Friday, December 9, 2016

Dream Kitchens on Your Budget: Free Kitchen Design Consultation

Are you looking to remodel your kitchen and are interested in a free kitchen design consultation? At German Kitchen Center, our expert kitchen design team will work with you to design the kitchen of your dreams while staying within your budget. With customizable design solutions, you can rest assured that we will work with you to create a beautiful kitchen that you can afford.

Clients are often wary of remodeling their home with a custom kitchen because of the potential cost. But the beauty of a customized kitchen is that while it is designed and built exclusively to fit your space, you also have control over the cost of materials. This creates a great deal of flexibility in the total budget of the project.

There are many ways to reduce the cost of your dream kitchen. Let’s explore these in a little more detail.

Kitchen Finish
The finish choice for the kitchen is probably the biggest factor determining the price. And considering this, the easiest way to save a lot of money is to go with a laminate finish. Laminates have really evolved over the years, and the options available for kitchens today are anything but plain. Whether you prefer a solid color, a natural grain wood, or stone look, you might be amazed just how sophisticated a laminate finish can be when priced at entry level.

Laminates can even be designed to mimic textured finishes. An oak reproduction, for example, has knots and grooves you can actually feel. Many people find it impossible to tell the difference between a high quality laminate wood reproduction and the real thing. Similarly, lacquered cabinets are luxurious, but tend to run on the expensive side. You can choose a lacquer-like laminate for a silky smooth finish at a much lower price.

Countertops can also be finished with a high quality laminate in much the same way. An added bonus is that laminate is also very durable and performs well against staining, impact and heat.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles
The choice of cabinet door style also makes it quite easy to adjust the price. The general rule of thumb is that the simpler the door style is, the lower the price of cabinetry. Framed doors are beautiful but the extra details can significantly increase the cost. A flat door style is the least expensive option and can always be dressed up with an eye-catching color or a textured laminate without breaking the bank.

Choose Only the Add-ons Most Necessary
Many innovative storage options and cabinet functions can be added to a custom kitchen that service your daily needs. While very convenient, these high-tech enhancements can add up and raise the total cost quickly. Focus only on what you truly need the kitchen to do. For example, drawer organizers can be built from metal frames or plastic dividers instead of solid wood inserts. Lots of high end mechanics can make the cabinets especially fun to use, but regular hinged doors are just fine too.

Consider Mixing Materials
If you’ve just got to have that luxury touch to complete your dream kitchen, such as an authentic wood veneer, consider mixing higher cost finishes with more affordable ones. The expensive finish can be used on a more prominent area like the island or to accent certain cabinets. A more economical finish can be applied to the kitchen perimeter.

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