Friday, June 4, 2021

Installing Kitchen Cabinets

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Installation of kitchen cabinets might look like an arduous task. Still, it shouldn't be because the whole process of installing it is pretty simple. One only has to put some screws in and ensure that everything is balanced and on the level to avoid any kind of inconvenience. Doing this all yourself is trickier and is full of complications. Still, with time and experience, one can master the art of installing kitchen cabinets. There is one thing that should always be kept in mind while installing the kitchen cabinets, and that is, the kitchen cabinets should be installed before the flooring. This is because the whole process of installation of cabinets will be a major cause of scratches on the floor if it is installed before the cabinets are put in.

Here are the steps of installing the kitchen cabinets:

Preparation of space

First of all, one has to make sure that the place is ready for installation. Check the corners and walls of the kitchen to ensure that these are square. Install electric wires for everything, including the dishwasher, cooking range, garbage disposal, and even refrigerator.

Marking reference line

Use a level to mark a level reference level line and use chalk to mark those lines. On the shortest level, draw the line. The line will refer towards the highest point of the floor. Use chalk to determine the height of your base cabinets and ensure to mark a level line around the walls. Drill small holes on each of the marks after you have found the studs.

Join Upper Cabinets

After all the measurements and drilling is done, now is the time to join those cabinets. While installing the cabinets, ensure to label everything with masking tape. It must be made sure that all of the doors, drawers, and shelves are removed before installing those cabinets.

Hanging the upper cabinets

This is a task that requires two persons. After following the two steps mentioned above, you need to ensure that another person should be present to lift the upper cabinets. While drilling the screws, immense precautions should be taken. Hanging the upper cabinets demand tremendous precaution and expertise. That is why it is advised that only a professional should do it. 

Installing the corner and base cabinets

After the upper cabinets are installed correctly, while taking into account the safety precautions, all of the other cabinets must be installed with due diligence. After all of the cabinets are installed correctly, put back the drawers and shelves into their original place. There will be plenty of tools required to do the task. That is why it is advised not to do it yourself and take the help of a professional who knows his way around these tools. 


Installation of Kitchen cabinets is not an ordinary process. It demands experience and precaution, which is why it is better to take the help of a professional while installing these cabinets. We have been in kitchen renovation and remodeling for years now and have some of the most experienced and professional team members. That is why it is advised that you should always call us if you need any help renovating or remodeling anything that falls under the "KITCHEN" category.

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