Monday, November 20, 2017

Types of Handleless Kitchen in NYC

This once unpopular design feature has made its way into home design trends all over, fueled by the demands of contemporary style and the need to maximize space. 

Handle-less kitchens in NYC are extremely versatile and come in many options you will have to see to believe. 

By European terminology, to be a true handle-less kitchen, the cabinets must accept a continuous aluminum grip rail inserted throughout an entire row of cabinetry. This can help reduce finger prints since you are grabbing behind the door instead of grabbing a handle attached to the front. Such systems are only be made in advanced factories like those of top European kitchen manufacturers like Leicht and Nobilia.

These handle-less kitchens create a seamless flow of kitchen units that is clean, clutter-free and chic. Handle-less kitchens in NYC add a minimalist appeal to your home that also maximizes space and reduces unnecessary sources of scrapes and bruises.

Not only can you have drawers and cabinets that are handle-less but you can have full wall to wall cabinetry to create a seamless place for extra storage.

In addition to hidden grip rails, there area  variety of other cabinet opening options that do no require visible handles. There are a number of cabinet opening mechanisms that do not require for you to pull on your drawers or cabinets at all! There are both mechanical and electrical systems that allow for the opening of your cabinets with a simple press of a button. There are also systems that allow you to open a drawer simply by pushing the cabinet face inward. In addition to giving you a clean surface, this option allows you to open your drawer or cabinet without the use of your hands, allowing you to do more with your kitchen with less effort. 

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