Thursday, December 1, 2016

White Kitchens in NYC

Are you interested in white kitchens in NYC? At German Kitchen Center, we carry beautifully crafted white kitchens from leading European kitchen brands such as Nobilia, LEICHT and Team 7. Our expert kitchen designers will help you create the kitchen of our dreams from our vast selection of customizable design solutions.

Back in the 1920’s, white was pretty much the only cabinet color available. And for a generation recovering from a flu epidemic, this made sense because cleanliness was crucial. Today this trend endures, and not just for the sanitation factor. White kitchens match with many colors and have a peaceful, calming effect.

Here are a few things to consider for those planning a kitchen renovation this year to update their white kitchens in NYC:

Truly Modern White Kitchen
For the purist, a more contemporary white kitchen design looks crisp and pristine with smooth door fronts that are often handle-less. The kitchen can be planned with straight lined up cabinets along the walls and center for a streamlined look. Keep pure white cabinets on the kitchen perimeter. It will make the room feel more spacious and lets whatever is in the middle of the room shine. And on the topic of “shine”, a high gloss finish is loved by many modern kitchen owners. It gives the slab doors a mirror-like effect, making the whole kitchen sparkle.

If you opt for a fully white kitchen, there are a few ways to give it some dynamic in the absence of color. Adding lighting to the back-splash, toe kick and within cabinets warms up the palette a bit. Consider strategically adding shelves and open cabinet boxes. This adds a perfect backdrop to add color with pottery, books, glassware and art.

Modern White Kitchen With Traditional Elements
If you are making the transition from a traditional to modern white kitchen, maybe the best solution would be to meet in the middle. Using a cottage shaker-style door lends a subtle traditional element to the white kitchen. The cabinets can also be fitted with handles for a softer look than a handle-less front.

A matte finish is also preferable for those more comfortable in familiar territory, as opposed to glossy cabinets. And if a pure white finish seems too overwhelming, you can opt for a more muted off-white tone.

White Kitchen With Colored Accents
Create an interplay by accenting plain white cabinets with another color or wood finish, or even stone for something extra unique. This works particularly well in modern kitchens because design elements are so simple, allowing the color to really stand out. You can add a textured back-splash, counter and end panels in a wood or stone look. Or you can finish some cabinets in a contrasting color. Sometimes it can be a really nice effect to have all white cabinets against the wall in white with a center island featuring a different hue.

Since white shows dirt so easily, your cabinets need to be of solid construction and finished in a material which is easy to clean. Nobilia, the leading German cabinet manufacturer, is known for their extensive quality tests on all finishes. Only cabinets which have passed strict testing against common household chemicals are deemed appropriate for sale.

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