Friday, February 23, 2018

Italian Kitchens

The Best Italian Kitchens for You

Italy has long been renowned for its proficiency in arts and design. Along with its great painters and sculptors, Italy has also produced some of the world’s most famous kitchen designs. Italians have a history of innovation in the world of food and combined with their ability in the world of arts, allows them to craft some brilliant kitchen designs. Italian kitchens are well sought after in the culinary world as well as in personal households.

The modern Italian kitchen has been described as defined by minimal forms, clean surfaces, bold shapes and strong colors. There is a mixture of beautiful aesthetics with sturdy structure. Modern Italian kitchens are not just designed with a single texture, instead they are blended by using several different materials and structures. Contemporary Italian kitchens continue the age-old traditions of their predecessors, while upgrading and modernizing other aspects. In fact, many Italian companies now offer their own kitchen styles for consumers to look at. Two of the best brands in this field are Matteo Gennari and Valcucine, who consistently offer the greatest designs. Let’s look at both.

Matteo Gennari

Matteo Gennari stepped into the world of interior design back in 1991. His brand boasts a mixture of top of the line materials with detailed and thorough craftsmanship. Although, this company offers services in many interior design areas, their Italian kitchen designs are most notable. Boasting the strong traditions of Italian kitchens and designing them with the latest fashion trends and materials, Gennari’s kitchens are a sight to behold. They offer 4 different styles for you to choose from, with each having their own aesthetic. As is always the case with Matteo Gennari, you can rest assured they have the highest quality standards.  


Valcucine is a very big name in the world of kitchen designing. Having started 35 years ago in this industry, it has established itself as a pioneer in Italian kitchen designs. Since they specialize in this area of design, Valcucine offers a huge variety of kitchen layouts. Basing their designs around 4 different styles, they divide their huge catalogue into these sections to assist their customers’ needs. Their designs differ from the very simple, to the very luxurious, but the one thing they have in common is that they are all Italian kitchen designs.
Italian kitchens are a great way to remodel and make your house shine. Their unique blend of contemporary designs mixed with traditional ones, adds a great spin to your kitchen. Both Matteo Gennari and Valcucine use top quality products for the best performance. A kitchen designer can help you with design consultations for both brands. A professional kitchen designer can also help you decide the look and feel of your new Italian kitchen, which designs and appliances you should use, and find the right fit for your home.

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