Thursday, February 22, 2018

Contemporary Kitchens in Chicago

Contemporary kitchens in Chicago are the result of a stunning combination of modern and transitional styles. Not only are these kitchens beautiful, but their high level of functionality is what makes them so popular. Kitchen designers will work with the homeowner to create their dream kitchen while still utilizing the maximum amount of space available.

Can a Contemporary Kitchen add value to your home?

Yes! A contemporary kitchen can certainly add value to your home financially, as well as for the people using it. New, contemporary kitchens should be perfectly functional, while never being dull or boring. That is what contemporary style is all about.
Contemporary, modern kitchens often have a unique look and feel from traditional kitchens. They can feature a minimalistic, simple design where often ‘less is more’. There are a limitless number of options for colors, floor plans, materials and features in contemporary kitchens. The only thing that may limit you, is your imagination – that is where a professional kitchen designer could be helpful!
Contemporary kitchens are often based on certain design principles. They can be unique, while still maintaining specific, common design elements. With a skilled, creative designer, you are able to personalize a design to fit your needs, and ‘break the rules’ when it best suits you for a fabulous look and feel.    

The Kitchen Cabinets

A design mark of contemporary kitchens in Chicago is often the frameless construction of the cabinets. These cabinets have a clean, straightforward look that is very attractive. They are less detailed and intricate than older traditional cabinets.
Cabinet doors are usually very large, to make sure they are functional and accommodate the client’s needs. They are often painted in bright colors and given a high-gloss finish that can be bold or subtle. It is important that these cabinets are useful, as well as stylish.
A kitchen designer will regularly use natural woods and sometimes different veneers when designing contemporary kitchens. The cabinets should have a smooth and elegant look to them. The design may be very simple; you do not usually see the complex patterns and shapes used in a more traditional kitchen cabinet design.

The Worktop or Countertop

Many contemporary kitchens have a worktop or countertop made from granite or marble. Surfaces made from these stones are very smooth, with a clean and simple look. In many contemporary kitchens, the look of the worktops and cabinets and pair together for a cohesive and consistent style. From more expensive natural stones, to less expensive synthetic materials – there are many different countertops you can select, to personalize your design and make your kitchen your own.

The Kitchen Island

Most contemporary kitchens have an island that can be used in many ways and has several unique features. A creative designer can integrate the right size and shape island into your contemporary kitchen plans. A kitchen island is a great spot to let guests pull up a stool or to have a family discussion, even while you’re cooking a meal or brewing coffee. It allows your kitchen to become more social and interactive for the whole family and guests as well.

Hiring the Right Designer for Your Contemporary Kitchens

A well-designed kitchen is not only stunning to look at but is extremely functional for all your family’s needs. A kitchen designer will make sure you will enjoy spending time in this new room cooking, socializing, and using it in a whole new way! A designer will create a more pleasing design, and add features and appliances to make your space the best it can be.
Even if you think of yourself as an amateur designer, a contemporary kitchen in Chicago is not the place to ‘do-it-yourself’. Contemporary kitchen designers are the experts; they know the colors, styles, and looks to make it your dream kitchen!

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