Monday, October 23, 2017

Measuring Your Kitchen - Kitchen Renovation in Denver

Installing a new kitchen can be fun and exciting. There are many components that goes into installing a new kitchen. For example, choosing the style, color concept, layout and decor elements. None of that will matter, if your new kitchen furniture doesn't fit in your space. When installing a new kitchen, it is important to get the right size and fit of products. Sending over the correct measurements to the German Kitchen center will help bring your kitchen to life.

For European kitchens it’s recommended to measure in metric, because the design and the cabinets are metric measurement. If you don’t have a metric tape, don't panic! If you live in the US it's not the most common household tool. Thankfully for the internet, you can easily convert your measurements online by just typing them into Google. Using both a laser measuring device as well as a manual tape measure are the best way to measure, but if you only have a manual meter that will work fine as well. Draw a double line for walls and a single line for dimension lines. Indicate each dimension clearly on the plans showing where it starts and where it ends. Take the overall room dimensions first and then measure each individual wall section. You can add together the individual wall sections to see if they match your overall dimensions. This is a way to confirm you measured correctly, but keep in mind that there may be a slight fluctuation due to walls no being completely straight. Older homes tend to have some warping in the the walls.
Kitchen Renovation Denver

You should also measure the height and width of any openings (windows and doors). For windows measure where the window starts above the finished floor. You do not want to have cabinets covering your windows or counter tops.
You should also measure any obstructions and items such as radiators, AC units, intercoms, electric panels, pipes, beams and columns. Anything that might interfere with furniture or an installation should be put into the equation. Don’t forget to measure the ceiling height! Ideally, you should measure the ceiling in a few spots since the floors and ceilings are usually not 100% level. Again if you have an older home, this can be very common so it's important to pick a few places in your kitchen to get a good idea of the average height of the room. You should also measure the plumbing and gas locations. It’s recommended to take as many photos as possible in order to make it easier for the specialist designing the kitchen to understand the space. Make sure the pictures are clear, in focus, and have plenty of lighting. Take them far enough away to ensure a good shot of most of the room and multiple angles. Please keep in mind that the measurements don’t have to be perfect since they will be used to create a design presentation. Before ordering, your kitchen supplier will come to confirm all dimensions.
Kitchen Renovation Denver

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