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Custom Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Are you looking for high quality kitchen cabinets in your custom color design scheme? The German Kitchen Center offers Leicht kitchens featuring custom kitchen cabinet colors.

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Painted cabinets are trending these days. Both the homeowners and designers love experimenting with colors and textures, which is why modernity is intermingling with lush, dark, and bright colors. Custom-colored kitchen cabinets have taken this whole thing further. That is why if you want to remodel your kitchen by adding a more modern look to your kitchen cabinets, here are some of the styles that are trending in the market.


Custom kitchen cabinet color options

The color choice for customizing the kitchen cabinets is, in other words, limitless. Many custom cabinet designers have opted for multiple varieties of colors and have endorsed some of them. Here are some of the approved colors recommended and advised by some of the top designers.


Garden flower

The stark white is an old-time thing now because people are opting for more modern colors. Garden flower has heads turning because it comes with a natural tint designed to give your cabinet a white rose look.


Gallery grey

It is another top choice of modern kitchen designers. One can get this color by mixing neutral colors along with modern tones. It is a more gentle color and can be easily integrated into numerous spaces.


Granite dust

As the name says itself, the color is gaining popularity because it echoes the finest qualities of the natural stone. It is getting much acclaim because it comes in the shade of grey, which gives a more relaxed and sophisticated feeling.


Academy grey

The color is the most favorite choice of many homeowners. It is considered a deep grey color with an added bluish tint, which allows you to relax while chilling in your kitchen.


Maple leaf

If you want to give your kitchen a more natural and warm feeling, this is the most popular choice. This color encompasses a relaxed hue, which adds to the aesthetics of the house. The color is a great choice for those who love a homey atmosphere.


Soft candlelight

If you want to add yellow to your cabinets, but are still unsure about how your kitchen might look, then we have a safe choice for you. You can incorporate soft candlelight color on your kitchen cabinets. The color has a cheerful hue to it, which gives your confidence.


Lucy Blue

The color adds to the beauty of your home when you apply it to your kitchen cabinets. It comes from the elite category of colors and will give your kitchen a more ocean scenery kind of look. Now you can stay at home, and take the feeling of being at an ocean easily.


Arizona dust

The color takes into account a relaxed take on apricot. It looks fabulous on hardwood and, therefore, the best option to highlight your cabinets with. If you need to give your kitchen a healthier look, you should consider going for Arizona dust.



Colors describe the whole mood of the house and add to the aesthetic beauty of the kitchens. The colors mentioned above are breaking the top charts because of their beautiful mixes and other characteristics. If you need to acquire a little more inspiration or confidence, you need to give these colors a try!

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