Monday, November 20, 2017

Modern Kitchens in Seattle, WA

Modern Kitchens in Seattle
Seattle is notorious as a trend-setting city, and its ahead-of-the-curve food scene is no exception. 

While Seattle is most famous nationally for revolutionizing coffee consumption for the entire country, is also a national leader in international cuisine, Asian Fusion, fresh sea food, delectable desserts, farm-to-table fresh foods and so much more.

Creating modern kitchens in Seattle, WA means embracing the city’s contemporary spirit and making bold choices with cutting-edge designs. Residents of a city famous for its creativity, design and cuisine deserves nothing less than a kitchen from the best and brightest kitchen creators. German Kitchen Center is the country’s only national kitchen showroom featuring award-winning, internationally renowned kitchens from top European Kitchen Manufacturers like Leicht, Nobilia, Team 7, DOCA, and Matteo Gennari and we bring them directly to Seattle in our Modern Kitchen Showroom.

Modern Kitchens in Seattle, WA
If you are looking to go all-in with a designer kitchen that will truly break the barriers of possibility, you might want to study a Matteo Gennari kitchen. Matteo Gennari began his career as a chef, but discovered his true calling was not to revolutionize cooking but the kitchen itself. As a designer, architect and chef, Gennari creates truly breathtaking, incomparable kitchens. Partner with German Kitchen Center to bring one of these amazing contemporary kitchens to Seattle.

Another choice for modern kitchens in Seattle would be to work with Leicht, Germany’s leading premium kitchen brand. Leicht has been pushing the limits of design possibilities for years, building minimalist designs that change not just the look but function of kitchens. For a city famous for its technological advancement, Leicht’s avante-garde handle-less kitchen designs brings a revolutionary approach to both the form and function of your kitchen removing handles while almost paradoxically making cabinets easier to open.

Modern Kitchens in Seattle, WA
The pacific Northwest is also famous for its forests. In celebration of the region’s natural beauty, you may wish to consider a kitchen by Team 7, the world’s leading manufacturer of natural wood kitchens. Team 7’s wood is prized internationally, even being used to create Steinway & Sons revered pianos. Mixing the most creative of designs with their storied material makes for a fantastic solution for those planning modern kitchens in Seattle.

To see learn more about these and other options, schedule a free design consultation at the German Kitchen Center Showroom in Seattle at (888)209-5240.

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