Friday, December 8, 2017

Transitional Kitchen Cabinets in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a study of harmonious contradictions. It is both a part of a city while maintaining its own autonomous identity. It represents New York's past and its future. It is both cutting edge and classic. To live in Brooklyn is to embrace the whirlwind of the impossibly possible. 

Transitional Kitchen Cabinets in Brooklyn embrace the same core idea as Brooklyn itself. Embracing traditional and modern kitchen themes, a transitional kitchen splits the difference between the time-honored and the revolutionary provoking both the comfort of the familiar and the thrill of the new. 

Transitional Kitchen Cabinets in Brooklyn by Leicht
Whether you are a cutting-edge chef or you use your kitchen as a place for family meal, your kitchen is the central hub of your home. A transitional kitchen is designed to speak to both of those themes simultaneously. For example, attaching vintage handles to striking modern black and white cabinets can create an atmosphere of both creature comforts and culinary creativity. 

Transitional Kitchen By Team 7

Other transitional combinations can include classic wood surfaces attached to modern handleless kitchens, or perhaps a mix of stone and brick backsplashes with exciting modern colors. Leicht alone offers thousands colors in their kitchen lines.  

Just as Brooklyn offers a wide variety of lifestyles and avenues to self-expression a Transitional Kitchen Cabinet in Brooklyn can offer you a way to express yourself through a kitchen that suits the full array of your personality.

German Kitchen Center carries a full array of European Transitional Kitchens in Brooklyn NY from leading kitchen brands like Leicht, Team 7 and Nobilia. Our kitchen design staff understand a wide array of kitchen design options and can work with you to create your transitional dream content. If you dream it, German Kitchen Center can build it.

To schedule a consultation to design a Transitional Kitchen in Brooklyn, NY, call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240 or visit one our German Kitchen Center Showrooms in Brooklyn

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