Friday, December 15, 2017

Award Winning Kitchens

Bondi I Valais - An Award Winning Kitchen by Leicht
In 2017 Leicht received the coveted Plus X Award for the Best Product of the Year.  The prize was awarded for Leicht's Evo design range.  The award was specifically give for Evo's "innovation, high quality, design, convenience and functionality."  To receive this award, a product must receive more individual category seals of approval than other products in the same category.

The Evo design range can be seen in Leicht's Bondi I Valais premium kitchens. This original design
includes a 5 mm visible edge of elegant carbon glimmer at the edge of the worktop. The worktops are made of laminate, quartz material or granict and are designed with the same color as the handles and faces. This uniform look is contrasted with oak rear panels that adds a touch of familiar comfort to the cutting edge design.   This unique style needs to be seen in person to truly be appreciated.

German Kitchen Center brings Bondi I Valais and other Award Winning Kitchens by Leicht and other leading European kitchen brands to the United States. Offering superior design, functionality and construction than other brands, European Kitchens offer homeowners working at any budget the ability to transform their kitchen from the quotidian to the spectacular.
Bondi I Valais Kitchen

German Kitchen Center's kitchen designers are there to help you create award winning, innovative and resplendent kitchens that fit the unique needs of your space. Because of the factory design of modern European Kitchens, we can arrange for these cabinets to fit in kitchens both large and small, that fit the daily needs of the home chef, the busy family or the expert entertainer.

Kitchens by Leicht, Nobilia, Team 7 and more can be seen on display in your nearest German Kitchen Showroom. We have 18 different locations across the country, each staffed by educated kitchen designers who are willing and able to help you design your dream kitchen whether it be the Award Winning Bondi Valais, a handleless kitchen, a natural wood kitchen or something else that catches your eye. Kitchens featured at GKC feature many other award winning and endlessly imitated concepts that are are at the forefront of kitchen construction.

For a free kitchen consultation, visit a German Kitchen Center Showroom or call us at (888) 209-5240.

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