design that functions well and looks great. The best way to start is with planning the layout.
Kitchen layout begins with the basics including appliances, plumbing fixtures, cabinetry and counter tops location.

To begin, it is important to select cabinetry according to style and budget. It is always best to select a German kitchen brand. Some examples are Leicht, Nobilia and Team 7. Once a brand is selected, you will need to decide which door style, handle, finish and color you like best. Cabinetry is a huge part of setting an overall kitchen theme.

Key Elements of a Kitchen Brooklyn, NY
The next element of a kitchen design idea in Brooklyn is the appliances. You ideally want to use one brand throughout the entire kitchen. There are 3 major appliances in a kitchen: fridge, sink and cook top. Once specific models of appliances are chosen, you want to pick a finish. 

Ultimately, when laying out the appliances the traditional kitchen design known as the working triangle is recommended. Specific to a German kitchen, the working triangle spreads out the 3 main appliances so everything can be easily accessed when cooking to allow for more efficiency.

The third step is Counter top selection. Counter tops really make a high-end kitchen pop, so you want to be thoughtful when choosing material, brand, finish, color, edge detail and counter top thickness.

The fourth step in a key layout to a German kitchen is flooring selection. There are so many options when choosing flooring. For example, porcelain tile, wood, polished concrete, ceramic tile, and cork to name a few. The type of floor, finish, color and size area all important decisions for the scheme of your design.

The fifth key element of a kitchen is the backsplash. There are so many options to choose from such as stainless steel, porcelain or ceramic tiles, glass, and many more. From there, finish, color and size should keep within your chosen style theme. Choosing the plumbing such as the sink and faucet just adds that additional tailored touch.

Lastly, just to add that personal touch, the homeowner can choose light fixtures, wall paint color, and surrounding furniture to pull the whole custom kitchen design together. 

To learn more about our kitchens or schedule a free design consultation, call the German Kitchen Center at (888)209-5240.

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